Top Items for Making Baking Easier

Baking is pure science, which means your outcome will only be as nice as your recipe and tools are. If you intend to improve your cakes but ponder on how to make baking easier, we are glad the items below will help you do that. 

Some essential equipment for baking, like compact cupcake ovens, innovative food scales, and self-adaptive mixers, speak for themselves in terms of solid performance and high-quality build. But investing in smaller tools like bowls and spatulas also helps to make the difference between decent bakes and outstanding bakes. 

Things to Consider before buying

Material Quality

The best tool for minimizing the hassles while baking is always meant to be constructed of sturdy material. Strong material will not only last you longer and save you from frequent expenses but will also offer superior performance no matter how difficult the baking ingredients are to handle. 

For bulky baking machines and their parts, like mixers and ovens, stainless steel is the best material to go with. However, don’t forget to look for dishwasher-friendly steel rather than a simple one, or else rinsing of their heavy parts by hand will become very tough. 

Stainless steel is the most suitable material choice in the case of cups, storage bowls, pancake pans, and other similar utensils too. For spatulas, silicone ain’t a bad choice either. Users can also go with wood when it comes to purchasing rolling pins.

Whatever construction material you choose to go with, do mind it should be durable, safe with food, and also easy to wash. 


The bigger the capacity of a mixing bowl, baking oven, or simply a scooping cup is, the more food you can prepare at a time. However, a bigger capacity comes at the cost of bulky structures that will not only occupy considerable space on the countertop but are also difficult to control, wash and store. 

Thus, we suggest you go with the capacity of your preference. For instance, if you like the idea of having a stand mixer to ease your everyday baking and you do it on a larger scale, go with a 7+ quart mixer, or else a 5-quartz one is just fine for home use. 

In the case of mixing bowls, it’s better to opt for set options that contain more than just a few bowls each of different capacities for a more versatile experience. The same goes for measuring cups. 

Usually, set options contain standard cup or bowl sizes but what’s even better is to choose options that contain extra utensils of unique sizes. 

Built Size

Built size should never be too big nor too small. Here we are particularly talking about rolling pin sizes or the length of a spatula. Again, the sizes should correspond with the user’s preference. Many people like to have long-handled utensils or long rolling pins while others prefer smaller ones. 

If you think larger handles are easy to maneuver then smaller ones go with them or else the other way around. 

In the case of machines like baking ovens or mixers, the built size closely corresponds to the capacity of material they can carry at once. If your daily preparation needs are massive and you are fine with bulky builts, go with a bigger-sized product, or else if you need a countertop-friendly product, compact sizes will suit you. 

Where to Buy
Hamilton Beach Tilt-Head Stand Mix
Cuisinart Power Advantage Plus Handheld Mixer 
Umite Chef Stainless Steel Non-Slip Mixing Bowls
Bellemain Stainless Steel Dry Measuring Cup Set
Di Oro Seamless Large Silicone Spatula
Nicewell Digital Food Scale


1. Hamilton Beach Tilt-Head Stand Mix


If you thought the course of making baking easier will crush your bank, you were probably mistaken. The Tilt-Head Electric Stand Mixer right here is the most affordable yet super sturdy option in the market right now. By offering 4 different color designs to choose from, the manufacturer has also cared about users’ color preferences. 

The stand mixer features a very powerful 300-watt motor and the same sort of rotating mechanism as found in expensive picks. This helps thoroughly incorporate all ingredients into dough and batter so that you don’t have to do it by hand. 

The mixer allows you to choose between 7 different speeds, including a gentle speed for folding and a couple of severely fast ones. No matter what speed you choose, the gadget’s non-slip bottom won’t require you to hold the mixer in one place as it will keep the entire body rooted to the ground firmly. 

Due to being a tilt-head mixer rather than a typical bowl-lift one, Hamilton Beach Tilt-Head Electric Stand Mixer is one heck of a product to have if you like preparing delicious baked items on a small scale. Also, it will save you from a lot of storage and cleaning hassle. 

However, one con associated with mixers with movable heads is that their upper bodies tend to vibrate when the mixer turns at full speed. 

To better demonstrate the worth of this Hamilton Beach product and properly guide you to getting yourself the best stand mixer, here’s a quick comparison between bowl-lift and tilt-head mixers. 

