What are shower panel systems?


    Frequently, the day commences and concludes with a shower. We take a shower in the morning to get an energizing start to the day and a shower in the evening to calm our tired bodies and wash away the day’s stresses.

    A shower panel is a single-unit system with many functions that allows homeowners to have a luxury bathing experience. Shower panel installation can transform your bathroom into a haven of relaxation. Shower panels integrate a full shower system’s worth of components into a single, wall-mounted unit.

    What Exactly Is a Shower Panel?

    What exactly is a shower panel

    A shower panel, also known as a shower tower or a shower panel system, is a type of shower hardware that puts all the components of a shower system on a single panel. This eliminates the need to purchase separate components or perform separate installation of control handles, showerheads, tub faucets, and other accessories. Shower panels are often more cost-effective and easy to install without the assistance of a professional because they consist of a single item. They enable you to obtain all of the premium features of a luxury shower.

    Before installing a shower panel, remove any existing shower fixtures. Install the accompanying brackets for the shower panel in accordance with the product’s installation instructions. Connect the shower panel hoses from the back of the shower panel to the shower’s existing hot and cold water valves. Then, mount your shower panel to the wall using the brackets and consult the product documentation to decide if extra bolts or a sealing agent are required. If you have no prior experience installing shower fixtures, you should seek expert assistance to ensure a stress-free installation.

    What Comprises a Shower Panel?

    1. Standard shower panels include at least two showerheads – either a fixed or adjustable main showerhead and a handheld showerhead. In addition, they may include three showerheads: a primary showerhead, a handheld showerhead, and either a huge body sprayer or a waterfall showerhead spout integrated into the front of the main showerhead to create a waterfall impression. The handheld showerhead attaches to the panel beneath the main showerhead. After muddy adventures, use the handheld showerhead to clean your feet, the shower walls, or your pet’s paws, and then store it in its holder.
    2. Tub spout – Some shower panels are equipped with a tub spout and a diverter mechanism to direct water flow from the showerhead(s) to the tub spout. This is a feature to watch out for if you have a bathtub/shower combination or occasionally switch between a shower and a bath.
    3. Temperature control faucets – Shower panels may have a single temperature faucet that provides hot or cold water depending on the direction of the lever’s rotation, or they may have two independent temperature control faucets, one for hot water and the other for cold.
    4. Body Sprayers – Body sprayers with mist or jet settings are located in the center of the shower panel, above the control faucets. They feature additional water settings that transform every shower into a spa day. Body sprayers resemble showerheads that are integrated into the shower panel, so water pours out at an angle. The mist/jet spray settings on body sprayers are incredibly useful if you want to rinse off your body without getting your hair wet, or if you want to clean your body from a different angle than the primary overhead showerhead.
    5. Setting control faucets – Shower panels typically have a setting control element in the form of one or more knobs or buttons that allow you to switch between the handheld and main showerhead, spray jets, and misting sequences. Looking for a highly contemporary shower panel? Certain panels feature digital setting controls.

    Essential Features to Check for in a Shower Panel

    Essential features to check in a shower panel

    1. Water Pressure: Increasing the water pressure on any shower panel system you choose will improve the showering experience. Be sure to adhere to a product’s water pressure limits if they are specified. If you have a system with low water pressure, you should consider fixing it. This configuration is not optimal for shower panel systems that can perform numerous functions simultaneously.
    2. Ease of Use: Since shower panel systems offer more functionalities than a typical shower arrangement, it goes without saying that they are also more difficult to operate. Before choosing a shower panel system, it is important to investigate its control system. Thus, you may ensure that anybody who uses the shower can do so without difficulty.
    3. Features: While the functioning of many shower panel systems is comparable, there are a few functions that are not typical. Some shower panels include showerheads with both rainfall and waterfall functionality, while others just include rainfall functionality. In addition, LED illumination and LED temperature displays are excellent features, but they are only available on select models. Even body massage jets vary between models, with some featuring a greater number of jets and a wider range of settings.

    Benefits of A Shower Panel System

    • Simple Installation – Shower panels are simple and quick to install. They connect to your existing plumbing and, for stability, may require bracketing to your shower wall.
    • Scales to Your Project’s Size – Due to its self-contained nature, shower panels can be included into any size remodeling, from a weekend DIY effort to a complete bathroom overhaul.
    • Water efficient – Because they utilize the plumbing for a single shower head, shower panels use significantly less water than shower systems, which can help keep your water bill low and save you from needing to upgrade your water heater.
    • Affordable – Shower panels are less expensive to purchase, install, and maintain than shower systems over the long term. Despite having functionally identical components, they are cheaper when purchased as a single unit, do not require invasive (and costly) installation or plumbing improvements, and are less expensive to operate over time.

    Negative Aspects of a Shower Panel System

    Negative Aspects of a shower panel

    • Water efficient -Yes, this is both an advantage and a disadvantage. While being environmentally friendly is certainly a bonus, the fact that shower panels have the same maximum flow capacity as a single shower head means that you will not be able to get as much water flowing simultaneously as you would with a shower system.
    • Mix and Match Shower Heads — Depending on the shower panel’s water flow, it may not be possible to have all the shower heads on the panel operating simultaneously.
    • Limited Coverage – Even the best shower panels with the maximum flow and the best design are still attached to a single wall, which means that all of the water is flowing in one direction. To compensate, several designs feature overhead or angled side sprays, although they can never approach the coverage of a genuine shower system.
    • They Stand Out–Many of the advantages of shower panels stem from their self-contained form, but a major disadvantage is that they can feel a bit cumbersome. Some are more aesthetically pleasing than others, but a great design or more appealing materials will typically cost you, and it will never be as streamlined as separately fitted shower heads.

    Final Thoughts

    Shower panels are affordable and simpler to install. Invest in your bathroom by installing a shower panel system that will leave you thoroughly clean and relaxed. It is enjoyable and brings excitement to your bathroom. 


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