Weekend Wrap Up: TPP, tattoos, & other randoms

This week we had our first official The Pinterest Party (TPP) linky party. I am co-hosting this link up with my blog BFFs from My Three Bittles & Fortune Favors the Brave. (more info on TPP here).
We had a lot of really awesome link ups and I hope every had fun! You can see all of the entries here where they linked up. The top 3 most clicked projects were:
Emily from Hope Squared.
Erin from Come What May.
Julie from The Chirping Moms.
My pick for my favorite link up is Jen from Little Miss Alizzi.
Great job everyone! I loved seeing every one’s projects. There are a few I’ve added to my ever-growing Pinterest list. Don’t forget to link up on Tuesday for this week’s TPP link up.
Did you all see my super easy DIY maxi dress tutorial I posted?
 I linked up the dress to TPP and I posted the actual tutorial on Friday. Check it out HERE! It’s a pretty simple sewing project & requires 3…that’s right, 3 straight(ish) seams. That’s it. If you own a sewing machine, or perhaps have a really cool friend with a sewing machine, you too can make a maxi dress. I promise. Try it out! And then you can link up to TPP next week 🙂
So what else is going on? Oh, I got a new tattoo.Actually 2…errrr, 3 I guess.
If you know me then it’s not a surprise when I get a new tattoo because I have this really hot, amazingly talented sweet husband guy who does crazy legit tattoos. I was really excited for this one because it’s a different style than what I have so far. It’s on the front of my right thigh. 

Yep, it’s a tiger. And not a very nice one. This one is ripping through my flesh & has blood dripping from its mouth. It has no significant meaning or symbolism other than the fact that it’s really cool. Even if tattoos aren’t your thing or you don’t like this particular one…you have to at least know that it’s a good tattoo. It’s done well & doesn’t look like crap like most of the ones out there. I want a panther done in a similar style on my calf I think. Oh, and I got my wedding ring finger tattooed too. That’s how my husband signs his initials & I love the little heart on the 2nd knuckle. It was a quickie, but ouch. I described it to a friend as feeling like “my fingertip was being sawed off.” Good thing it only lasted about 2 minutes. And I used to be anti-leg tattoos but I’m glad I’m so glad I changed my mind because this tiger rules hard. I’m really happy with it.
On Friday I was was kind of laid up with a sore leg, so I blogged while my son was busy penning his first 3 novels (he’s got a 2 year plan for it) and my daughter showed me some cute Barbie ballet moves.
Ooh, my kids got crafty. They got some fabric markers and designed their own t-shirts. It was really fun & something we’ll have to do regularly since they thought it was the coolest thing ever.
(Recognize the cute little belt on my daughter? Yeah, I made that! It’s just like the one I made for the DIY maxi dress here. Don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to make one too).
I made Mickey Mouse pancakes.
This is something special my dad always did for us kids growing up. And notice how my son’s hand is inching towards the knife? I saw it too & I told him to not even think about it right as I was taking the picture.
I’ve been rocking my new favorite head wrap (that I made). Man, I have been crafty lately!
And I raided my husband’s closet.
I stole one of his shop t-shirts, cut it up, & made it into a cute little tank top for myself. It literally took about 2 minutes and required no sewing! I’ll be making more of these bad boys for sure, & I’ll show you how too, of course.
It was a busy weekend. Hope yours was great! More fun stuff coming soon, I promise.
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