Decorating with Minimalist Abstract Art

Decorating your house or apartment is what gives it that unique touch and makes any space your own. If we’re going for a minimalistic lifestyle, though, our outlook has to shift to accommodate his theme. Bare walls are still a no-no for minimalistic home décor; in fact, the right picture, canvas, or any other form of art can make a room feel complete without things getting too busy.


Decorating an apartment wall, a huge wall in your house, or an office wall can be challenging if you don’t know what you’re looking for. However, abstract and minimalistic artwork is usually the best option out there. They provide a feeling of sophistication and elegance, while also giving the viewer something to think about. Check out these minimalistic wall art choices to start your own decorating spree:

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1. Zen Wall Art

This is a modern canvas artwork in black and white. The price is very reasonable, so you can easily order a few such canvases within a tight budget. While this art might not come with its own frame, it’s fairly easy to find one in this standard size.

You can use this smokey print in any room of the house; be it the living room, guest room, or bedroom. It will freely match almost any kind of décor unless you’re going for a bright and funky theme. The smoke-like illustration promotes a sense of peace and calm, which you would love on any wall. You can also pair this up with a few other Zen-themed canvases to create a larger effect.

2. Mountain Art Print

If you love nature and landscape, this minimalistic piece could be the perfect choice for your home. The items here are unmistakable, but they don’t denote any one place. You can get a sense of travel and adventure as well as that of enjoying nature with this work.

What’s more, this canvas gives us some bright colors, which would liven up a room without cluttering it up. If you have a bare wall anywhere, this simple print can instantly provide an interesting look.

3. New York Poster

Those who live in NYC are usually in love with this city, so getting a map of it to decorate their walls makes sense. Many people who live elsewhere might also have an affinity to this location, with this map reminding them of good times and exciting adventures.

This map print will help to display that interest, though you can always match it up with maps of other cities as well. If there’s a large wall to cover, four or six such maps in one place will make a deep impression. For a small space, though, this NYC map will be more than enough to prevent a cluttered feel.

This poster will look best when surrounded by a minimalistic picture frame. This isn’t included in the package, so you might have to search around a bit to find the perfect one.

4. Hepix Canvas Wall Art Big Ben Wall Paintings

These wall paintings come in a set of three and are defined by the bright yellow single item in each of the grayscale works. This splash of color gives a unique look to any wall, though you can choose from a variety of options in this same size and style. The size of each canvas is 13 x 17 x 1.5 inches. You also get a hanging accessory kit in the package. This makes it easy to install the artwork yourself without having to pay for professional assistance.

While these prints certainly do add a touch of brightness, they’re also sober enough to maintain a minimalistic décor for your home. Plus, you won’t have to do much to get these paintings on the wall, as they’re already stretched and framed.

5. Female in Hat Portrait Line Art

Line art is among the most minimal forms of décor you can find, and this piece is no exception. With just a few simple strokes, the artist here has managed to show us an interesting female face with a hat. This will be a good addition to any bedroom or living room where you want a minimalistic touch.

While the poster here is of heavyweight paper, keep in mind that it comes unframed. We can choose from glossy or matte options, though each one is equally durable. Fortunately, the posters come in a standard size, making them fairly easy to frame.

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6. Sincerely, Not Abstract Hands Art Print

This piece is a thought-provoking piece of art, featuring a modern design of hand outlines intersecting with each other. Since the work is mostly in black and white, it will go well on a bedroom, bathroom, or workplace wall.

The size of this artwork is around 11 by 4 inches, which is easy enough to frame. The material is a heavy cardstock paper, so it will last for several years. Not only will this décor add an uplifting touch to any bare wall, but it can also work as a conversation starter.

7. DEED Modern Minimalist Abstract City Painting

This city painting is available in a variety of sizes, so we can get the option that’s most suitable for our space. A large canvas could cover up a huge wall, while you can also get the smallest size for livening up a tiny apartment.

The work itself is an interesting combination of minimalism and abstract art. The mix of colors can be quite inspiring, while the colors can give off a soothing effect.

8. Good Vibes Art Print Set Of 2

These minimalistic frames give us a piece of art as well as a motivational quote to live by. These act both as a suitable décor for a yoga studio or meditation room, though you can also hang them in the living room or bedroom.  The black and white tones will blend in with any kind of minimalistic décor.

Having such motivational words around your home can help us stay in a positive frame of mine. You’d have to frame and hang it yourself, but here are some hacks for hanging artwork that might help.

9. Sea Charm – Modern Minimalist Wall Art

Minimalistic abstract art doesn’t mean that you stick with irregular shapes and squiggles. These four canvases give us an abstract impression while also fulfilling anyone’s interest in the sea or ocean. This can also be classified as Zen art and comes in a set of four canvases. However, we do have a choice about the size we go for, as these canvases are available in several measurements.

Furthermore, these works come mounted with hooks and whatever else you need to get them on the walls right away. Of course, they’re printed instead of painted, so take that it into account when making a final decision.

10. Side View Black, White and Gold Floral Canvas Print

This is a beautiful piece of wall décor that can add a glamorous touch to the rest of the room. While the print might be a classic one, the gorgeous gold tones add vibrancy to any surroundings. Minimalistic décor might have a tendency to get drab and monotonous after a while, but this artwork might be all you need to liven things up.

The canvas is hand-stretched on wood and comes ready to hang with the right hardware. This will save you a lot of hassle when putting up your newest addition. Several online reviews are enough to assure us that the gold really does pop out from the black background.