What are the Benefits of a Slim Trash Can?


    Although it’s not particularly attractive to look at, garbage is a necessary evil from which we can’t really run away. The amount of post-consumption trash is typically relatively large in a consumer society.

    The absence of rubbish being seen everywhere is wonderful, and trash cans are completely responsible for this. These amazing inventions improve our quality of life and make it less hazardous to our health. Trash cans are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, so there is one for every preference and requirement, just as with everything else.

    Of course, in today’s world space is sometimes an issue, so a normal garbage can won’t cut it. Fortunately, as was already mentioned, you may find them in many forms and sizes, including slim.

    What is a Slim Trash Can?

    In a nutshell, it’s a compact can that fits in small spaces. They are considerably shorter but frequently around the same width as a typical kitchen garbage can. They are therefore ideal for small bathrooms, kitchens, or bedrooms.

    Slim trash cans typically measure 12 to 18 inches broad and 28 to 34 inches tall. Therefore, a slim trash might be exactly what you need if you’re seeking for a compact solution to your storage needs.

    The Benefits of Slim Trash Can

    Trash cans are not all made equal. The various trash can varieties available have important differences. Some trash cans are heavy and difficult to move, while others are sleek and slim. Comparing slim garbage cans to their bulkier counterparts reveals many advantages.

    Easy to Move

    Slim trash cans are significantly simpler to move than large ones because of their narrow shape. This can be a great benefit if you have a tiny kitchen. When you need to sweep or clean the floor, you won’t have to worry about navigating around a big, cumbersome garbage can.

    Easy to Clean

    Bulky trash cans are far more difficult to clean than slim trash cans. It’s simple to miss places when attempting to tidy around a big trash can. Cleaning a narrow trash can, on the other hand, leaves no crevices for dirt and debris to hide in. Your kitchen will look more organized and they will be lot easier to maintain clean.

    Great for Small Spaces

    Space is probably scarce if you live in a small apartment or house. You may save space in your kitchen by using slim trash cans (or any other room in your house). They free up more area for other items by taking up less space, such as additional counter space or a location for your recycle bin.

    Sleek and Modern

    Closed trash canSlim trash cans are a popular option for contemporary homes since they are stylish and sophisticated. Due to its increased beauty, most homeowners favor stainless steel or other premium materials. If you want a garbage can that will go with your modern décor, a slender trash can is a great choice.

    Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Slim Kitchen Trash Can

    It’s important to make a thoughtful decision when selecting the ideal slim kitchen trash can for your requirements. Knowing where to start might be challenging given the abundance of alternatives available. Fortunately, using this buying guide will enable you to focus your search and select the ideal kitchen trash can.


    To choosing a garbage can that will fit comfortably in your kitchen, consider the available space. A garbage can shouldn’t be too big or too little; it should be the perfect size.

    What therefore is the ideal dimension for a slim kitchen trash can? Well, that depends on how big your kitchen is and how much trash you produce each day. If your household is large or you cook regularly, you should get a larger can. However, if you are a single person, you can definitely get by with a smaller one. Before buying a new trash can, be sure it suits your space because most kitchen trash cans only contain a few gallons.


    You should think about both form and function when selecting the ideal shape for your small kitchen trash can. For instance, spherical garbage cans may not fit neatly into a corner but are easier to clean than square ones.

    In contrast, a rectangular garbage can will make greater use of your space but may be harder to clean. In the end, the choice is yours; just be sure to select a shape that will fit nicely in your kitchen.

    Lid Type

    Any trash can you choose ought to have a lid if you don’t want your garbage to attract bugs or spill all over your floor. Push, step, and sensor are the three primary types of lids. You will need to choose which is best for you because each has advantages and disadvantages.

    Push lids: In an effort to save money, some individuals choose this style of lid, but it can be difficult to open if your hands are full, and odors frequently escape since it doesn’t provide a secure seal.

    Step lids: Although they cost more than push lids, these are significantly simpler to open. Although they can be challenging to align properly, they offer a tight barrier that helps keep odors inside.

    Sensor lids: Although this choice is the most expensive, it is also the most practical. When you wave your hand in front of them, they automatically open, saving you from having to touch them with soiled hands. Additionally, they offer a tight seal that aids in keeping odors inside.


