The White Hot Mani


    My son took this bottom picture, and I think from the angle of the camera my fingers look short & stubby. I actually have very nice looking hands, so I’d like to point out that this picture is slightly misleading. That is all.
    You know what I love about the color white?
    Even if you are really pale like me, wearing it in the summer can make you look like you have a tan.
    I could use some help in this department. Tattoos & tanning don’t mix so I’m pretty pasty looking.
    The only problem is I don’t think I own one piece of white clothing. Not even white shoes! After going to beauty school and working for Lancome I just got used to wearing a ton of black. I tend to stick to jeans or leggings with some variation of a black top. That’s my mom uniform!
    So instead of white clothing I opted on a white manicure.
    I’ve never tried it before, but I’ve seen it a lot and always wanted to give it a try.


    white manicure


    So what do you think?

    I’m not as white as my nails now am I?
    I’m pretty happy with the White Hot Mani. I am a perfectionist when it comes to polish so I ended up doing 3 coats of white. Yeah, 3. Pretty sucky! Plus a base coat. And a top coat. Somehow even with 5 layers of polish on my nails I managed to not fudge it up at all.
    Here’s what I did & the products I used:

    1. Dehydrate the nail. I found this awesome pin on Pinterest that said to use Dawn original dish soap to soften cuticles and remove all of the oil from the nail.

    This…the blue kind. It’s really inexpensive too.
    I had never heard of this method but decided to try it out & it worked amazingly well. Pretty cool.

    2. Base coat. I use Creative’s Stickey base coat.
    3. Polish. I actually picked up a cheapy bottle of Wet & Wild white polish because it would supposedly dry really fast. I have a ton of OPI professional polish but the white takes forever to dry, so I’m glad I went the cheap route here. Again, I did 3 coats of this to ensure there were no streaks. I’m kind of insane.
    4. Top coat. I used Creative’s Super Shiney high gloss top coat. I love this stuff because it’s super shiny! Just like the name promises.
    5. Cuticle oil. Lots of cuticle oil! I love Solar Oil. I drench my nails in this stuff nightly. It’s great stuff that keeps your cuticles and nails moisturized.
    My hands (while slightly man-ish in appearance here) don’t look as pasty & veiny as they usually do. I think the white compliments my skin tone nicely.

    This look kind of reminds me of grade school when girls would paint their nails with White Out. Anyone else remember that?

    Only this is more classy and less clumpy.

    What do you think of the White Hot Mani? Would you rock the all white for summer? I will definitely be doing this one again. I got a ton of compliments on it, especially from all of the little girls at the park today. See? The kids were on to something with the White Out! 😉
    Have a great weekend.
    xo, Melissa

    Don’t forget to check out my feature on Classy Clutter’s weekly top 20 from yesterday! My apple cider vinegar skincare post is the 2nd one on their list! Hooray for great skin!

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