What Are Tactical Pens for Self Defense?


    There is nothing wrong with taking precautions to protect oneself against potential assailants or other life-threatening circumstances. Everyday carry (EDC) of an obvious weapon, such as a gun or a blade, is not an option for everyone. Tactical pens, on the other hand, are excellent concealed carry defensive weapons, whether you carry them on your body, in your briefcase, or in your tactical bag.

    What is a Tactical Pen?

    Tactical pens are more than regular pens. They are fully functional self-defense and survival equipment that can save your life. The tactical pen may help you survive if you need to defend yourself, are trapped in a flooded car, or are attempting to notify someone for help.

    When it comes to protecting yourself, a tactical pen may be an invaluable tool. Aside from being a useful tool for writing, it may also be used as a weapon at close quarters. The fact that tactical pens are often very discreet self-defense items makes them excellent options for every day carry. Knurling on the body of the pen for improved grip, a pocket clip for quick and easy retrieval, and sometimes a glass breaker tip for use in an emergency are all common characteristics of tactical pens.

    Kinds Of Self-Defense Pens

    Kinds Of Self-Defense Pens

    There are common categories of the finest tactical pens that are now available on the market.

    Let’s find out which tactical pen is the greatest for personal protection. 

    1. Ballpoint

    This type of tactical pen is the most prevalent on the market. Since many individuals are acquainted with ballpoint pens, it is simple to use. Additionally, you will notice that ballpoint pens are always less expensive than other kinds on the market. The pen may serve as both a writing instrument and a tactical tool.

    2. Fountain Tip

    A fountain-tip pen that can also be used as a self-defense pen is another type of tactical pen. In lieu of a ballpoint, get a pen with a fountain tip. It is also the finest self-defense pens available. Depending on its use, the fountain tip is usually fairly convenient. You may use it for both writing and defending yourself. Just make sure the model you choose enables for quick ink cartridge refilling.

    3. Felt Pen (Marker)

    On the other hand, the marker will also be useful if you need to jot down a few things here and there. They are cleverly concealed so that you may use them in everyday situations. Additionally, if you remove the cover, it becomes a tactical pen.

    What Kind of Materials Are Used to Make Tactical Pens?

    Most tactical pens are made of steel, aluminum, or a combination of the two.

    But the different parts of a tactical pen can be made of different materials. Here are a few examples:

    • Body: Titanium, aluminum, and stainless steel
    • Tip: Tempered steel and tungsten steel
    • Pocket Clip: Titanium and stainless-steel 

    Furthermore, tactical pens usually have two ends:

    • Blunt End – For hitting and pressing pressure points.
    • Pointed End – Used for smashing glass, increasing pain compliance, and thrusting.

    Some tactical pens may come with additional features such as a light, blade, multi-tool, whistle, or cardboard case.

    Why Purchase a Tactical Pen?

    Carrying a tactical pen may be a lifesaver, and they are suitable for both individual and group self-defense. A tactical pen can be used to hit and stun an attacker, giving you valuable time to get away from a hazardous scenario. The peace of mind that comes from carrying a stylish pen that can be easily refilled with normal ink cartridges and a concealed weapon when necessary is worth the little price of such a device. Tactical pens may be seen as an extension of oneself, a piece of jewelry, and a must-have tool.

    What Are the Advantages of Having a Tactical Pen?

    The most important advantages of always having a tactical pen on hand are as follows:

    • It does not look to be a weapon and might easily be mistaken as a standard pen.
    • It’s tiny and portable, and you can take it with you everywhere you go.
    • It takes less training to use than guns or other weapons.
    • It is a weapon that is less dangerous than knives and firearms.

    How to Choose

    It’s possible to get tactical pens in a wide range of designs, sizes, materials, and colors. When looking for the perfect tactical pen, there are a lot of factors to consider. Not every model will leave you in awe. You should evaluate the pen’s ability to last, its performance, its grip, its quality, its point, and any other self-defense characteristics it may have.

    What Are the Necessary Abilities for Using Tactical Pens in Self-Defense Situations?

    What Are the Necessary Abilities for Using Tactical Pens in Self-Defense Situations

    If you’ve decided to employ your everyday carry (EDC) tactical pen for self-defense, there are three factors to keep in mind once you’ve made your purchase and picked out the perfect pen, you may want to think about how to carry it (carry), how to get to it (access), and how to use it(deployment).

    Everyday Carry. If you want to use your everyday carry (EDC) tactical pen as a self-defense tool, the first rule is to always have one with you. 

    Your next thought should be about how you’ll carry your pen. You may tuck it inside your shirt or trouser pocket, attach it to your undershirt’s neckline, wear it in a belt or ankle “holster,” or even keep it in your hand if you feel threatened.

    Access. If you consider your tactical pen a threat-response option, you should include it into your EDC and carry it in a comfortable manner. But comfort is not the only thing to think about. Accessibility is another important thing to think about when choosing where to carry. 

    If you want to make it a viable use-of-force option, accessibility must be your first priority. The ease with which you can access your tactical pen in times of crisis directly corresponds to how well it will serve you under pressure.

    Deployment. Operationally, the tactical pen, which is usually made of sturdy materials, can handle a lot of damage. Depending on how it is made, the tactical pen can be used in an emergency to break glass or cut through skin. With the right training and skills, it could even be used to hit specific arteries.

    When ripping or cutting the flesh, the more gruesome the wound, the more attention it will draw from the person who attacked you. The idea here is that the use of force, if necessary to defend oneself or others, must be swift, determined, and without hesitation.

    How you hold the tactical pen while delivering precise strikes is the most crucial element of quick and efficient deployment. There are a number of grips to choose from, but the Forward Hammer Grip, Forward Saber Grip, Forward Support Grip, Reverse Hammer Grip, and Reverse Saber Grip are the most popular and effective. 

    Summing Up: 

    Tactical pens are great to keep on you at all times. In an ideal self-defense situation, this reliable tool lets you strike and stun possible attackers, giving you valuable time to get out of dangerous situations and save your life. A small piece of equipment like this gives you peace of mind that you can protect yourself if you need to, while also enjoying the aesthetic benefits of a fine writing instrument. 


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