What Are the Benefits of Moisturizing Tissues?


    Moisturizing tissues are laced with lotion for outstanding softness, ensuring your skin is left moisturized and nourished. This type of tissue was created because facial tissues may have a remarkably cushiony and comfortable texture, but they can still irritate the skin at times.

    What Is the Difference Between Moisturizing and Other Facial Tissues?

    Facial tissues are a type of paper product widely used for personal hygiene in today’s society. Paper towels, napkins, and sanitary (or toilet) tissue are also examples of this sort of product. These items are made to be soft, highly absorbent, and flexible.

    Given the tissues’ purpose, these pleasant tactile qualities are especially vital for toilet and facial tissues. On the other hand, moisturizing or lotion tissues have been produced using lotion-type substances or moisturizing agents to reduce any chafing effect on delicate sections of the body to optimize a pleasant skin feel.

    The Advantages of Using Moisturizing Tissues

    There are several advantages to using moisturizing tissues over ordinary tissues, such as:

    • It hydrates the skin.
    • It’s gentle for sensitive or inflamed skin.
    • It delivers additional suppleness that has been dermatologist-tested.
    • It’s ideal for frequent nasal wiping for persons suffering from allergies and colds since it prevents irritation and chapping.
    • The use of tissues significantly reduces the spread of germs.

    Some people find moisturizing tissues to be overly soft. Furthermore, they are less absorbent than regular tissues.  However, it feels so much better on exposed and sore skin, so if your nose and upper lips become extremely raw during the cold season, the smooth-wiping lotion tissues should help.

    How Do Moisturizing Tissues Get Their Moisturizing Properties?

    kleenex box, tissue

    These moisturizing tissues are created using a nonwoven fabric generated from water solution and cellulose fiber, shaped into a sheet, and then treated with softening chemicals. Finally, the coated material is cut into individual tissues for sale, folded, and packaged.

    Tissue softness is a tactile sensation caused by a sheet’s physical features, such as roughness, friction, and rigidity or flexibility. Historically, softening the tissue surface without compromising other fabric qualities has been difficult. Softness, for example, can be improved by include chemicals that interfere with how the fibers within the tissue interact, causing them to be less tightly linked to one another; these are referred to as debonding agents.

    These materials, however, tend to reduce the fabric’s tensile strength and may irritate the skin when in contact. Coating the fabric with greasy ingredients can also improve suppleness. This, however, reduces the quantity of moisture that the tissue can absorb. The coating might make the cloth so hydrophobic (hates water) that it can’t be adequately handled in sewage treatment plants.

    Another difficulty is that some coating compounds may reduce the fabric’s strength to the point that the tissue is no longer usable. To address this issue, fabric strength can be enhanced by adding specific resins or through mechanical methods that ensure the fibers link together more tightly.

    Increasing strength, on the other hand, makes the cloth harsher to the touch and stiffer. To meet these issues, tissue producers developed procedures that successfully blend absorbency, strength, and softness to produce a product that customers find acceptable.

    The Various Moisturizing Agents Used in Moisturizing Tissues

    The tissue industry created its distinctive moisturizing component combinations that, when blended and applied to the tissue, give just the necessary softness without negatively damaging the tissue. The additional compounds soften the surface without clogging it up too much.

    Manufacturers include glycerine, propylene glycol, polypropylene glycol, and polyoxyethylene glycol in their tissues. Vitamin E, anti-viral compounds, menthol extracts, coconut oil, and aloe are among the new constituents. Other agents include mixes of silicone-based oils or petroleum to soften the paper even more, but only at low concentrations to keep the tissue from becoming non-absorbent.

    Best Moisturizing Tissues

    tissue rolls

    Kleenex Lotion Facial Tissue

    Kleenex Lotion Facial Tissue from the premier tissue manufacturer is ideal for individuals looking for a mild, soothing, fragrance-free lotion. This face tissue contains vitamin E and pure aloe, which help to heal delicate and irritated skin. The 2-ply tissues are exceptionally soft to the touch while remaining robust. It’s not scratchy, and it’s gentle on the nose if you have to wipe or blow it a lot to keep the harshness at bay.

    This package includes four boxes, each containing 75 tissues. It’s ideal for allergy sufferers to stock up on throughout winter days, allergy season, or for everyday use.

    Kleenex Soothing Lotion Facial Tissues

    Kleenex Soothing Lotion Facial Tissues is identical to the version listed above, but it includes 3-ply tissues soaked with coconut oil, vitamin E, and aloe vera. It has been clinically confirmed to be the softest lotion tissue between many national brand towels. It relieves and prevents redness caused by repeated use during colds and allergies.

    It’s highly absorbent and doesn’t easily disintegrate. And, despite the presence of coconut oil, you will not be able to detect it.

    It is a set of four boxes, each containing 65 tissues. The actual box styles may differ, and it’s available in various styles and colors to match your home décor.

    Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissues

    If you already have a sore nose, it’s better to change to Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissues. Each tissue is softly air-fluffed and coated with a soothing lotion to alleviate your sore nose.  It’s preferable to begin using them as soon as possible because they protect the nose from becoming raw and red.

    It won’t dry out your top lip or nose. The amount of moisturizer in the tissue is adequate but not excessively oily. Furthermore, the tissues are incredibly durable.

    This product comes in a package of four boxes, each containing 56 2-ply tissues. The boxes themselves are very well-designed.


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