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    The best gardening tools will take the wrist ache and backache out of weeding, pruning, digging, and edging – and be nice to hold and good looking, too. With the help of our guide, you can find all the fundamental tools for a well-equipped gardener, such as spades, trowels, forks, secateurs, edging tools, and rakes. So, let’s get started. 

    Types of Gardening Tools

    Technically, all you require is soil, water, seeds, and sun to make a beautiful garden. But gardening is hard work, and with the help of the right tools, you can make it easier. If you are a beginner and figuring out the basics, there are several gardening tools that you must add to your collection as they are essential. There are several types of gardening tools; some of the common ones are:

    1. Pruning Shears 

    Pruning Shears

    With a pair of high-quality pruning shears, you can handle a lot of trimming and cutting jobs. Gardeners find them essential for harvesting vegetables, fruits, and herbs. They are great for cutting small branches and thick stems. Moreover, pruning shears are also ideal for cutting down plants from the compost pile.

    Our Pick:

    Fiskars Steel Bypass Pruning Shears

    The Fiskars Steel Bypass Pruning Shears is a reliable garden tool. It has precision-ground, durable, and rigid steel blades that stay sharp for a longer period, regardless of its rough use. Moreover, this shear is rust-resistant, easy to control, and comfortable to hold, thanks to its non-slip grip on the handles. 

    When it comes to cutting, this pruning shear cut effortlessly and smoothly, ensuring that you do not damage your fingers or wrist while working. In addition, since it is durable, you will have it in use for a long time.

    2. Hand Trowel 

    Hand Trowel

    Whether you are gardening in your yard, raised beds, or containers, a hand trowel is a must-have gardening tool. Use it to pull up stubborn leaves, turn up the earth, or dig. It is perfect for planting seedlings and bulbs or transferring dirt into pots. 

    Our Pick:

    Spear & Jackson Select Trowel 

    A trowel is one of the endlessly beneficial tools in a garden. It handles everything from potting to transplanting seedling and cutting through the straggly roots to make space for the new plants. So, don’t forget to buy a gardening trowel for your garden. 

    The mirror-polished stainless steel of Spear & Jackson Trowel is durable and sturdy but sleek enough to be resistant to rust and guard against annoying soil adhesion. It makes this trowel fits the bill admirably. An ergonomically designed polypropylene handle is comfortable for your wrist; you can dig to your content of heart.

    3. Rake 


    If you have a yard, then you must need a rake to clean it well. You can use leaf rakes for a lot of purposes. For use in a garden, a bow rake is perfect. You can also use it to spread mulch or clear leaves. It is also ideal for breaking up hard garden dirt or for leveling soil. 

    Moreover, this garden tool is a must for raised beds, yards, or even community garden plots.

    Our Pick:

    Bulldog Springbok Lawn Rake

    Scarify or removing dead grass might not be the favorite job of anyone. But still, it is an essential step in getting a Wimbledon-worthy lawn, and Bulldog springbok lawn rake makes it less painful than you might expect. 

    The Springbok rake is well-made, and the reviewers remarked on the comfort they got from the sustainably sourced ash handle and the flexible strength from the riveted metal-head. Both of these are prime features when you are tackling tough garden jobs.

    4. Garden Gloves 

    Garden gloves green

    Some people do not consider garden gloves as a tool, but they are pretty helpful. They not only protect your hands from dirt but also injuries. If you are dealing with prickly plants or thorny branches, garden gloves can protect your wrists and hands from splinters, scrapes, and scratches. On top of everything, they are a must if you have sensitive skin.

    Additionally, by wearing gloves in the garden, you can avoid rashes, allergic reactions to fertilizers, plants, and other chemicals.

    Our Pick:

    XJYAMUS Waterproof Garden Claw Gloves

    These gardening gloves protect your hands from mud, thorns, and all other damages in the garden. The gardening claws not only give you a better grip on your plants but make it effortless to dig into the ground. They have waterproof, durable claws, and as the gloves have natural latex covering, they are puncture resistant as well. 

    Moreover, the claws prevent you from damaging the skin or breaking your nails and offer an exceptional grip.

    5. Digging Shovel 

    Digging Shovel

    If you are gardening on a raised bed or your yard, you will find a digging shovel so useful. You can use it to dig holes and transport dirt from a wheelbarrow directly to your garden. If you want to create a level ground or a garden, a sturdy shovel is perfect for removing dirt or turning it. 

    For digging purposes, always look for pointed shovels. If regular shovels are too heavy for you, you can also buy the ones made of lightweight materials. Weight has nothing to do with digging – so, light or heavyweight; both types of shovels will work perfectly.

    Our Pick:

    Nupla-72-016 Round Point Shovel

    If you are looking for a shovel for your garden, this one would be an excellent buy – because of its amazing features. First of all, It has a pointy head, which means you won’t have to apply much effort in digging its blade into the soil, even if it is hard. 

