What’s The Best Time of Year in Manhattan for Car Shipping


    Several variables play into deciding the best time for transporting a vehicle throughout the year in New York. For those with the flexibility and time to plan their move, it’s helpful to research the least busy seasons before committing to a particular booking date.

    Tips On When to Ship a Car to Save The Most Money In New York

    Most car owners want to find the most cost-efficient car shipping services, and how to save the most money. If you have the fortune to be flexible with your move date, it’s wise to research the times that are the least hectic for auto transport companies in New York. This could bring a lower quote when booking.

    Many variables play into the price for a particular season, whether it be more traffic congestion during a certain time of the year or bad road conditions due to weather. You’ll find a few helpful hints that allow more informed decisions leading to a successful car shipping experience.

    Consider these suggestions as you plan to move either to or from New York including scheduling with an auto transport company.

    Fall is among the better seasons for car shipping

    Fall is one of the better seasons to have an auto transported to a new state or different area within the US. That’s between September and November when driving conditions are excellent for many parts of the country. With kids returning to school and few people on holiday, the highways are less busy.

    When combined with reduced fuel prices, the season can bring lower costs for car shipping service bookings. Reputable companies offer competitive pricing and good services throughout the year but provide promotions and discounts throughout the fall. Go to and learn how auto transport works.

    February is a slow month for car shipping services

    February is an ideal month to book auto transport. The month is often a particularly slow transport time since it’s winter in many areas throughout the US. Still, the weather is better than in December and January with less hazardous driving conditions.

    It’s the perfect time to transport a car from New York across the country to perhaps California. Traffic is reduced from the holidays and most car shipping services have discounted their rates from the winter season since the possibility for treacherous roadways is diminished.

    While you don’t want “cheap” rates, it’s the best month to shop for competitive rates to ensure a reasonable cost for shipping services with a faster delivery than expected during a hectic season.

    With the New Year comes a higher cost

    The first day of each new year is hectic for car shipping services primarily because people are heading home after a long holiday with significant traffic congestion on the highways. Many auto transport companies have fewer drivers since they’re home with their families for the holiday season.

    A driver shortage and hectic highways can lead to higher costs for transporting autos since shipping services will be more challenging to find at this time of the year. Drivers prefer to avoid the busy roads. For car owners who can delay just a week, the costs can be considerably lower.

    The regular routes will be running again since most drivers will be back on duty. If you’re on short notice to have your move finished before the holidays are over, you’ll need expedited service and the higher costs that come with the season. The good thing is you’ll be all settled once the new year comes in.

    Summer in the city might be more costly

    Summer in the city might be more costly

    Many car owners are under the impression shipping a vehicle should be easier during the summer months, allowing for the best prices. That isn’t necessarily true in busy cities like Manhattan.

    The transport companies need to consider the wear and tear of the trucks, added mileage, and extended times with big city driving during peak traffic times, when faced with traffic jams, or high areas of congestion.

    While it could be unavoidable, if possible, try to ship in late spring or early summer instead of the busiest summer months of late June and July.

    The summer holiday traffic congestion will increase costs for most auto transport companies. You can avoid this by moving your delivery dates up. Click for budget-friendly transport into New York from across country.

    Final Thought

    A suggestion from auto transport experts is to plan ahead roughly four weeks to ensure the most successful shipping experience. Many carriers will only allow booking approximately a month beforehand due to fluctuating costs with road conditions from the changing seasons, weather, and fuel prices.

    If you can be flexible, first research for competitive rates. The aim should be to strive for one of the slowest months in early spring or early fall. You’ll want to consider traffic patterns in your local New York area and look at the fuel prices.

    When well-informed you can better decide when to ship in order to see the greatest savings.

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