What is a Juicer Extractor and What Are Its Benefits?


    Juices that have been processed aren’t as healthy as eating fresh fruits and vegetables every day. People should eat between five and seven servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Juice extractors can help, especially for those who don’t like fruits and vegetables in their whole form.

    What is a juice extractor?

    Electric juicer isolated on whiteA juice extractor is a machine that separates the skin, seeds, and husk from citrus fruits and vegetables in order to get the juice. With an extractor, you can only get the juice from a fruit or vegetable. It has fast-spinning blades that can cut fruit into pieces and separate seeds, skin, and juice into a bowl. 

    Different juicers have different amounts of power. Some extractors only take out the juice, leaving the fruit or vegetable’s basic shell and body. Other juice extractors can grind up a piece of carrot or ginger and separate every ounce of juice from the pulp. There are different parts that make each type of juice extractor unique, but the amount of power seems to be the most important factor when choosing one.

    How is a juicer different from a juice extractor?

    The main difference between a juicer and a juice extractor is that a juicer does not separate bits from the finished product. Instead, you’ll always get a thick juice with bits of skin and seeds. A juice extractor, on the other hand, only ever makes juice.

    People usually call hand-held citrus reamers “juicers,” while machines that stand up are called “juice extractors.” But you can get electric juicers, so this isn’t a hard and fast rule. It’s more of a difference in meaning.

    Kinds of Juice Extractor

    1. Fruit Juice Extractor Machine 

    The first is a machine that squeezes juice out of fruit. This kind can help you get juice out of fruits and veggies while you peel them. You can also make juice from citrus fruits and other fruits with this kind of machine. To get the most out of this machine, all you have to do is wash and prep the fruits you want to use. Two rollers on a juice extractor send the fruit to a knife that separates the peels. A sieve plate will get about 36% of the juice from the fruit, and a pulper will get the rest. There is a hopper to make loading easy, and each machine will be a different size to fit different kinds of fruit.

    2. Spiral Juice Extractor

     Another popular model is the spiral juice extractor, which can grind fruits, remove slag, and squeeze them for juice. It is the most common type and can be used with many different kinds of fruit. It is powered by an electric motor that turns the axis of the spiral. As the fruit is squeezed, the screw pitch gets smaller and smaller. It’s important to choose a spiral juice extractor if you want a high-quality product.

    Benefits of Juice Extractor

    Today, people want fresh-squeezed fruit juice more than ever. This makes it easy to move the fruit juice, and it also keeps the juice at its best. But not all fruits can be made into juice right after they are picked. For example, orange fruit is too bitter to eat on its own. It can instead be made into chutney, wine, or pickles. Because of this, more and more people are looking into machines that extract juice from fruit.

    Different fruit juices in a clear drinking glass

    1. Yields a lot of juice.

    A juice extractor machine can have different parts, but they all do the same thing, which is to squeeze juice out of fruits and vegetables. The low speed is good for soft fruits, while the high speed is better for hard fruits. Both types of juice extractors make the most juice. In addition, they are built with multi-safety protections. If a part of the machine isn’t put together right, the machine will turn off.

    The food chute is an important part of a juice extractor machine. Every time you use the screen, you should clean it. Hot water and a brush should be used to clean the screen. Cut fruits and vegetables so they don’t have any seeds or skins. After putting the fruit or vegetable into the machine, it should be cleaned well. Some juicers have a button that stops the machine when it’s done.

    Another important part is the motor. It’s used to get juice out of fruits. A high RPM will make the fruit spin faster, which will squeeze out more juice. When the RPMs are lower, less juice will dry out. But most juicers allow you to change how fast the juicer works. If you want to make different kinds of juice, this is important. So, you can change the speed to get the most juice out of the fruit.

    2. Take out the fruit’s pulp and seeds.

    Fruit pulp and seeds should also be easy to take out of juice extractors. Some machines will keep putting out pulp, but others won’t. You should also check how much juice the machine makes. If the juice is just wet pulp, that means the machine is not working well. The most juice will come from your fruit if you use a good juicer. This is important for making juice, so you should think about how the machine works. One of the best things about a juice extractor machine is that it makes juices that are healthy and full of nutrients.

    orange juice drinks

    3. Can process whole fruits and vegetables.

    A juice extractor machine is a type of juicer that squeezes the fruit or vegetable with a conical screw. The machine has a small size and an elegant look. It’s great for making fresh juice because it juices quickly and is easy to use. A spiral-shaped juicer has parts made of stainless steel and a filter screen to make sure it makes the best juice. Another benefit of spiral juicers is that they can make a lot of juice at once.

    A juicer can also process whole fruits and vegetables, which is another thing it can do. Electric juicers are easier to use than juicers, which need masticating movements. You can bake with or compost with the pulp. Most juicers are electric, and manual juicers use more energy than electric ones. A juicer doesn’t require much work, but it can eat up to 20 pounds of fruit and vegetables every day.

    4. Simple to clean up.

    One way to keep your juice extractor machine in good shape is to clean it as often as you can. Most of the time, you can put plastic parts in the dishwasher to clean them. To empty the pulp bin, the machine should be turned off and plastic grocery bags should be put inside. It’s enough to wipe off the pulp with a soft sponge, then rinse and dry. Then you can do the process as many times as you want. Clean the plastic parts of the juice extractor machine after each time you use it to make sure the filter doesn’t get clogged.


    A juice extractor is a machine, either electric or manual, that takes the juice out of a fruit or vegetable. It can be held in your hand and run by hand, or it can stand on its own and be run by hand or by electricity. A juice extractor is a machine that works very differently depending on how it is powered. 

    You may also read our Guide to Choosing the Right Juicer for Your Needs if you are looking for more tips and recommendations.


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