Tilt-Head Mixers

Bowl-Lift Mixer

Usage Convenience

Easier to change, attach and remove accessories in tilt head mixers

Less sturdy motor

Less bowl capacity

Removing whip, beater, or hook in a can be a bit difficult

Very powerful motor

Massive bowl capacity

Storing Convenience 

Tilt head mixer needs less vertical space 

Not bulky

They are taller and need more vertical room

Ver Bulky 

Cleaning Convenience

Easier to scrape off sticky batter from the beater because of the head's slanting position

Part can be easily detached for a quick rinse 

Tricky removal of parts makes the cleaning process a tough chore

Best For?

Best for Single household's or a family's everyday use

Best for heavy users who make a lot of dough daily 

Additionally, the Hamilton Stand Mixer comes with a dough hook, splash guard, flat beater and whisk for a variety of baking projects to try on, and its stainless steel 4-quart bowl is easy to clean and dishwasher friendly. 

The splash guard is a great addition that is nowhere to be found in stand mixers of this range and is very useful for stopping the flour or any other item from splattering out while churned at full speed.  


  • Kitchen Countertop Friendly
  • Useful Splash Guard and Other Extra accessories Including Flat Beater and Whisk
  • Convenient tilt-head design helps in changing attachments easily
  • Mix thick batters and doughs with a powerful 300-watt motor
  • Dishwasher Safe, Stainless Steel Bowl
  • 7-speeds let you go from a slow stir to a fast whip


  • Upper Body Vibrates at High Speed


2. Cuisinart Power Advantage Plus Handheld Mixer 


From kneading bread to whipping cream, you can not ignore the performance of this 9-speed Cuisinart Handheld Mixer retailed with a very useful storage case. Also to mention the horde of extra utensils provided within including beaters, dough hooks, chef whisk, and spatula. 

Neither would you find any weak spots nor will the mixer make you stop and scrape the bowl while mixing spongy batters and doughs. The 220 watts motor is just enough to sail right through any dough no matter how thick or gooey it is. 

The 9-speed controls and on/off switch are spontaneous, and the mixer always initiates slowly, so you never have to undergo an introductory spatter of flour right in your face. The smooth startup is due to the housed SmoothStart feature and 3 low mixing speeds.

Though it would save you from spillages and splatters, this handles mixer is one of the noisiest you would ever come across. However, it is certainly nowhere near as loud as a hairdryer or blender. 

What’s even more interesting is the machine manual inside. It is very helpful for making the most out of Cuisinart’s Handheld Mixer, especially for beginners, and also carries a lot of easy baking recipes. All attachments provided are BPA-free and dishwasher safe and can be safely stocked in the given storage box, snapped on the head of the mixer. 


  • Intuitive 9-speed controls
  • The package includes useful extras
  • A helpful manual provided within
  • Dishwasher safe, BPA Free Chrome-plated Built Material 
  • Smooth startup to avoid splatters 


  • A bit noisy 

3. Umite Chef Stainless Steel Non-Slip Mixing Bowls with Airtight Lids, Set of 6


Take your baking and storage to a new level with this set of 6 non-slip mixing bowls bundled with colorful airtight lids. The Umite Chef set includes six deep bowls made of sturdy stainless steel in sizes that can carry as low as 1 quart to as much as 7 quarts worth of material.

Not only is the build durable and long-lasting meaning the 6-piece set won’t chip or shatter, but all of them are also quite light in weight making them easier to use. 

With so many size options provided, users are offered great flexibility in mixing the mixture as it won’t clutter and meet all your requirements like marinating, mixing salads, or simply storing food in the refrigerator. 

Each bowl is equipped with mirror finishing material at its interior that doesn’t retain finger marks and is resistant to wear and rust. The outside of each bowl is made of satin that gives them an even shinier outlook than the inside. 

The flat silicone-made base of these bowls helps resist them from sliding off the surface while you are mixing. The flexible, dishwasher-safe, and BPA-free plastic lids fit perfectly on each bowl, keeping your food safe from perishing. 

However, you still need to be careful with the lids as the plastic is not very durable and might break off if opened with a lot of pressure. 


  • Rust Resistant Built
  • Interior and Exterior Mirror Finish and Anti Fingerprint
  • Very Tight, Flexible BPA Free Plastic Lids 
  • Easy to Wash
  • 6 Different Sized Bowls to Meet your needs for mixing, marinating, and storing 


  • Lids Quickly Deform 

4. Bellemain Stainless Steel Dry Measuring Cup Set


Built of heavy-gauge stainless steel material these Bellemain Measuring Cups will ace in whatever task you make them do. With their small but functional handles held firm by a removable chain, these cups will scoop everything with ease.

