What are the Different Types of Strollers?


    Baby strollers are frequently described as a godsend by parents since they make moving children simpler and more convenient. There are currently hundreds of distinct brands and a dozen or more distinct types of strollers, each of which meets a particular set of requirements and preferences. It’s crucial for parents to learn about the options available and which stroller would best meet their child’s demands if they aren’t sure which one to purchase.

    Different Types of Strollers 

    Today’s market is filled with a wide variety of strollers. Some are simpler than others, while some are more complicated. Some are designed for particular activities like running or traveling. The many varieties of strollers are broken down below along with the applications they are best suited for.

    There are numerous options to take into account while choosing a stroller. Your specific demands and what is essential to you will determine the type of stroller you select.

    1. Lightweight Stroller/Umbrella Stroller

    For parents who want a stroller that is simple to carry and maneuver, a lightweight stroller is a fantastic choice. The lighter materials used to construct these strollers make them simpler to lift and transport. Additionally, they are frequently smaller in size, which makes them an excellent option for city living. They are also made to fold up easily so you can carry them everywhere you go.

    Strollers that are lightweight weigh less than 15 pounds and are made of aluminum or plastic. Because it can be folded up and stowed in a tiny place, this kind of stroller is ideal for traveling. The majority of compact strollers also come with a carrying bag, making transportation even simpler.

    2. Pram/Carriages Stroller 

    In order to convey a baby, a person, typically a parent, pushes a pram, carriage, or stroller. Rich babies were transported around the streets of London in pram carriages, which had existed for generations. They are now used to carry infants and young toddlers in cities.

    On the market, there are numerous varieties of pram carriages. The normal stroller, which has one little wheel at the back and two large wheels up front, is the most common style. A large canopy that may be utilized to protect the infant from the sun or the rain is also a feature of the vehicle.

    The market is filled with a wide variety of pram carriage strollers. A number of materials, such as plastic, metal, and wood, can be used to create them. Also, they come in a range of sizes and shapes. Others are made for toddlers or older kids, while some are made for babies.

    3. Jogging Stroller 

    Having a baby makes you want to carry them everywhere. When you’re attempting to get in shape, this is very important. Using a jogging stroller is a fantastic method to accomplish this. People who want to bring their babies along with them as they exercise can use special jogging strollers. Because to their unique suspension mechanism, you may jog without worrying about your kid bouncing about within the stroller.

    The fact that jogging strollers are typically lightweight is another fantastic aspect. As a result, they are portable and simple to take around when not in use. Plus, a lot of them fold up to take up very little room in your house or car.

    Running or jogging while pushing your child is possible with jogging strollers. They are portable due to their small weight and three-wheeled design. Additionally, they have a movable sun canopy that offers shade and wind protection. And most, the majority of them come with a safety harness and tether strap to keep your child safe and secure while you’re moving.

    4. Full-Sized Stroller

    Full-sized stroller

    There are several things to consider while selecting a baby stroller. But size is one of the most crucial factors. For parents of larger infants or toddlers, a full-sized baby stroller is the best choice.

    Full-sized baby strollers come in a variety of styles. The conventional design features one little wheel up front and two huge wheels in the back. This type works well for navigating confined locations. Another design makes it simpler to maneuver across uneven terrain by having wheels of the same size on all four sides.

    Whatever style you decide on, make sure it can support the weight of your child. Find one that has enough storage for your items and is comfy for you and your child as well.

    5. Standard Stroller

    A standard baby stroller is a style of stroller that is more affordable and lighter than other styles. It often has two or four wheels and a single handlebar. Standard strollers can be used for both short and long travels and are frequently built for infants and young children.

    For parents looking for a stroller that can be used for a variety of activities, a standard stroller is a suitable alternative.

    You can select a standard stroller that suits your needs because they are available in a range of sizes and designs. They are a well-liked option for parents on a budget because they are also reasonably priced. Standard strollers are ideal for busy parents because they are simple to use as well.

    The standard model is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a dependable and adaptable baby stroller. It may be customized to match your unique demands and is excellent for everyday use.

    6. Double Stroller

    When you have two kids, you quickly learn that a single stroller won’t do. You require a large enough item that can accommodate both of your kids while yet making moving around convenient and easy. The double stroller can be useful in this situation.

    The ideal stroller for parents with two kids of similar ages is a double stroller. It enables both kids to sit close to one another and see their surroundings. Additionally, the majority of double strollers include a number of features that make traveling with your small ones simple. Some of these include cup holders for mom and dad, storage baskets for supplies, and even shades to block the sun from your kids’ eyes.

    7. Travel System Baby Stroller 

    Due to its versatility, a travel system baby stroller is an excellent investment for both travel and daily use. It comes with a stroller frame and a car seat that are detachable and attachable as needed.

    You can choose a travel system baby stroller that best matches your needs from a wide variety that are readily available. Some are transportable on trains and airplanes since they are compact and lightweight. Others are more robust and ideal for navigating difficult terrain or long distances on foot.

