Top Brands for Jumping Stilts

This year we all have learned different things about life. While everyone’s learning is different, one thing we all can agree upon is learning to devise new ways to keep ourselves busy. People have valued how their trekking and walking as a passion can come in handy when they are forced to be isolated. Another exciting activity to add to your list of interests is to own a set of jumping stilts.

Jumping stilts are special equipment primarily composed of two upright poles with springs attached to either of them. These allow the wearer to walk above the ground and jump to great heights. They are best used for a fun-filled activity that is also a great fitness exercise. You can find several videos on YouTube showcasing some amazing jumping and leaping stunts performed by people.

Origin and Functioning 

Originally, the jumping stilts were invented by an aerospace engineer belonging to Germany named “Alexander Boeck.” In the year 2003, the United States patented them and undertook their production. These stilts’ mechanism comprises springs incorporated into both the stilts, strapped to the users’ legs.

Usually, the standard height from the ground after wearing these jumping stilts is about 16 to 20 inches above the ground. These stilts’ main function is to spring back the wearer in the air once he jumps and lands on the ground with the jumping stilts. This happens due to the spring compression when the user lands. You can jump to great heights if you push harder when launching yourself in the air.

Besides having fun and jumping your worries away, these stilts are also a significant fitness exercise. They help strengthen the legs, increase core muscle strength, and work on cardiovascular fitness.

Things to Consider When Buying Jumping Stilts 


Whether it is a set of used jumping stilts or a new one you are getting, you should consider some points before finalizing the deal. Let us dive straight into them without further ado.

Proper Weight Support

Since jumping stilts are supposed to carry your whole weight and the force you use to jump, it is crucial to get the one that supports your weight. Different models of various brands have a clear indication as to the range of weight the particular equipment can support. A look in the manual is thus essential, or the fun of jumping on the stilts can result in a serious injury.

Type of Bounce

Before finalizing any deal, be sure to ponder how you prefer to jump – whether you like a harder or a softer bounce, it is entirely your choice. Harder bounce produces more force and allows us to jump to heights greater than the stilts with softer bounce.


If you plan to use jumping stilts in your yard or inside your house, it is best to get a pair of noiseless jumping stilts. This saves your neighbors from being disturbed by the noise as the stilts’ creaking sound is often annoying to many people.


Various manufacturers of the jumping stilts offer extra padding for the foot and calf area. This allows for attaining a more comfortable leg position as the padding helps prevent blisters or small injuries.


Though high prices generally represent a high-quality make and typically last longer than the cheap ones, it is better to start with a low-budget one if you are a novice. This, however, does not mean that you get the cheapest one available in the market. Get the one that offers good quality equipment without breaking the bank.

Where to Buy
Air-Trekkers Jumping Stilts
Iconiciris Kids/Child Youth Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stilts
Adult Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stilts Men Women Fitness Exercise by Skyrunner
Adult Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stilts Men Women by Wgwioo
ZGUO Adult Kangaroo Shoes

Top Brands for Jumping Stilts

1. Air-Trekkers Jumping Stilts

Guaranteeing extreme durability by offering carbon fiber springs, these jumping stilts by Air-trekkers are the best for a fun-filled fitness regime. They ensure maximum safety while providing all the fun you can have. One of the best features of these stilts is their strong yet extremely comfortable leg cuff with a wide Velcro, which allows for a firmer grip. You can jump to exhilarating heights with safety as the first thing.

Moreover, with the guarantee of a USA-licensed brand, these jumping stilts by Air-trekkers are amazing for building body strength, doing cardio, and practicing various athletics skills. With a hands-free pogo stick for each of the poles, you can now try parkour or even acrobatic flips using these jumping stilts.

2. Iconiciris Kids/Child Youth Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stilts

This brand of jumping stilts is well-known for being a supplier of the 2008 Olympic Games. It has the capability of easily withholding 30 to 50kgs of weight. Iconiciris has a licensed certification by the SGS and CE, ensuring that this brand meets all the safety standards required by the regulatory authority.

Offering a comfortable length of the top bracket of about 23.5 inches along with a footpad that raises you about 10 inches above the ground, these Iconiciris Kangaroo Shoes jumping stilts are designed for children. This is also an ideal gift for a teenager.

3. Adult Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stilts Men Women Fitness Exercise by Skyrunner

Skyrunner is also one of the most popular brands when talking about high-quality jumping stilts. It offers safety and maximum comfort with fun. These kangaroo shoes jumping stilts for adults by Skyrunner are worthy of the investment. Their efficient and top-notch parts make them last longer and provide you with a thrilling experience. They are also a great way to reduce stress – which has become an essential need during this year – and a hassle-free way to maintain your weight.

Skip or jump to burn the calories away with these extremely reliable and high-tech jumping stilts. They offer a double attachment system that ensures your safety by placing your feet firmly on the ground when you land. These stilts can be used extensively to perform acrobatic activities, high jumps, and intensive running.

4. Adult Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stilts Men Women by Wgwioo

With the safety of the licensed brand of jumping stilts, this pair by Wgwioo is the best investment you can make to have fun. It comes in various models supporting different ranges of weights. It is manufactured with carbon fiber springs that are considered the strongest of all, along with an easily adjustable Velcro band and leg cuff. Moreover, there is extra padding to provide the utmost comfort to the wearer.

Whether it is your weight loss regime or regular fitness exercise, this set of jumping stilts promises you good safety and fun-filled activity.

5. ZGUO Adult Kangaroo Shoes

Jumping stilts by ZGUO is the best and can fit anybody. Often, the pairs of jumping stilts by different brands fall short of fitting everybody perfectly, and not all the models can offer support for a wide range of weights. These ZGOU adult kangaroo shoes have an ideal fitting. They come with a wide Velcro belt that can easily be adjusted to various lengths. It is indeed an excellent value for money.

The maximum load it can bear is 155 to 200 pounds.

Our Two Cents about Jumping Stilts

The easiest way to come out of an exhausted situation is to engage in physical activity. High jumps, running, power walks, acrobats, and fitness or cardio exercises are some of the examples of activities that keep you healthy and sane. This list of top brands of jumping stilts is an exhausting one, providing all the details you need to know as an informed buyer. Do not hesitate to invest in a pair of jumping stilts as they are the best and one of the most worthy investments one can make.