DIY Projects for Busy Moms

Tools on a white sheet of paper

Being a mother is no easy feat, but it helps if you’re crafty! The chores and schedules pile up every single day, so we have to think of ways to handle that load. If we’re a bit creative, there are several DIY projects we can make to help us out with our … Read more

Fun DIY and Craft Ideas

Fun DIY and Craft Ideas

  If you’re into DIY projects and fun crafts, chances are you’re in search of supplies for more creative fun. Check out the following fun ideas that you can enjoy with your family, friends, or just by yourself:   Boolean Box Build a Computer Science Kit for Kids   This kit can … Read more

Easy DIY Christmas Card Ideas

Handmade Christmas cards

The holidays are a busy season for everyone who celebrates Christmas. While there are many things to do: gift shopping, party planning, home decorating – you may find that you don’t have enough time to give something handmade and unique to people you really care about. Giving them a Christmas card is … Read more

DIY Gel Nail Removal


Gel nail polish is known in the beauty world for being incredibly durable. Unlike your usual acrylic nail paints, gel nails last for weeks without chipping. But because of their longevity, they are notoriously difficult to remove once you want to get rid of them. If you need to get your gel … Read more

No-Sew DIY T-Shirt to Tank Tutorial

A woman wearing a graphic black tank top

Do you have a ton of oversized T-shirts just lying around at your house that no one wants to wear? Instead of discarding them, you can upcycle them into something cute! Making a tank top out of an old T-shirt is possible, even if you don’t know how to sew. These tutorials … Read more