Top 5 Maternity Pants for Comfort and Style

When you’re expecting a new baby, get ready for a lot of changes to your body. Maternity clothing is a must as your belly starts swelling, especially when you’re considering pants and trousers. Pregnancy also increases your body temperature, so we want to feel as comfortable and cool as possible.

At the same time, expectant mothers might also want to maintain a certain sense of style when wearing their maternity pants. Some might be going out for work or errands throughout their pregnancy, so simply donning a loose pair of sweatpants isn’t going to cut it.

Fortunately, there are several maternity pants available on the market that provide stylish, comfy, and versatile fits for pregnant women. The best of these will adapt to your changing body, regulate body temperature, and generally be the lifesaver we need.

Choosing the best Maternity Pants

Every pregnancy is different, so any one pair of maternity pants might not be the best one for each female. First-time mothers can find it especially challenging to find that perfect blend of fabric, stretchability, and style that will suit their needs. If you’re facing such confusions, here are a few factors to keep in mind while shortlisting your choices:


Above all, we feel that the priority for maternity pant selection should be comfort. It’s best to invest in a soft, breathable fabric such as modal, cotton, bamboo fiber, and mixed cotton. Along with softness, you’ll get a bit of give with such materials. This is essential for accommodating that ever-growing bump. If you’re after a bit of stretchability, look for something with a little spandex in the mix.

The best kind of fabric also matters in other aspects of pregnancy and childrearing. Check out these top 5 hypoallergenic crib mattresses to get the safest sleeping experience for your baby.

Choosing Between Over and Under

There are several different styles of maternity pants, so take out some time and look at which one makes you the most comfortable. One major decision here is whether you want pants that go over your belly or fit underneath it. Some cuts might allow you to do only one of these things, while others allow you to do both.

The Right Panels

Stretch panels are the best aspect of maternity pants. You’ll definitely appreciate them in the second and third trimesters. Keep in mind that certain pairs could have these panels on the hip area and the thighs as well as the belly. These could be a great factor in your comfort levels as the days go by.

Avoiding Wrinkle-Free

It might be tempting to get maternity pants that are advertised as wrinkle-free options. We do want to minimize our daily chores during pregnancy, but wrinkle-free usually means added chemicals like formaldehyde. Without this, the pants will simply not have that smoothness that staves off wrinkles.

Since the utmost priority is to make healthy choices during pregnancy, it’s probably best to shun such fabrics. A bit of ironing will be a much better option.

Getting the Right Size

Maternity clothing has its own sizing formula, but this might not be the same for every brand. However, you should be able to figure out the right size simply by looking at your regular size before pregnancy. There might still be a bit of trial and error, as every woman carries differently. Make sure you read some reviews and have a return policy for whatever you’re ordering.

In any case, we’ll recommend going for what’s comfortable rather than looking at sizes the whole time. You might have to consider the increase in your cup size before anything else.

Stocking Up

When you do find the right kind of maternity pants, it’s a good idea to stock up on at least a few pairs. You might not always be up to the mark on laundry, but you’ll always need a comfy pair of pants to slip into. With some spares on hand, you won’t have to finish a load of laundry and ironing before getting ready.

Of course, this also means that the pants you choose should have a reasonable price tag. There are some available in every sort of price range, so don’t despair about finding just the right combination.

With that, we now come to the top 5 maternity pants available on Amazon right now. These are chosen for their comfort, varying styles, and reasonable price ranges among several other considerations. Even if you don’t find what you’re looking for here, these choices will hopefully guide you to the right place:

Where to Buy
WUHOUPRO Womens Super Stretch Adjustable Maternity Pants
YoungMom Maternity Pants for Women Comfy High Waist Loose Shorts Capri Pajama Pants
AMiERY Women's Comfy Casual Pajama Pants Floral Print Drawstring Palazzo Lounge Pants Wide Leg
Ecavus Women's Maternity WideStraight Versatile Comfy Palazzo Lounge Pants Stretch Pregnancy Trousers
HDE Women's Maternity Yoga Pants Comfortable Lounge Pregnancy Pants Folded Waist

1. WuhouPro Maternity Pants

These are an especially stretchable pair, which means that you won’t find them constrictive after a few weeks or even months. The comfort level is great for you, while the stretchability also assures you that there’s no risk to the baby.

The style is also a skinny fit, so you’ll be looking as trim as possible with this choice. The adjustable band might be the best aspect here, though, as you can adjust your garment as desired. There’s a plastic part at the end of the string, though, so these might not be the best option for sleeping in.

Another factor to keep in mind here is that these pants reportedly run a little larger than the sizes provided. This shouldn’t be a problem, as you’ll be looking for a roomier fit for optimal comfort in any case. The Amazon reviews give us the impression that the fabric is stretchy, but it fits well and won’t give a sheer look.

2. YoungMom Maternity Pants

This option for maternity pants is more of what you need for nightwear. Falling asleep in a comfortable position can be a challenge when you’re pregnant, especially in the last few months. With these maternity pants, you get a comfy and loose fit that’s great for sleeping and lounging about.

The folded waistband in this design is adjustable, which ensures maximum comfort for you. Incidentally, it also gives a slim look. While this might not be the most important consideration for nightwear, it will give you more confidence in yourself.

What’s more, there are proper pockets in these pants, so you can even use them when going out of the house. They’re comfortable and stylish enough layered looks, especially if you choose a neutral shade and print.

You can also wash this pair in the machine quite easily, but it’s best to turn them inside out first. Using cold water will increase their longevity, as will air-drying. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of synthetic material here, so

On the downside, these pants do contain synthetic material for the most part. They might not be the best maternity pants if you prefer natural cotton. However, the material is mostly rayon, which can actually mimick the feeling of silk, cotton, and other natural options.

3. AMiERY Pajama Pants

These AMiERY pants are one of the most casual options out there, with several prints to choose from. There are neutral shades in case you want to run errands in these, or bright, floral prints for a fun look at home. You can adjust the snugness of this pair with the drawstring, which might be less restrictive than an elastic band.

Be warned, though; this is not a pair that you can pull off while going to most workplaces. Causal outings, trips to the beach, or grocery shopping will be best for this option. You can also use them as yoga pants; the price is low enough for most people to afford a few pairs at a time.

The material is a bit shiny here, which is probably due to the polyester content. If this is an issue, it’s best to look for some other pair with a more natural material. You’d also have to be a bit careful with the sizing, as these are a bit longer and bigger than you might be used to.

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4. Ecavus Maternity Lounge Pants

These particular maternity pants are a wide, comfortable, and straight-legged option. You can choose between a few neutral shades such as gray, charcoal, black, etc. While these will work well enough for home use, they just might pass for work slacks as well.

With a mostly rayon material and a little bit of spandex, these pants give us a nice combination of stretchability and comfort. The classic look will wear well throughout your pregnancy as well as for several months afterward.

5. HDE Women’s Maternity Yoga Pants

These yoga pants are also great for lounging about, though the folded waist allows you to stay as active as possible. They’re also reasonably-priced, so you can easily order more than one pair if the details seem promising.

Overall, you get a 95 percent cotton material here, with the rest being spandex. This results in a cool, breathable, stretchable material. Unfortunately, if you stretch it too much, the material can become a little too sheer.


In addition to donning the best maternity pants during pregnancy, keep in mind that these pairs will also be great for a comfortable experience after delivery. Bodies don’t just snap back after giving birth, so go easy on yourself and keep the pants around for as long as you need them. Once you’re ready to get back into shape, however, these top 5 jogging strollers might be the next most convenient purchase.