Wireless Earbud Alternatives to the Apple AirPods

Apple Inc., as was widely covered and discussed, made a wireless Bluetooth earbud called AirPods and it boasts unique features and functionality. AirPods are manufactured specifically for iPhone users and they are much more expensive compared to other regular earbuds.  

If you want to use a wireless earbud for your Android phone, find cheaper options, high-quality options than Apple AirPods, below are some of the best ones you can consider. They can also be paired with iPhones as well.

Where to Buy
Onkyo W800BT True Wireless Earbuds
Sony WF-1000X
B&O Play Beoplay E8
Jabra Elite Sport

1. Onkyo W800BT True Wireless Earbuds

Onkyo W800BT is one of the earliest wireless earbuds available and is still among the best earbuds as of today. It focuses on noise-cancellation and quality of music particularly on the mid-range which is rare.

It has a built-in microphone on the right earpiece that is designed for hands-free calling. It has the ability to connect to smartphones or other Bluetooth devices and stream whatever the device is playing with an uncompressed Hi-Fi quality.

You can hear the deepest bass to the gentle tap of percussion. The cohesiveness and detail of the mid-range is what makes them stand out to other earbuds. It also has a closed back design that allows you to hear only the music and nothing else. The sealed structure gives an accurate sound production clearly.

It can be used for up to 3 hours and 40 hours of standby inside the chargeable case. Every time you put the earphones inside the case, they will be recharged. You can use the case’s battery up to five times before it needs to be recharged again. You can use it up to 15 hours of playing music anywhere as long as you take the case with you.

The case serves as a USB charger. To charge the case, you can plug it in on a USB charger or on your computer. It also has an antenna on the outside which ensures an optimal signal stability. It means you can play music without interruption.

2. Sony WF-1000X

Sony Wf-1000X was one of the best wireless headphones available. This earbud focuses on noise-cancellation and decent quality sound. This is a perfect pair of wireless earbud for music lovers.

It has a great sound quality with impressive levels of detail and clarity. Its wireless design comes with an uninterrupted Bluetooth streaming. It features a built-in microphone and button controls for playback.

It supports noise-canceling that uses the phone’s gyroscope through its Android or iOS companion app that works either while you are still or on the move. You can also adjust the level of ambient noise according to your preference.

Its battery life is great considering the functions it has to offer. You can enjoy up to 9 hours with Sony WF-1000X with its chargeable carrying case. It also has an auto on and off feature to save battery while not in use.

Removing the earbuds to its cases turns it on automatically. Setting the earbuds into the charging case turns off earphones automatically and the red light indicates the charging started.

Each earpiece has a single multifunction button for easy operation. For the left earpiece button, press and hold the button to power on or off. You can connect earbuds to a Bluetooth device by pressing and holding the button for 7 seconds. When pairing earphones, the right earpiece must be inside the charging case. Simply press the left button to cycle through noise-cancellation mode.

For the right earpiece button, pressing the button controls the music. The single press plays or pauses the music. Double pressing it plays the next music. And triple pressing it plays the previous music. If an incoming call arrives, just press the right button to answer. If you want to activate voice assist function, press and hold the right button.

3. B&O Play Beoplay E8

B&O Play Beoplay E8 has an audio streaming technology that offers better connectivity and less degradation to Bluetooth. The sound is transmitted between the earbuds via a magnetic field so you can assure a perfect connection. You can also adjust the sound based on your preference via the accompanying Beoplay app either on Android or iOS.

It features easy touch control buttons allowing you to take calls, switch tracks, or activate features and voice commands by simply tapping the wireless earbuds. It is a convenient feature without the hassle of taking out your phone.

To turn on the earbuds, just tap the right earpiece. A white light will be the indicator and a sound prompt will be heard. For the right earpiece, a single tap is to play or pause the music. Double tapping is to play the next track. While tap and hold are to turn up the volume. And tapping it three times activates Siri or Google Now.

For the left earpiece, a single tap is to turn on the transparency mode. Double tapping is to play the previous track, while touch and hold are to turn down the volume.

When a call arrives, you can tap either the right or left earpiece to answer the call. Double tap either the right or the left earpiece to end the call. You can hold either the right or left earpiece for 5 seconds to reject the call.

When the case and the earphones are fully charged, you have up to 12 hours of playtime. To charge the earphones and the case, put the earphones on the charging case and insert the USB charger into the case.  It has 4 hours of playtime for every single charge. Earphones can be recharged twice while on the go before the case itself needs recharging.

Whenever you put the earphones inside, a white light on the case indicates how many charges you still have. A fully charged case will have two white lights indicator outside which means you still have up to 8 hours of charges.

4. Jabra Elite Sport

Jabra Elite Sport is particularly made for sports enthusiasts. Its features are generally for the convenience of those who are active in sports or in working out. Though it is just an addition to the basic features of common wireless earbuds, it has excellent sound isolation.

Like most of the earbuds, its wireless connectivity and sound quality are great. It boasts advanced wireless connectivity and superior quality calls and music with its four in-ear microphone technology. It also features an adjustable EQ profile to personalize your music settings.

The amazing thing about this In-Ear, is it features a fitness analyzer and a precise heart rate monitor that predicts your race pace or advise you on your recovery. The right earpiece has a heart rate sensor allowing you to monitor your exertion level as you exercise. It also features an automatic rep counting that allows you to track your exercise precisely.

No need to worry if you sweat very hard while doing your training because it has a waterproof design and has a 3-year against sweat warranty. They are IP67 water resistant which means they can be submerged up to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes.

It also has a comfortable and secure fit with an option to wear one or both earbuds. It has a personalized in-ear audio coaching as well. The wireless earbuds can be used up to 4 hours and 30 minutes. The fully charged charging case adds an additional 9 hours of battery life. The earbuds and the case have a total of 13.5 hours of playtime.

Whether you are a hardcore music lover or a sports enthusiast, you will surely have an amazing earbud that will match your preferences. We hope that this list will help you find the best wireless earbud alternative to the Apple AirPods.