Top 5 Programmable Bread Makers

Bread makers have truly expanded one of the most traditional types of food and created some of the most amazing home creations. It’s a delight to see one of the most common types of food have since been turned into culinary delights, and sometimes all it takes is the perfect machine. This is where programmable bread machines come into play as they take the guesswork out of baking bread while giving users their own touch of class.

Programmable bread makers come in all different shapes and sizes, and depending on your budget and what exactly you’re looking to get, you can truly customize the entire experience. There are some of the most basic functions preprogrammed right in, but if you’re looking for more than basic you can find a bread maker that will not only bake, but will create the recipes also. Taking the frustration out of baking bread like a culinary pro are what the following makers are all about while giving you the consumer buying power to make the best decision.

The following review on the Top 5 Programmable Bread Makers  details all the reasons why you’ve got to get one.

Where to Buy
Oster Expressbake Bread Maker with Gluten-Free Setting, 2 Pound, White (CKSTBR9050-NP)
Cuisinart CBK-100 2 LB Bread Maker,Compact Automatic
Zojirushi BB-HAC10 Home Bakery 1-Pound-Loaf Programmable Mini Breadmaker
Panasonic SD-YD250 Automatic Bread Maker with Yeast Dispenser, White
Sunbeam Programmable Bread Maker, White

1. Oster Expressbake Bread Maker with Gluten-Free Setting, 2 Pound, White (CKSTBR9050-NP)

One of the easiest to use, but feature rich programmable bread makers is this 2-pound Expressbake from Oster. This Oster bread machine is simple, but offers great preprogrammed and customizable options which truly extends the entire experience. Giving you the ability to bake a 2-pound loaf which is ideal for a full-sized family, this model is all you need.

The Oster Expressbake features 12 bread settings and 3 crust setting which allows you to get the perfect loaf, your way. With a typical baking time of less than 1 hour, the Expressbake creates piping hot and fresh bread each and every time. The quick baking cycle can be customized with 12 programmable options including warm settings, heat settings and much more.

Take advantage of the 13-hour delay baking timer which allows you to set in the morning before you go to work, forget about it during the day, and enjoy the amazing results just in time for dinner.


Specs and Features

  • 2-pound load capacity
  • 12 programmable options
  • 13-hour delay baking timer
  • 3 crust settings
  • Warm setting
  • Automatically kneads, rises, and bakes
  • Includes measuring spoon, kneading pad, and cup

2. Cuisinart CBK-100 2 LB Bread Maker,Compact Automatic

Cuisinart introduced a programmable bread maker with a 2-pound capacity which has become one of Amazon’s best-sellers. This budget friendly and very easy to use bread machine has everything you need to get you up and baking as soon as it arrives. Included out of the box is the maker itself, measuring cup, measuring spoon, and stay cool handles, removable lid, pan, some amazing recipes.

What makes this Cuisinart appliance standout is not about what’s included, but it’s the ease of use and preset options. Offering 12 preprogrammed menu options which include a 13-hour delay timer and 3-crust settings. The see-thru top viewing window lets you see as you bake, and when it’s all over you’ll enjoy the easy cleanup thanks to the paddle.

The intuitive LCD display shows you everything you need which includes loaf selector size, crust color, menu button, delay timer, and much more. The programmed list features 11 preprogrammed setting which include French, Italian, white, sweet, dough, pasta dough, and a gluten free setting for those looking for a healthier alternative.

3. Zojirushi BB-HAC10 Home Bakery 1-Pound-Loaf Programmable Mini Breadmaker

The Zojirushi BB-HAC10 is a mini loaf bread maker with a large, vibrant and colorful LCD display. The display will become the central hub which controls settings for jams, bread loaves, cookie dough, and pasta dough. The quick bake cycle makes baking super quick and frustration free as the preprogrammed settings for the most popular options give you a true one touch experience.

Boasting a 1-pound loaf capacity, the Zojirushi Home Bakery is perfect for smaller families or someone wanting a tasteful snack. Bread was never meant to be a snack on its own, but when it comes out tasting this good it’s exactly what it can be. Other inclusions are stay cool handles, viewable window on top, 13-hour delay timer, baking pan, and nonstick kneading blade.

4. Panasonic SD-YD250 Automatic Bread Maker with Yeast Dispenser, White

This Panasonic automatic bread maker takes the 4th spot in this review, and with a 9.5 out of 10 it definitely deserves to be mentioned among the best of 2017. The SD-YD250 features a loaf capacity of up to 2 ½ pounds which is a large enough loaf to feed then entire family. The ease of use, programmable options and presets are comparable with other bread machines in this review.

The Panasonic SD-YD250 features a yeast dispenser built right in. The dispenser adds the yeast at the perfect time during the cycle which means optimum rise each and every time. The perfect rise is complimented with one-touch set and forget operation which includes a 13-hour delay start timer. Powered by 650 watts, accommodating 6 bread and dough types, and nonstick coated bake pan makes this a great programmable option.

5. Sunbeam Programmable Bread Maker, White

Unlike most things in life this cheap programmable bread maker is easily one of the best. Coming in at under $60 you really don’t lose anything with quality with this 2-pound bread machine from Sunbeam. Powered by 600 watts and giving you the ability to bake 1 ½ and 2-pound loafs along with numerous programmable and customizable options makes this a steal at this price.

This Sunbeam bread machine features 3-crust settings, 12 programmable options, and has a delay timer up to 13-hours. Everything takes place at the touch LED control panel which is easy to use, and even easier to understand. Unlike many programmable options, this Sunbeam product is very easy to use and takes the worrying out of baking one an all-time classic.

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