Types of Massage Devices


    It doesn’t matter your lifestyle – we all experience muscle soreness, joint stiffness, and body pain. Any kind of job can cause wear and tear on our bodies.

    Massage therapy is something most people want because it eases this pain and relaxes the body. However, getting a massage from the spa and professionals can be expensive, especially if you want to do it regularly or daily. The price also depends on the quality and type of the chosen massage therapy method.

    If you want to experience massages regularly but cannot afford frequent visits to spas and massage clinics, one of the best options is to have your own portable massage devices.

    If you’re looking into buying your own massage device, you might be overwhelmed by the wide varieties being offered in the market. Before you go and buy one, you need to know first the different types of massage devices for you to know the best one that will cater to your needs. We can help you get acquainted with different massage techniques and devices.

    Different Types of Massage Techniques

    Before we give you the list of massage devices, you need to be familiar first with the massage techniques. This will enable you to understand the specific location in the body each massage device is aimed towards.

    Swedish Massage

    Swedish massage is known as “traditional massage.” If you’ve gotten a massage before, chances are you experienced this one already or something similar. Swedish massage therapists usually apply to knead, stroking, and friction to loosen tense muscles and increase blood circulation.

    Compared to other massage styles, Swedish massage uses less force and energy. Massage devices that offer this technique work on the nerves, helping you calm your nervous system. They are usually soft rollers that move vertically along your body.

    Vibration Massage

    This type of massage is intense and aimed at vibrating stress away from the tissues and muscles. The speed and intensity of vibration are measured by pulse rate, and it is usually adjustable. Any organ of the body can be given a vibrational massage, and you need to lessen the intensity on more sensitive areas.  

    Shiatsu Massage

    This Japanese massage technique can help relax the muscles and tissues, allowing you to release tension and strain. It’s also an excellent massage style to enhance blood circulation and release toxins. Handheld mechanical devices and massage chairs offer shiatsu massages designed for the back, neck, legs, feet, and shoulders.

    Compression Massage

    This type of massage involves pressing and stretching muscles to improve blood circulation. Leg and foot massagers commonly use air compression to soothe the nerves, reduce swelling, and press pressure points.

    Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep tissue massage focuses on relieving chronic pain and severe muscle tension. It’s a great massage to try if you have postural problems, musculoskeletal disorders, or chronic muscle tension and pain. Deep massage therapists often use their hands, knuckles, and elbows to really dig in.

    Myofascial Massage

    Myofascial massage is not for the face – it’s related to the fascia, which is a tissue that holds all the bones, arteries, muscles, and organs together. During a myofascial massage, a therapist will locate areas that feel stiff and apply manual pressure.

    Kneading Massage

    This type of massage involves alternately squeezing and compressing the tissues under the bones. It can stimulate blood circulation, detoxify the body, heal scars, injuries, and swellings, and energize the organs.


    Reflexology complements holistic health practices and involves acupressure applied to the hands and feet. The theory behind it is that reflex points on the feet are connected to every organ of the body. By pressing or vibrating every point on the foot, it heals joint aches, muscle pain, headache, circulation problems, digestive problems, stress, and injuries.

    Percussion Massage

    This one involves rapid movements that are usually performed on a specific body part for a short time. This is best if you want to relax tense muscles on your neck and shoulders.

    Hot Stone Massage

    If you’re looking for some novelty in your massage experience, a hot stone massage is for you. With this technique, the massage therapist puts hot stones on top of your body and often uses them to give the massage. It allows the therapist to go deeper while still using light pressure.

    Types of Massage Devices

    Now that you are familiar with some of the most common types of massage techniques, we are giving you the different types of massage devices that can offer these massage techniques even when you’re just at home.

    A massage device is a tool to do the work of a massage therapist. Most of them are run by batteries or electricity. They also use different techniques, such as compression, vibration, and heating, to give you an efficient massage, just like when you go to spas and massage clinics.

