Your Quick Guide to the Different Types of Faucets


    When it comes to remodels, the 2 most popular spaces to redo are the kitchen and bathroom. So if you’re doing renovations soon, there’s a good chance you’re having either one or both of these spaces touched up.

    If that’s true, then you might be wondering about the types of faucets out there.

    You’re in luck then! Here, we’ll give you a brief guide to the different types of faucets you can choose from.

    Ball Faucet

    Ball faucets are probably the most common types of faucet heads used by homeowners. This is because they don’t use washers, which can quickly wear down from use. As a result of this breakdown, leaks are common.

    Considering that the kitchen and bathroom are high-use areas for faucets, this might be the best type of faucet to use since it’s resistant to wear and tear.

    Ball faucets work through one handle on top of a rounded cap, which goes on top of the sink spout.

    Disc Faucet

    This just might be the newest type of faucet out there, which means it’s even more resistant to wear and tear than ball faucets are (they’re also washerless). However, this also means they’re much pricier.

    Disc faucets look a lot like ball faucets but instead of sitting on top of a rounded cap, the lever goes on top of a cylinder. This allows it to mix hot and cold water inside of a cartridge so you can carefully control the water temperature.

    Cartridge Faucet

    Cartridge faucets are yet again another washerless faucet. But instead of having 1 handle, it has 2. It’s commonly used in bathrooms.

    As the name suggests, there are cartridges inside the handles. This means that when you operate the handles, they’ll move up and down as you control the water pressure.

    By controlling the water pressure of each handle, you’ll be able to control the temperature as well.

    Compression Faucet

    This is the only faucet on the list that uses washers. It looks like a cartridge faucet, but operates a bit differently. Instead of moving up and down, the handles rotate and you can actually feel when the pressure increasing as you shut off the faucet.

    This type of faucet is most commonly found in showers and is actually one of the oldest types of faucets used in American homes. They’re very budget-friendly but are also prone to problems.

    No matter which type of faucet you want, reputable companies like Pioneer Faucets will carry them all. So feel free to ask them for some advice, as they’d know what’d suit your budget and needs best.

    Know the Types of Faucets Right for Your Space

    Basically, there are 4 types of faucets available: ball, disc, cartridge, and compression. Some are better suited for kitchens while others are better for bathrooms. Now that you know the difference between them, you’ll be better able to select the right types of faucets for your home.

    For more articles on home improvement like this one on types of faucets, make sure to take a look at the rest of our blog page!

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