Top 5 Hand Mixers

When you love baking and cooking, having the right equipment is very important. Fortunately, the best kinds of kitchen tools don’t have to cost an arm and leg, though they sometimes do. If you’re prepared to put in a bit of extra effort, even the cheaper versions of certain appliances can transform your cooking routine.

One of the best examples of such appliances is mixers. Yes, we can blow a whole paycheck on one of these gorgeous top 5 kitchen stand mixers, but we can also get similar results with the best hand mixers. These will help you integrate your ingredients in a smooth and stress-relieving manner.

Of course, you need to check out some features in order to make sure that your hand mixer will do its job properly. You might need it to whip cream, fluff up egg whites, or get your batter ready in a matter of minutes. Whichever the case, the following considerations will help to shortlist the final choices:

A good weight

You’ll notice that hand mixers are quite compact gadgets, but they still offer you a lot of control and power. Some heavy options might be preferable for a stronger experience, but most home cooks would probably prefer the lighter ones.

Speed controls

It’s important for your hand mixer to have several speed options that are easily accessible when the device is in use. You have the most basic three speeds in the traditional models—slow, medium, and fast. However, there are now several speeds available on even the simplest versions.

A slow start setting will help you integrate dry flour into your mixtures, while a powerful wattage will help you deal with thick dough. 250 watts is among the higher limits, though 150 is usually enough for most cooks. You can also make your baking experience much easier by investing in one of these top 5 digital kitchen scales.


You’d also notice that the best hand mixers come with several types of attachments. There are dough hooks, whisks, beaters, spatulas, and several other options. If you frequently need to make bread or pizza dough, make sure the right equipment is present in your choice of hand mixer.

The material of these attachments is also important, though the traditional offering is stainless steel. However, some might want a silicone coating on their attachments, as this won’t scratch up the inside of your mixing bowls.

Noise level

Mixers are usually very loud contraptions, so you might want to go for the quietest option available. This might be necessary if you have a baby in the house, or even kids who need their naps in the middle of the day. There are some very quiet models out there, so don’t despair.

Speaking of kids, you might want to delight your offspring with one of these top 5 ice cream makers

Looking out for these features will hopefully help you in picking the very best hand mixer for yourself or a close friend. Take a look at these top 5 options for hand mixers for more inspiration. 

Where to Buy
Oster 2500 Inspire
KitchenAid KHM512IC 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer
Hamilton Beach 62620 Hand Mixer
KRUPS GN492851 Hand Mixer
VonShef Electric Hand Mixer

1. Oster 2500 Inspire

The Oster 2500 Inspire gives us 240 watts of power at its maximum setting. This means that it’s powerful enough to handle the thickest of mixtures without any hassle or extra effort on our part. Some might complain that such a high speed will spin the device out of control, but the comfortable handle is easy enough to grip firmly.

There are five speeds to choose from here, so you don’t have to settle for a fast one every time. Another point in its easy operation is that this model has a retractable cord. This would make it quite easy to store. Plus, there are several attachments including right in the box, which makes all sorts of recipes very easy to handle.

While Oster is one of the leading brands for baking equipment, it still has quite a reasonable price range. This makes it a logical choice for home cooks on a budget.

2. KitchenAid KHM512IC 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer

KitchenAid is a highly popular option for kitchen appliances, especially when it comes to stand mixers. However, those huge mixers can run quite expensive. Those who love the quality, performance, and colors offered by KitchenAid will be pleased to know that there’s now a relatively affordable hand mixer option form the same company.

The mixer seems to have all the necessary features, including a slow start setting as one of its five speeds. This way, you can gradually increase the speed to make sure that noting spatters about. The result will be a cleaner kitchen and less time wiping every surface.

We also have a unique cord here, which can swivel and lock into place as needed. The structure is quite lightweight as well, which is good news for those who want to save their hands. The highest speed might still not be very powerful, but most users seem to be satisfied with what they get.

3. Hamilton Beach 62620 Hand Mixer

Hamilton Beach is yet another well-known name that assures a quality kitchen appliance no matter what you get. It has a very high wattage option, going all the way up to 250 watts. This powerful motor also means a slightly heavier weight, about 3.35 pounds.

The price is also quite reasonable here, especially when we consider the smart design. The case is the snap-on kind, which makes the gadget both easy to put together and to operate.

However, the high-speed options here might be a turn off for most users. According to the reviews, even the slowest setting might be a tad too fast for proper incorporation. Fortunately, there’s an inbuilt groove that lets us rest the mixer on the bowl. This will hopefully be enough to prevent any ingredients from splattering or flying out.

4. KRUPS GN492851 Hand Mixer

This hand mixer boasts a very quiet motor, which is one of its unique selling points. There are no less than 10 speed settings here, which should be enough for the most discerning cooks. Of course, this also means that you have to pay quite a bit for this model.

The settings here include a turbo boost button, with several other options for the most versatile experience. You can also make smoothies with this model if you don’t have a blender. Some have even utilized this gadget to make peanut butter at home. There is the coveted slow-start option, which minimizes the mess you make while cooking or baking.

if you’re looking for a high-end mixer than can blend chunky ingredients and even knead dough, this is the one to get. There might be some seasonal discounts available; even if there are none, it might be worth splurging on this mixer due to its multiple purposes.

5. VonShef Electric Hand Mixer

This hand mixer has a stylish, sleek design that will look good in any kitchen. The appearance is presentable enough to display, but the functions are even better.

The most impressive feature here is the turbo function, which will pulverize tough and thick ingredients. You also get an eject button for removing the attachments easily and safely. What’s more, all this is contained in a lightweight construction that will save your arms a lot of effort.

The price range is also very reasonable, so this option won’t break the bank. Overall, this option could be great for those who can’t afford the high-end models just yet.


The best hand mixers on the market can change your cooking and baking processes for the better. Since they’re easy on the pocket as well, these options can also make for great gifts on any special occasion. You might want to list what you need from the mixer before ordering, though.