    Metal waste bin

    When selecting a garbage can, it’s crucial to take durability and cleaning convenience into account. The material the trash can is built of will have a significant impact on both of these factors. Since you don’t want to replace your garbage can every few months, you want a material that will be strong and last for a long time.

    Select a trash can material that is simple to clean to keep your kitchen smelling fresh. Additionally, you want a material that won’t absorb spills or leaks from the waste bag because doing so can promote the spread of bacteria.

    Because it checks all of these boxes, stainless steel is a common material for slim kitchen trash cans. Another plus is that it’s reasonably priced.


    A smaller trash can might initially cost less, but it requires more frequent emptying, which requires more visits to the trash can and might be inconvenient. On the other side, a large-capacity trash can could be difficult to move and empty. The ideal slim kitchen trash can strikes a balance between these two extremes, providing enough of volume without being overly heavy.

    The majority of small kitchen trash cans have a 2 to 10 gallon capacity. For the majority of families, it should be adequate; however, if you produce a lot of trash, you might want to get a larger can.

    Price and Warranty

    You should think about the cost of the garbage can before making your choice, just like you would with any other purchase. It’s important to remember, though, that inexpensive doesn’t always equate to superior. Price points for slim kitchen garbage cans range from $20 to $100. The real price will vary depending on the brand, material, and features you choose.

    Check the warranty before making a purchase in addition; you want a product that is covered by insurance in case something goes wrong.

    Types of Slim Trash cans

    Trash containers come with and without lids. If a trash can with a lid is what you prefer, there are various types available. Would you like to lift the lid of the trash can? Using a motion sensor, a hand, or both?

    Touchless trash cans

    A trash can is a container used to hold recyclables and domestic waste. As a result, you would prefer not to touch it with your fingertips.

    It is more hygienic to have a recycling bin that you don’t need to touch by hand at all, especially in the kitchen area. Therefore, using an automatic trash can with a motion sensor is advised. Or a trash can that you stomp on and press a pedal. There is no need to touch the garbage can with your hand when using these cans.

    Step-on trash cans

    Open metallic trash can

    A step-on trash can is a touchless pedal trash can because the lid can be opened without using your hands. By stepping on the pedal, you can open the lid. Because of this, a pedal trash can is a very hygienic container to use in the kitchen, bathroom, or stall. Step-on recycling bins are available with one, two, and multiple compartments.

    Open top trash cans without lid

    The top of the most basic garbage cans is not covered because there is no lid at all. These open garbage cans are used to receiving rubbish quickly and effortlessly.

    To dispose of paper without ever glancing at it, consider placing a little paper bin under your desk at work. Or a fast-food establishment with an open trash can where you can toss away your food wrappers and containers without having to touch the rubbish.

    Manual trash cans

    The lid of a manual trash can is operated by hand. Manufacturers of trash cans come up with a wide variety of lid opening techniques.

    The most basic design for this kind of garbage can has a lid that you can manually lift. However, more upscale manual garbage cans have touch-sensitive touch bars or lids that open automatically when the user presses the lid (press top).

    You can also use your hip or elbow to open the lid on these recycling containers.

    Swing lid trash cans

    The lid of a trash can with a swing top must be pushed open manually. This trash can is also operated manually. Some swing cans feature lids with springs, which cause them to close as soon as you take your hand away. While utilizing other swing lid trash cans, you won’t feel any pressure because the cover spins freely.

    Automatic trash cans with motion sensor

    A touchless recycling bin, a sensor trash can is 100% touchless. This implies that neither your hands nor your feet need to make any contact with the trash can.

    The lid of the garbage can is automatically opened when a sensor inside of it is activated. By placing your palm in front of the sensor to activate it, a bin motor automatically raises the lid. When you walk by the garbage can, the sensor is intended to open the cover.


    If you don’t have a lot of free room and don’t want to leave your waste on the floor, having a slim trash can offers several benefits. These also differ greatly when it comes to the models and actual sizes. So, be prepared to have several options while making a purchase. However, it also implies that you will probably discover exactly what you require for your home or place of business.

    Of course, you may get your slim trash can online if you don’t want to spend a lot of time in your convenience shop. You can access a variety of pages that will provide you with what you need with just a few mouse clicks. 

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