Top 5 Maternity Belts

Pregnancy can be a different experience for every woman, but there’s usually one thing that most of them feel, especially after long weeks, which is uncomfortable. This is because carrying around a baby in your belly can put added strain on certain parts of the body, including the back, hips, abdominal muscles, and pelvic area. This is true, most especially if you are having twins or more. Pregnant women can feel symptoms like lower back pain, round ligament, and increased pelvic floor pressure, which are pretty unpleasant, particularly during the third trimester.

If you are pregnant and experiencing these symptoms, there is something that can help you, which is by using a maternity belt. Most maternity belts can be worn under or over clothing and are completely safe for you and your little one. If you want to learn more, read on as we’re giving you more information and as well as a list of the top five maternity belts that you can buy today. We also included some tips on the top 5 maternity pants you can buy for comfort and style.

What are Maternity Belts?

Maternity belts are also sometimes called pregnancy belts. They wrap around your lower back and abdomen to cradle your bump gently, which helps ease pressure on your pelvis and back. However, keep in mind that maternity belts are different from bands and pants extenders that are used to help pregnant women wear non-maternity jeans longer.

According to some doctors, maternity belts can help support the uterus and can also help pull the baby off the pelvis if worn lower on the abdomen. Most pregnant women can feel round ligament pain when they change positions, for example, from sitting up and starting to walk or after engaging in physical activities. Wearing maternity belts may help ease the aches.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Maternity Belt

Before you buy a maternity belt, there are two important factors that you need to consider. These will help you choose the best one for your needs.

  • Size: There are maternity belts that can be adjusted for most waist sizes. But some also come in set sizes. Therefore, before buying, you need to know how to measure your waist accordingly. Compared to a regular belt, a maternity belt is worn differently. This means that you can’t use the size of your pants as a reference for the size of your maternity belt. You need to measure the width of the area below your belly and around your lower back. This results in a bit tilted circle with the lower end in front.
  • Comfort: Most maternity belts have mesh for support. However, this can also be painful if it does not have enough padding that lines the belt. Therefore, try to feel or wear the belt first to see if you would feel any pains. If you are purchasing online, you can try reading reviews and see what other buyers have to say when it comes to the comfort of the maternity belt.

Our Picks for the Top 5 Maternity Belts

To further help you choose, here are the best maternity belts that we can recommend:

Where to Buy
NeoTech Care Pregnancy Support Maternity Belt
AZMED Maternity Belt Breathable Pregnancy Back Support Premium Belly Band
Maternity Belt Pregnancy Back Support Back Brace Lightweight Abdominal Binder Maternity Belly Band for Pregnancy
Jill & Joey Maternity Belt - Belly Band for Pregnancy Back Support
BABYGO® 4 in 1 Pregnancy Support Belt Maternity & Postpartum Band

1. NeoTech Care Pregnancy Support Maternity Belt

NeoTech care maternity belt

This maternity belt can help alleviate lower back pain due to pregnancy by supporting the lumbar and abdominal areas. It wraps around the belly and waist, lessening the burden of pregnancy weight. It features double-size hooks and loops band that are customizable. As your belly grows, you can gradually stick the hooks and loops fabric more to the side of the abdominal pad. It also features a comfortable abdominal pad, which is placed a little above the pubic area under the belly. The fabric used is cushioned and breathable, providing the best level of comfort.

  • Polyester

  • Small, medium, large, extra-large

  • Ivory, beige, black

2. AZMED Maternity Belt Breathable Pregnancy Back Support Premium Belly Band

AZMED maternity belt

This maternity belt provides gentle compression. It supports the abdominal area and helps ease the discomfort of pregnancy by supporting your baby bump. It is made from soft and lightweight materials. In addition to supporting your abdominal muscles, this maternity belt also helps in correcting your posture. It acts as a mini cradle for your little one. It is also gentle and safe to wear for the skin and will not hinder your natural movements.

  • Polyester

  • One-size

  • Beige

3. Maternity Belt Pregnancy Back Support Back Brace Lightweight Abdominal Binder Maternity Belly Band for Pregnancy

Chong Erfei maternity belt

This maternity belt is made of lightweight and comfortable materials. It has an elastic mesh design that increases the breathability of the belt. It is also fully adjustable to accommodate abdominal growth throughout your pregnancy. You can adjust its size in the different trimester periods. It has reinforced hooks and loops fabric fasteners that are designed for walking and standing. You can detach them when you sit. In addition to providing support, this maternity belt also helps in correcting your posture. After you deliver your baby, you can still use this belt as a postpartum recovery belt.

  • Polyester

  • One-size, plus-size

  • Black, beige

4. Jill & Joey Maternity Belt - Belly Band for Pregnancy Back Support

Jill & Joey maternity belt

This extra lower back support can make a huge difference in how you feel during pregnancy. This maternity belt can fit waists up to 45 inches. It is easy to put on and take off as it has Velcro. The materials used in making this maternity belt are comfortable and breathable, making it great to wear either under or over your clothes. It is effective when it comes to round ligament pain and swelling.

  • Cotton

  • One-size up to 45-inch waist

  • Beige

5. BABYGO® 4 in 1 Pregnancy Support Belt Maternity & Postpartum Band

BABYGO® maternity belt

This maternity belt uses the highest-quality micro-thread technology for the best and safest support for mom and baby during each trimester. It is made of super-soft and lightweight material. Wearing this belt helps in preventing and eliminating common pregnancy aches and pains. This maternity belt also comes with a 40-page pregnancy book that contains 25 of the best yoga stretches for mom and baby.

  • Cotton

  • Medium, large, extra-large, double extra-large

  • Black, white, nude

These are some of the best maternity belts that we can recommend. It is indeed great to incorporate a maternity belt into your maternity clothing during pregnancy, as it can help alleviate backaches and other uncomfortable symptoms that you may feel due to the weight of your belly. However, before using a maternity belt, it is important to talk with your doctor first. We hope this guide helped you in deciding what maternity belt to buy.