    Whether you are a tall, strong male or a female who cannot use heavy garden tools, you won’t find it challenging to use for even longer times, thanks to its lightweight design. 

    6. Hand Weeder 

    Hand Weeder

    Weeds can be a pain to remove and are the bane of a garden. There are a few available tools that are handy to use to battle these destructive weeds. Hand weeder is one of them; some call it a dandelion digger as well. It helps pull out weeds with a tap root with its tines. 

    Some gardeners also prefer stand-up weeders. If you have lots of dandelions to remove or have back problems, this type of weeder is ideal for you.

    Our Pick:

    Fiskars 4-claw Weeder

    If you want to remove weeds and persistent plants from your groomed garden, then this stand-up weeder is best for you. It is important for almost everyone as it prevents general discomfort, back pain, and knee pain when weeding and keeping the garden clean. Fiskars weeder has stainless steel claws that make it easy to grab and pull out weeds.

    Moreover, this tool has an offset hand control. When you are removing weeds, this feature prevents damage to the wrists. The viewing window in the pedal of this weeder allows you to see what you are doing – it helps you be accurate in the garden.

    All in all, this weeder is precise and durable, allowing you to get rid of the weeds without damaging your garden or body.

    7. Garden Spade 

    Spear Head Spade Gardening Shovel

    You can take care of all your digging needs with a digging shovel and a hand trowel. But in your garden bed, you will find a garden spade extremely helpful. The square-shaped blade, designed to use in tight spaces, is prime for digging holes for bushes and plants. However, it proves more beneficial in the established garden where you want to dig holes for the new pants without disturbing the existing ones. 

    You can easily remove weeds with deep root systems with a garden spade. Moreover, you can use it for general digging on the garden bed or yard and transport dirt.

    Our Pick:

    Spear Head Spade Gardening Shovel

    This tool is one of a kind, or in other words, it is a hybrid. It is a combination of shovel and spade in one, so say goodbye to putting extra effort into digging in harsh situations. 

    You can use it for several purposes – be it gardening, digging, landscaping, and whatnot. The best thing about this tool is that even seniors can use it without any problem. With its excellent grip and blade’s design, it reduces digging effort by up to 80%. 

    8. Mattock


    A mattock looks like a pickaxe and has almost the same characteristics. It has a long handle and a stout head, which combines either a pick and an adze (also called pick mattock) or a vertical ax blade and a horizontal adze (also called cutter mattock). 

    This gardening tool can help with digging, prying, and chopping. 

    Our Pick:

    Roughneck Pick Mattock Head 

    This tool is fearless in the face of stubborn soil and roots but light to lift. Users found it to be adept for all kinds of jobs – from excavating vast amounts of chalk to pulling up stumps, it does everything exceptionally. It is impressive for the users how well this mattock struck a balance between comfortable and capable with lightweight fiberglass and a heavy head. 

    Some users said that before using it for the first time, make sure to drive its head into place firmly on the shaft. The best thing is the head remains tight to the handle after extensive work. 

    Besides the tool we mentioned above, there are several other gardening tools that you will find in the gardening kits of almost every gardener. These include garden hoe, loppers, wheelbarrow, edger, spading fork, pruning saw, Hori-Hori garden knife, and many more.

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    How to Buy the Best Gardening Tool

    The tool you consider to be the best varies from task to task you are looking to undertake. However, before buying any gardening tool, you must take into account the following few factors:

    • Multi-Functionality 

    The way you use a gardening tool is important. So, take out some time and carefully think about how you intend on using it. Look for tools that might perform more than one function and cost reasonably too.

    • Weight 

    If you are aware of your strength limitation or shopping for the elderly, you must consider the weight of the gardening tools. In addition, you must take into account that whether you or the person you are shopping for will be able to manage the gardening tool or not. 

    • Material of the Handle

    In most cases, metal is used in making the functional aspect of gardening tools. You can think of the other materials as well to make the handle. The most sustainable option will be opting for wood or any other natural material as the tool can break and recycled when needed. Plastic handles will not be a good option as it is more challenging to dispose of them efficiently – the biggest con. 

    • Effectiveness 

    When it comes to buying trowels and shovels, make sure to opt for the ones that have a sharp edge. Moreover, while buying these gardening tools, also consider how the handle is attached to the head. 

    If the shovel has a metal sleeve wrapping around its handle, check out if it is reinforced with a rivet or screw.

    • Grip Comfort 

    If you are holding onto a tool and it is not comfortable, you surely won’t use it for a long time. Some cushioned handles can also minimize blistering and provide more comfort. So, whenever you find a tool with cushioned handles, always prioritize buying it. 


    Plenty of options are available when buying the best gardening tools, but you should go for the right ones according to your requirements. As a beginner, it can be overwhelming for you in the beginning, but with time and knowledge of gardening, you will be able to choose the right tools.


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