What Are the Different Types and Benefits of Roti Makers?


    Making a roti that is both round and puffy can sometimes be challenging. When done by hand, rolling the dough may be laborious and time-consuming, and it can be difficult to get the roti to be consistent in size if you do it this way. In India, roti, also known as chapati, is a staple food, and preparing it with a roti maker may help you save time and work in the kitchen. Continue reading to learn more about the types of roti makers and the advantages of using one! 

    What Makes Roti a Healthy Food?

    Roti is a form of flatbread that does not require leavening and may be cooked using a variety of flours. What makes them healthy is the soluble fiber it has that can aid in the prevention of constipation, the lowering of blood cholesterol levels, and the general maintenance of a healthy digestive tract. They also have complex carbs for long-lasting energy and satiety. In general, they are highly beneficial because they are prepared without the use of oil.

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    How Does a Roti Maker Work?

    A roti maker is an appliance that, in addition to reducing the amount of time and effort required, also makes it possible to produce quick roti. After inserting a ball of wet dough into the roti maker and fastening the weight to the upper bit, the dough ball is allowed to rise, which causes the patty to get longer. The exterior of a roti maker is typically made of non-stick material, which makes it much easier for the roti to attach to the surface. After this step, you will have a roti that is complete in every way, and it can be cooked on any standard gas burner.

    Manual Roti Makers

    Manually operated roti makers are the most common type of roti maker that you can buy in kitchen appliance stores. When using a manual roti maker, the first step in the procedure is to knead the dough to create very soft dough balls. These are then flattened into thin discs by pressing them between the hot lid and pan of the device, where they puff after reaching the ideal temperature in a matter of minutes. This type of roti maker is recommended for personal use at home.


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    Semi-Automatic and Automatic Roti Makers

    Roti makers can also come in semi-automatic or fully-automatic varieties. These roti makers, whether semi-automatic or automated, are enormous in both size and capacity, making them an excellent choice for restaurants. Some of these machines even call for some level of human oversight and intervention. As a result of their capacity to produce between 500 and 1000 roti per hour, they are best suited for use in places where there is a high demand for roti production in bulk. Therefore, these roti makers are not suitable for use in a standard kitchen because of their size and the high cost associated with them.

    Things to Consider Before Buying a Roti Maker

    Before you go out and get a roti maker, you should first familiarize yourself with all of the services and features it offers and decide which one would best meet your requirements. For instance, a standard roti maker will come equipped with plates that may be used to bind the dough together. At the same time, it does it in a way that prevents it from becoming burned. You can create fluffy dosa using the plates if you use the griddle and don’t press down on the handles. For this reason, you should consider purchasing a roti maker with several different features.

    Consider the Usability of the Roti Maker

    Look for roti makers that can produce roti that is perfectly smooth and have a thickness of 1 mm without requiring you to muck them up. If you want to maximize your roti maker, you should search for ones that produce high-quality finished products; otherwise, you won’t get much use out of them.

    Know the Roti Maker Brand You Are Going to Buy

    Suppose you truly want a roti maker that produces excellent and flawless roti each and every time. In that case, looking into purchasing a roti maker manufactured by a well-respected manufacturer that specializes in the production of home appliances is highly recommended. You might also seek a local brand of the required quality that offers value for the price you pay. If possible, always check the customer reviews online of the roti maker products you are considering buying.

    Look For a Durable and Safe Roti Maker

    Because a roti maker is an electrically powered kitchen equipment, it is imperative that you select an option that is both durable and risk-free when making your purchase. Doing so reduces the likelihood of having a power leak, which reduces the possibility of experiencing electric shocks. Before you go out and buy a roti maker, you need to make sure that you check to see if the machine complies with the necessary safety regulations.

    Roti Makers Are a Must-Have for Roti Lovers

    By utilizing a roti maker, you will be able to produce roti of superior quality, and that has been baked to perfection. All sides of the flatbread are given the same amount of heat for the same period of time to maintain the flatbread’s nutritional value. Roti that has been cooked all the way through is easier to digest and provides more nutrients. Roti made with roti makers helps keep your heart healthy since it does not lose its high fiber content throughout the baking process.

    Roti Makers are Portable and Easy to Use

    A roti maker is one of the kitchen equipment that is among the easiest to use. Because it is not cumbersome and can be easily transported, you may carry it along with you at any time and place. Making roti on a conventional Tava requires a significant amount of practice. It may take several weeks, months, or even years to master the art of making roti that is delectable, uniformly cooked, and round to perfection.


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    Millions of people rely on flatbreads, or roti as they are more generally called in India and the countries that border it, as their primary source of nutrition. With the advent of roti makers, people are now able to create these flatbreads in the comfort of their own homes, making them more accessible. If you are a roti maker and love roti so much, now is the best time to buy one. It does not only save you time and effort when preparing a roti, but the quality of the food is also not compromised by roti makers.



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