DIY Projects for Busy Moms

Being a mother is no easy feat, but it helps if you’re crafty! The chores and schedules pile up every single day, so we have to think of ways to handle that load. If we’re a bit creative, there are several DIY projects we can make to help us out with our busy day.

DIY crafts can be relaxing and productive at the same time. You get to enjoy the feeling of making something from almost nothing. Plus, using DIY tools like a hot glue gun, glitter, and other materials is quite soothing to the mind.

If you’re a busy mother but want to try your skill at some crafts, here are some of the best options:

An Organizer for Outfits

Woman standing near a rack of clothes: 

Woman standing near a rack of clothes

Getting up in the morning is bad enough, but picking out clothes and coaxing your child to get ready wastes a lot of time and energy. Some might suggest laying out the outfits beforehand every night, but not everyone might have the space and time for that.

You can save the morning hassle and shave minutes off your preparation routine by investing in some hanging organizers. These are easily available at stores like IKEA, and quite cheap into the bargain. The DIY part comes in by making labels for each day and attaching them to the compartments. Each compartment can then hold clothes and even accessories for one day in the week.

You can also decorate the organizers with sequins, buttons, ribbons, or any other materials you have on hand. Writing each kid’s name on the side will also be a helpful activity that you can embellish as you see fit. Here are some other life hacks for getting more out of each day. (Lifehacks for Getting More Out of Each Day)

Chalkboard for Chores

Chalk drawing on a chalkboard:

Chalk drawing on a chalkboard

When you want to manage home chores with kids, (How to Manage House Chores with Kids) it might be hard getting them to take responsibility. However, you can make things a bit more interesting and convenient by making these chore chalkboards for each child.

All you need are some small clipboards, some paints and paintbrushes, some silhouette chalkboard vinyl, and silhouette transfer paper. The exact amount of paper would depend on how many clipboards you have and how large they are. Make a frame design on the vinyl and cut it out. You can then transfer it to the clipboard using the transfer paper.

Once this is done, you can simply use a chalk marker or a piece of chalk to write out each kid’s chores. They’ll easily wipe off at the end of the day, ready for filling in next time. This way, the kids get to feel important by having their own clipboards. You can even get them to mark off the chores once they’re done. Learning about efficient cleaning methods might also make their chores go faster.(Efficient Cleaning Methods: Saving Hours in Minutes)

A Basket and Rail Organizer

A basket full of firewood:

A basket full of firewood

It can be hard to organize everything when the house is full of kids. If you’ve noticed that you waste a lot of time hunting about for little objects, see if you can throw together a basket organizer to keep everything in a proper place.

You can utilize a narrow, awkward corner for this purpose, but this does require some serious DIY skills. Get some towel rails and install them in a column on the wall. Leave enough room in between for the baskets to hang properly. Most towel bars will come with their own hanging instructions. Fortunately, this part isn’t too hard to accomplish.

It’s now time to attach the baskets to the towel rails. You can use ribbon, rope, zip ties, or whatever floats your boat for this task. It’s great if you have several baskets of the same size, but even different types might look cute.

You may then use these baskets as a catch-all for your necessities. These might include wash towels, hand towels, shampoo bottles, hand sanitizers, and whatever else a busy mom might look for throughout the day.

A Mason Jar Pallet

Pens in a mason jar:

Pens in a mason jar

Mason jars are the darling of the DIY community, which is no surprise given their versatility and sturdiness. If you have several of these on hand, you can whip up a quick DIY project that’s both practical and decorative.

For this project, you’d need a pallet board, some jars, and one pipe clamp for each jar. A picture hanger and some pushpins will also be of use. A hammer, drill, sander, and tape measure will help out in making the project go faster.

First, mark the places on the pallet where you want your jars to go. These marks will be where you attach the pipe clamps. It’s best to leave an equal distance between each clamp.

Next, tack the pipe clamps into place using at least two tacks for each clamp. These will make sure the clamp doesn’t spin. Finally, you can attach your mason jars inside the clamps.

You may then attach the picture hanger if you want to hang the pallet on the wall. Alternatively, it’ll be just as handy if you lean it against a shelf. This project can now hold your stationery, small tools, and several other objects for your convenience.

Some More Inspiration

A busy mother might find it hard to think of useful and fun crafts that are also simple enough to finish quickly. This is why we’ve reviewed some of the best books for inspiring such projects:

Mom Crafts: DIY Crafts for the Expectant Mom


This book starts you off at the very beginning of motherhood, which is a great time to prepare for the future. You can celebrate and look forward to your new arrival by working on these useful and adorable crafts. Some ideas here include making a quilt, knitting matching baby clothes, and even making a maternity pillow.

If you’re interested in crafts already, this book will start you off with the simple basics. There are several templates inside, along with ideas for personalization.

DIY Crafts (2nd Edition): The 100 Most Popular Crafts & Projects That Make Your Life Easier



This DIY book by Kitty Moore could be the last crafting book you’ll ever need. It contains several DIY projects that could make your life a lot easier. At the same time, it also has ideas for entertainment, organizing, and cleaning.

With this work, you can even achieve an expert level with your crafting. The projects shown here are quite popular, so they might sell for something online. What could be better than turning your passion into a career? A busy mom might just get there with the guidance in this book.

101 Easy Homemade Products for Your Skin, Health & Home


Busy moms might find their skin getting dull, their hair falling out, and a general decrease in their physical appearance. You don’t have to take time out and visit the spa or salon in order to look good; simply turn your DIY talents towards self-care!

This book will help you make products that can help out with your health, skin, and home. The ingredients here usually include common herbs, flowers, and plants that you can find easily. This means that you can cut down on toxic beauty products and heal your body from the inside out.

Each project here is fairly simple to make and will do you a world of good. If you happen to make some extra, you can always package them nicely and give them as gifts.  Read up on some beauty tips that save time for more information on how to maintain yourself without too much effort. Beauty Tips that Save Time


With the right DIY crafts, busy mothers might find their days getting easier and more bearable. These projects and books can help you to make the most of your time and even assist in the daily chores. Choose one project and get started now!