Weekend Wrap Up & Birthday Fun!

We had another great group of link ups for The Pinterest Project this week! Thanks to everyone who participated. I just love seeing all of the different versions of Pinterest-y projects!

The top 3 most clicked on link ups this week are:
 Paint Sample Coasters//Rays of Purple
DIY Paint Chip Calendar//Come What May
 DIY Nail Polish//The Busy Bee
My pick for the week:
 Fabric Wreath//More Sister’s Stuff
Love the burlap on fabric! I want one of these for my front door.
Grab a feature button, gals!
And don’t forget to check out my lovely co-hosts Amber & Sarah’s favorites from this week too 🙂 If you don’t already follow them you should!!! They are awesome.
Another fun linky for The Pinterest Project starts on Tuesday so join in! And please, invite people to TPP. If you see a really great awesome project online somewhere, tell them to link up! 
First off, enter these birthday giveaways that my bloggy BFFs are hosting.
Sarah from Fortune Favors is doing a huge birthday giveaway right now (& I’m giving away something too!)
And Amber from My Three Bittles is having giveaways all week to celebrate her birthday. I’ll be giving away something on her blog later this week so check those ladies out!


This weekend has been crazy. My little big man turned 8 & he got a bunk bed from his Auntie!
He also got a sweet Mongoose bike from his Grammy
He is beyond stoked about this. He’s been wanting a new bike all summer
He’s got the perfect area to ride it now (and safely, I should add, because we are on a private road with no traffic & very few neighbors!)
He put his sister to work & made her help wash his bike. He said it needed to be shiny.
He got this sweet skateboard from his uncle & used his birthday money to buy his own knee/elbow pads & wrist guards. Safety first!
We went to the skate park yesterday just for a little bit so he could watch & maybe learn some cool tips. The kids there were so nice & helpful! I was pleasantly surprised. He got brave enough to go down this little double ramp thingy sitting down. Pretty good for his first trip to the skate park.
We had a dance party this weekend too!
The kids got a little crazy & silly with their Auntie and we may or may not have been blasting “Call Me Maybe” as loud as the stereo would go. They love to dance!
And yesterday I found this little froggy in our backyard. The kids wanted to keep him but we set him free. 
Oh! And one super awesome thing that happened but I don’t have a picture of it….we saw an owl in our backyard last night! It was so cool. I’ve never seen an owl in real life and not like at a zoo or something. We were all convinced that it was Hedwig here to deliver Ayden’s Hogwart’s letter (since it was his birthday & all). The kids thought it was the coolest thing ever. I hope he comes back & will be my friend.
Again, I’m so sorry for the lack of blogging right now! I still don’t have the internet hooked up at the new place. We hit a few road blocks this week and they never showed for their appointment to fix the modem…I’m just a tad annoyed :/ Plus it was the birthday weekend, we have family visiting and staying with us, and on top of all of that the kids have been sick too. So it’s just been kinda crazy with everything going on and the big move we just did last week. I can’t wait for things to settle down and to get back into a routine. I’ve got lots of blogging stuff planned…I just need TIME and working Internet and I’d be set.
Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Anyone do anything fun?!