    Here are the different types of massage devices you can have at home:

    Leg and Foot Compression Massager

    Leg and foot compression massagers are one of the most commonly used massage devices. It can be electric and mechanical, and even in immersion form. This type of massage device uses air compression to press your legs and feet. Aside from pressing the sides of your feet using compression and vibration, it also massages your ankles and heels to relax them. This type of massager looks like a wrap-around, but once you turn it on, it applies force on the leg muscles to help improve blood circulation.

    Percussion Massagers

    Woman doing massage of muscles of neck and back with percussion massager closeup

    Percussion massagers can be divided into guns that deliver strong and powerful strokes and more lightweight models that produce pulses. It can offer deep tissue massage through rotations and vibrations intended for muscle pain. It stimulates and penetrates deep within the skin to relax the bones, muscles, arteries, and nerves. It can be used to relieve mucus congestion in the lungs, muscle problems, and blood circulation issues.

    Shiatsu Massage Cushion

    A Shiatsu massage cushion is a light, portable, and adjustable massage device. It uses the Shiatsu massage technique to massage your back, shoulders, neck, and legs. While other massagers lack reach and penetration, Shiatsu massage cushions can bring more pressure to relieve chronic aches and pains. Since it’s a cushion, you can place it on a chair or your couch, so you don’t need to buy a separate chair for massage.

    Shiatsu Massaging Seat

    A woman is relaxing on her massage chair in the living room while napping

    Another device is the Shiatsu massaging seat. It is an adjustable seat that you can place on a chair or sofa. It follows the principle of a Shiatsu massage. The seat features rollers that move along your spine. You can use this massage seat while working or watching TV in the living room.

    Car Seat Massagers

    Car seat massagers may look like shiatsu massage cushions but use vibration rather than pressure. It lacks penetrative muscle targeting but offers a more relaxing massage experience.

    Deep Tissue Heat Massager

    This massage device is for the neck and shoulder. A deep-tissue heath massager provides a strong, deep-tissue massage to calm the nerves and heal muscles. It features nods that penetrate deep to release pain, stiffness, and strain of muscles. They get heated as they massage you, making the process smoother as the heat gets absorbed by your body.

    Handheld Massage Devices

    Handheld massage devices are small devices that can be moved around the part of your body that requires massage. These devices are ideal to be used if you have an injury or joint problem. Most of these devices offer kneading and deep tissue massages that can help in healing injuries, scars, muscle pain, and joint pain.

    Percussion Massage Chair

    A percussion massage chair can be your ultimate massage device at home. Nothing says luxury and comfort like a leather recliner with a built-in massage. It can help target the shoulders, lumbar, lower back, glutes, legs, and more. Even if it’s not turned on, this can serve as a great, comfortable chair at home.   

    Neck and Shoulder Massagers

    Woman works at home using laptop and enjoys shoulder and neck massage with electric appliance. osteochondrosis. smiles and gets positive emotions. Electricity Equipment

    This type of massager can either be in the shape of a pillow to be placed under the neck or a large neckpiece with straps. Some of these massagers come with heat settings. It’s great to use if you usually have a stiff neck and shoulders.

    Head and Scalp Massager

    Young man feels pleasure using acupuncture head massage octopus tool as pain relief - concept of relive stress, reduce tension and relaxation tool

    This can be electric or mechanical, corded or cordless, and with varying features and adjustability. Basic head and scalp massagers double as scratchers, which can be relaxing. Electric laser scalp massagers use low-level laser therapy that makes them stand apart from the others.

    Reflexology Foot Massager

    Most reflexology foot massagers you can buy come with a user guide. They will enable you to adjust the speed and intensity of the massage through the various massage modes you can control. This device can help in massaging your soles or ankles. Many reflexology foot massagers also come with remote control for more convenient use.

    Massage Mat

    A massage mat also comes with percussion massagers and vibrational massage techniques. It is spread on the floor, giving you a full body massage at once. However, you need to avoid placing your head on it as it can be too hard for it. 


    These are the different types of massage devices you can have at home. Whether you are recovering from an injury or you need to relax, having a massage device at home is a great choice. That way, you can have a massage session anytime you want.

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