What Are Kitchen Shears and What Are Their Benefits?


    What Are Kitchen Shears and What Are Their BenefitsAlthough most people do not list their favorite kitchen tools, many have relied on kitchen scissors for many years. Kitchen scissors have a variety of interesting but different uses besides just cutting thin vegetables.

    Although scissors are frequently disregarded in the kitchen, they can be used for a variety of tasks that will simplify your life. For instance, cutting pizza, lettuce, and various leafy vegetables. Even meats and herbs can be cut into smaller pieces.

    What are Kitchen Shears?

    Food can be cut, trimmed, and sliced with the help of kitchen shears. Among other things, kitchen shears can be used to cut meat, fruit, and vegetables. Stainless steel or carbon steel, both of which are incredibly strong and long-lasting, are typically used for the blades on kitchen shears. To prevent hand pain while using them, kitchen shears also have an ergonomic handle that perfectly fits the hand.

    Benefits of Kitchen Shears

    Cooking magic takes place there. Although we enjoy teaching kids all about food and cooking, using knives can be risky. Scissors make teaching incredibly simple and boost kids’ self-assurance in the kitchen.

    Let’s look at some of the top advantages and uses of kitchen shears, including food preparation, baking preparation, and a variety of other tasks we never would have thought to use them for.

    1. Easily cut up cooked and raw meat

    To cut the joints of a whole-cooked chicken, poultry shears, a particular kind of kitchen shear, are used. Using kitchen shears can also save you from having to cut meat, fish, or other seafood on a cutting board, which prevents the growth of the dreadful bacteria about which you have been warned. The wing tips of chicken and turkey can be cut off, the meat can be cut into bite-sized pieces whether it is raw or cooked, fish can have its scales or fins removed, bacon can be made into lardons, crab legs can be cut open, and the fat can even be trimmed off.

    2. Remove thyme leaves from new sprigs more quickly than usual

    Anyone who enjoys picking fresh thyme leaves will appreciate this tip: Hold a sprig in one hand while snipping the leaves off with scissors in the other. This avoids stripping the sprigs, which can be delicate, and breaking or picking off the leaves one by one.

    3. Snip through pasta, bread, and pastries with ease

    It’s a win-win situation to use kitchen shears to cut tortillas into strips for soup or triangles for chips with fresh salsa. The edges are clean, and cutting with the tortilla in your hand may give you more control than cutting with a knife. You can also use scissors to cut sheets of fresh pasta. Scissors work well for precise cutting, which is necessary for cutting between ravioli rows. They work well for cutting the lengths of fresh spaghetti as well. Kitchen scissors can also be used to cut dried noodles.

    Chef hands cuts pizza with kitchen scissors

    4. Cut-up dried fruit

    Dried fruit can be laboriously slow to chop by hand, and processing it in a food processor is an entirely different ballgame. Scissors, on the other hand, will deliver what you need without giving you any headaches.

    5. Creates small-bite for any food

    The day when young children can eat “regular” food is eagerly anticipated by new parents, but with that achievement comes the requirement to cut everything into tiny bites. Use scissors to cut everything from spaghetti to bagels into the proper-sized pieces to put an end to messy and laborious meal slicing.

    6. Reduce the time needed to roast a chicken 

    The secret is to cut the chicken in half and lay it flat before roasting; this can be done by cutting out the backbone or the breastbone, both of which can be easily done with shears.

    A seasoned roast chicken with potatoes in a kitchen

    7. Fix lazy chopping jobs

    Who hasn’t chopped up smaller pieces of any random ingredient here and used them in a soup or stir-fry? Slice off excessively large pieces right in the pan or even after the food has been plated. With kitchen shear, you can chop your ingredients without concern.

    8. Make chopping canned whole tomatoes a mess-free job

    Snip away by aiming the blades directly into an opened can. Any food in a can or jar, such as pineapple rings or roasted red peppers, will work with this.

    9. Shred leafy greens and herbs without bruising

    Scallions, chives, and basil are among the ingredients that should be cut with a sharp knife to prevent bruises and incomplete cutting. Scissors will produce precise cuts. Additionally, you can quickly garnish food by doing this over it.

    Woman cuts green onion with scissors over a cutting board. Greens, tomatoes and cucumbers on a wooden table. Rustic style

    10. Prune away unsightly blemishes on vegetables

    To remove dark spots from cauliflower heads, use the blade’s sharp side. To remove potato “eyes,” use the scissor tips carefully.

    Vegetable green oak in a water glass bowl with chef's hand preparing material behind

    11. Lop off unwanted bits with less mess

    Put the shears to use instead of scrubbing a brand-new cutting board and knife. With one hand, hold a bunch of green beans end-side up while using the other to snip off all the ends. Additionally, trim off any extra fennel stalks, artichoke tips, or carrot tops over a trash can.

    12. Cut chili peppers keeping your hands free from chili oils and capsaicin

    The best way to prevent chili oils and capsaicin from getting on your hands is with gloves, but if you run out of gloves, kitchen shears can also help keep your hands off the chili.

    Keeping Kitchen Shears Clean

    Kitchen scissors have a tight area at the base where the screw is located, so it’s important to keep them clean. Although some scissors can be unscrewed and cleaned more easily in this manner, maintaining cleanliness can be difficult.

    Use a used toothbrush and dish soap for those that can’t be disassembled. It will make it easier to access confined areas where food might become stuck. Avoid soaking your scissors because doing so could cause rust and weaken the steel. Your scissors might break as a result later.

    A woman washing kitchen shears in the sink


    For those who enjoy baking, cooking, and teaching their children how to use the kitchen safely, kitchen shears are a necessity. Scissors can take the place of knives in a variety of situations, including slicing noodles and slicing pizza. Kitchen shears have a nearly infinite number of uses and advantages. 


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