TTP Weekend Wrap Up #3

I’m a tad late on this so please forgive me! My days here on vacation are all kind of blurring together at this point.
We had another great group of link ups for The Pinterest Project this week! Thanks to everyone who participated. I just love seeing all of the different versions of Pinterest-y projects.
OK, so the top 3 most clicked link ups this week were:
Tyler from Rays of Purple
The Chirping Moms
Bri from No Boys Allowed
And my personal pick again for favorite of the week is…
Bri from No Boys Allowed! She’s had my fav link up for the last few weeks. Go Bri!
Don’t forget to link up your Pinterest inspired projects to TPP on Tuesday! It’s a lot of fun, and did you know you can actually win ad space from 3 awesome blogs just by linking up? Yep, check it outHERE. If you’re a blogger, ad space can be like gold for your blog. So link up! You know ya wanna.


I know I’ve been totally slacking on blogging but we’ve just been having so much fun on vacation still. Can’t you tell?
Should give me lots of blogging material later though, right?!
Good. Then you can forgive me for now 🙂