    For parents who enjoy traveling, a travel system baby stroller is a wise purchase. A car seat and stroller that are made to work together make up a travel system. As a result, you can transfer your infant without waking them up from the automobile to the stroller.

    The majority of travel system baby strollers include a base that you can mount in your vehicle. It is simple to install and remove the car seat because it clicks into the base. Your child can ride in the stroller while the car seat is not in use by fastening it to the frame.

    8. Car Seat Stroller

    Father takes baby daughter on a walk

    One of the most adaptable alternatives you may get is a car seat stroller. It converts without removing any of its features from a stroller to a car seat. This stroller often weighs little and is small, which makes getting in and out of the car simple.

    The drawback is that ultimately, your child will outgrow the car seat. The use of a car seat stroller, however, can make driving with a toddler and an infant considerably simpler.

    9. Convertible Stroller 

    The frame of a convertible stroller has interchangeable seating options. Some of them even feature extensible frames that can accommodate extra storage or seats. There are several alternatives available whether you have one child or two.

    The greatest option if you’re starting out with a newborn is a bassinet stroller attachment. It provides excellent sun protection while allowing your infant to lie flat. You may upgrade to a seat attachment that can either face you or forward as they get bigger.

    A convertible stroller really does grow with you if you have numerous children or siblings. A second seat can be added to the stroller to make it look like a tandem double stroller, and there is even room for your older child to stand and hang on while riding.

    For parents who already have two children or are expecting two, this is the best choice. A convertible stroller might be heavier than other types of strollers, so if you’re expecting your first kid, you might want to wait to get one unless you’re expecting a sibling shortly after.

    10. All-Terrain Stroller 

    All-terrain strollers are regular strollers with large air-filled tires made specifically for different surfaces, such as sandy, snowy, or off-roading. This style of stroller has a lockable swiveling front wheel, which can be locked to increase stability on unlevel ground. The greatest places to use these buggies are on hikes, in rural areas, along beaches, etc. All-terrain strollers are made to keep your kid comfortable on every surface you can think of when strolling with them. 

    Factors to Consider in Buying a Baby Stroller

    A stroller can be necessary at some point when you have a baby. When you are walking or traveling with your child, this equipment will make it more comfortable. The secret is to invest in a sturdy stroller that you can use while your child is a baby and, with careful maintenance, pass on to your other children. What factors do you consider, then, while selecting a baby stroller? Check it out below.

    Safety of the Stroller

    A mother selects a stroller for her baby. 

    When deciding whether to purchase a baby stroller, safety is a crucial element to consider. You must handle your child with the utmost care because they are fragile as an infant. Therefore, you must make sure the stroller you purchase includes safety features. These safety precautions include a strap that stops the child from falling and a single handbrake that lets you pull it at any time.

    For safety, the stroller’s wheels should be sturdy. As a result of their delicate skin, it should also shield your infant from the sun. Last but not least, a stroller with a reflector might be useful, particularly when visibility is reduced due to severe weather. Thus, when choosing a stroller, safety should be your top consideration.

    Toddlers are quite sensitive; thus, the fabric of the stroller will assure their protection. You should look at the fabric that was used to make the stroller. As a result, you are limited to buying a stroller whose fabric your baby is not allergic to.

    Type of Stroller

    Different sizes and colors are available for strollers. As a result, you can choose one based on the requirements, preferences, and likes of your baby. The different sorts of strollers include jogging, standard, and light strollers. A standard stroller is large and gives your infant the freedom to sit anywhere. A lightweight one is helpful for travelers and is readily transportable.

    Additionally, you’ll need a jogging stroller that may double as a car seat if your baby is active. Such a stroller is stable and has a robust body frame for use outside.


    You may aid by getting a handy stroller. It is simple to set up and load your child into a stroller, and it is compatible with your car and acceptable in weight.

    You can move your toddler’s car seat into the stroller if it is suitable with the vehicle. Choose a weight that can accommodate your child as they grow. For instance, you can get a stroller that can support the weight firmly if your infant is larger. Additionally, lightweight ones are easier to manage and fold, so they won’t get in the way when you’re traveling.


    It’s possible that you’ll need to set a budget before purchasing a stroller. After that, you can do some study to see which kind is affordable for you. But anything you choose must satisfy your desires. You need not sacrifice quality just because you are thinking about your budget. A high-quality stroller may be slightly more expensive, but it will likely last you a long time, giving you value for your money.

    Alternatively, if you need a stroller for a certain occasion, you can hire one from service providers like Maxi Cosi for a reasonable price.


    Strollers come in a wide variety of designs and styles today. It is crucial to make the best decision possible for your needs and way of life. When choosing a stroller, be sure to consider the features that are important to you, the stroller’s size and weight, as well as your budget.

    If you need more tips and recommendations, you may also check out our Guide to Picking a Stroller.


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