What Are the Different Types of Manicures?


    Whether you like pampering yourself or just love to step up your nail game, there’s no reason why you should not treat yourself to a manicure every once in a while. After all, this is the simplest but best way you can give your hands a complete makeover. That is why if you want to get your nails clean and pretty, here are some manicures that you can try to make you look and feel like a glamorous woman

    • Basic Manicure – If you’re not used to having a manicure, then a basic manicure is the best way to keep your nails pretty and straightforward. This is a fuss-free procedure, and it is the best way for you to know what to expect in a manicure session. A basic manicure is simple, and it is easy to change if you get bored with it. 
    • Reverse French Manicure – This type of manicure is a stylish but quirky version of the classic French manicure. Unlike its counterpart, the reverse French manicure features a crescent moon shape that is painted with a lighter or darker shade at the base of your nail. Not only is this stylish, but you can also do it yourself at your home. 
    • French Manicure – This is a chic but classic type of manicure that will never disappoint. The crescent moon-shaped white nail polish coats on the edges of your nails will give your hands a sophisticated look. Nowadays, celebrities still like to experiment and reinvent this classic type of manicure continuously. That is why you will be able to see different varieties regarding embellishments and colors when it comes to the classic French manicure. 
    • Gel Manicure – If you’re looking for a nail polish that’s low-maintenance and long-lasting, then you should try having a gel manicure. Do not worry. Even if it’s a low-maintenance option, you can still have stylish nails. Gel manicure does not require you to visit nail salons frequently for manicure sessions. Nail technicians use a unique nail polish that has to be cured under UV light for it to settle and have a long-lasting effect. 
    • American Manicure – This type of manicure is a little bit similar to a French manicure. American manicure gives your nails a more natural and blended look, and it also gives your nails a natural-looking shape. That is why if you want an elegant but neutral look to your nails, then an American manicure is the best type for you. 
    • Paraffin Manicure – If you have dry and rough hands, then you should get a paraffin manicure. This type of manicure does not just make your nails healthy and pretty; it is also like a spa treatment for your hands. This is because the process of a paraffin manicure involves a stimulating hand massage using essential oils. At the end of the manicure, you can expect your hands to feel nice and soft. 
    • Acrylic Manicure – If you want long nails, but you’re too impatient to grow them out, then the acrylic manicure is your best solution. This type of manicure uses a liquid monomer and powder polymer to give you a hard layer of acrylic nails over your nails. It is like a nail extension, but it is made to look like an original nail. If you want this type of manicure, we suggest that you go to a good salon or an expert nail technician and have them do the job.
    • Shellac Manicure – If you do not want to maintain your nails regularly, then the shellac manicure is the type of manicure that will be extremely handy to you. They will blend regular nail polish and gel polish in a shellac manicure to achieve that durable but beautiful-looking nails. 

    Things to Remember to Avoid Manicure Mishaps 

    • Keep in mind that the chances of having a nail infection and injury are high during manicure procedures. This is because there is excessive pressure applied on the cuticles, while trimming them can damage your skin. This is why you should only go to a salon that has experienced manicurists or nail technicians. Also, they should use sterile equipment as well and follow cleanliness rules inside the salon. 
    • You can bring your own nail equipment when you visit salons. But if you cannot do so, make sure the salon cleans and sterilizes their equipment before using it on you. 
    • Not only do salons need to use sterile equipment, but they should also wash and sanitize their hands before performing a manicure.


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