You will definitely like the flat bottom design, helping each one of them from tripping over. Though the material is dishwasher safe, many users will like the inclusion of serrated edges that don’t feel too sharp even if you choose to wash the cups by hand. 

There’s also a printed measurement scale that includes both European Millimeters and American Cups, whichever unit you prefer. In addition to the typical four measuring cup sizes, the 6-piece set carries a ¾ and ⅔ cup for convenience in measuring. 

All the cups can fit neatly inside flour and containers for oatmeal and won’t bend too easily even if you are scooping out the brown sugar. Also, they can fit right inside each other for easy storage. They are by far the most affordable stainless steel measuring cups but they outnumber all of the more costly options out there. 


  • Includes extra ¾ and ⅔ cups 
  • Very Sturdy Built That Won’t Bend
  • Flat Bottom Design to Stop the Cups From Tripping Over 
  • Dishwasher Safe 
  • Measurements Etched on Each Cup


  • Small Handles 

5. Di Oro Seamless Large Silicone Spatula


Well, every baker requires a decent silicone spatula but as you are here to make baking easier, the Di Oro Seamless Large Silicone Spatula is what will make it happen. It is an incredible choice for folding the flour into the batter and then scraping down the bowl sides. 

What makes Di Oro’s spatula very unique from so many other choices in the market is the silicone head that has two differently shaped sides. With one curved edge and the other straight as a line, this spatula is excellent for reaching into varied kinds of corners.  

For instance, users will neither face issues when scrapping doughs from round-shaped containers nor when smoothing batters into square tins. 

While the head is flexible enough to scrape off even the most concealed nook and corner of the container, the handles are sturdy and solid too. Also, thanks to the entire spatula being made of one piece of silicone only, you don’t have to worry about the handle and head-splitting apart after some time.

The only drawback associated with this product is that the silicone of the head might start to peel off but only if you try using it with hot batters and dough. 


  • No Joined Pieces That Might Come Apart 
  • Unique Head With One Curved and One Straight Side 


  • Silicone Head Starts to Peel Off with Hot Batters/Dough

6. Nicewell Digital Food Scale


Digital Food Weighing Scales are becoming a common kitchen gadget for measuring in almost every household now. Though there are still many who don’t feel the need of having one, don’t expect baking to become easy without it. The Nicewell Scale is a great option for bakers.

This gadget has a horde of functions to it and a good degree of usability at a bargain price, making it an extraordinary multifunctional food scale. Its frame is made of three different materials, tempered glass, ABS plastic, and an exterior layer of stainless steel. 

In addition to looking great, this mix of robust materials enables absolute performance combined with an easy-to-clean surface that is fingerprint-free. Though the main platform isn’t removable, it is quite wide compared to other food scales. 

The wide display screen is capable of showing weight information in 5 different units to help you keep track of measurements better. These are ounces/pounds, grams, kilograms, millimeters, and fluid ounces. 

On both sides of the display, you have the power switch, a tear, and a units button that allows you to easily adjust the scale. There are also some cool additional functionalities such as a low battery and an overload alarm. 

The Nicewell Digital Food Scale measures with a 1 gram/1 ounce accuracy and can bear upto 10kg/22lbs of weight, unlike most other options that only measure upto 5 kgs. However, don’t put anything with too much force or else you will end up breaking its glass top. 


  • Stainless Steel Platform
  • Large Screen with Nifty Display Options
  • Massive Weight Limit 
  • Useful Low Battery and Overload Warnings


  • Non-detachable Platform 
  • The Glass Top Might Crack if Not Handles With Care 
  Hamilton Beach Tilt-Head Stand MixCuisinart Power Advantage Plus Handheld Mixer Umite Chef Stainless Steel Non-Slip Mixing BowlsBellemain Stainless Steel Dry Measuring Cup SetDi Oro Seamless Large Silicone Spatula
  Nicewell Digital Food Scale


For all those who are constantly in their kitchens thinking of baking something new every evening, all the top items listed here will prove to be your ultimate companions for the baking journey. 

These products are not only best for making the baking chore more of a breeze for you but are excellent must-have options that will take your experience to another more productive level. Happy Easy-baking!