Tips & Tricks for a Time-Saving Lifestyle

Time is one of the resources that we can’t renew, so we need to make the most of what’s available. Most adults find themselves to be extremely busy throughout the week and even busier on the weekends.

If we’re not careful, we might spend the rest of our lives rushing about trying to get everything done. With no time to relax and recharge, we might burn out before too long. To keep ourselves healthy and sane, it’s important to consider some time-saving tips for our daily lifestyle.

By saving even a few minutes here and there, we might find our lives settling into a more peaceful, organized routine. There might even be more time for the activities that enhance our lives, such as spending time with family, writing a journal, or a self-care routine.

No matter how busy you are, there’s always a way to save some time. Change up your lifestyle now by following these tips:



Most of us are addicted to our devices these days, which can be the main reason for a major loss in time each day. While there are some essential kitchen gadgets that save time (Essential Kitchen Gadgets that Save Time and Labor) and connect with your smart devices, it might be healthy to disconnect for some time. If you have to use your laptop to get some work done, for instance, leave your phone out of easy reach. This will hopefully help you concentrate on the task at hand, getting it done much more quickly.

For the rest of the day, you might want to try disconnecting for a few hours at a time. It might surprise just how productive that block of time can be! Turn off the Wi-Fi when it’s homework time or when you want some quality family moments. There’s no need to waste those precious hours with mindless scrolling or watching random videos.

Clear the Clutter

Clear the Clutter

The minimalism trend has a lot going for it, but you can learn from its principle without applying it too strictly in your life. In any case, try to keep your home and workplace as free of clutter as possible. This will help your surroundings look neat and also cut down on the time it takes to find stuff.

With clean lines and empty spaces, you can concentrate on your work and tasks more easily. You can navigate the place, reduce the time waste in sorting, and can generally function without unnecessary stress.

Start the uncluttered look by sorting everything out first and then maintaining it. Once you have your wardrobe in order, for example, don’t let it get overcrowded. Toss or donate some items of clothing whenever you buy a new one; this way, your closet won’t get overstuffed.

Make a Schedule

Make a Schedule

If you don’t already have some sort of timetable for the day, it’s best to get started on it right away. You might not think your routine can be broken down into little boxes, but it’s surprising how a schedule could organize any kind of lifestyle. Even if you don’t have a set routine, a schedule will help you mark out blocks of time for work, play, and important events.

You can also try having separate schedules for different family members. If the kids are old enough, they’ll find it much more efficient to follow a proper schedule instead of winging it every day. Here’s how you can make a binder for home management (How to Make a Binder for Home Management) to keep track of everyone’s schedules.

Do Important Tasks First

Do Important Tasks First

Get into the habit of prioritizing your tasks and accomplish these first whenever possible. For instance, if you have a dear friend or relative coming over to visit that day, it’s not the time to pull out the closet and start sorting. The same goes for your workplace; work on the most important tasks first and then focus on the more minor ones. If you play your cards right, you might even be able to take the rest of the day off after managing the high-priority stuff.

Get Some Help

Get Some Help

There’s no harm in delegating some tasks to an assistant or getting in some professional help with the housework. It might be a matter of pride for you to take on a huge workload, but is it really worth the mental and physical strain?

Getting some help could also mean that you get your partner and kids to pitch in with all kinds of work. This will help them be more responsible and independent along with lightening your burden. Even very young kids can be taught to clean up their own mess, while adults and teens should definitely be expected to pull their weight. Set some proper chores for your offspring; you can make it a way for them to earn their allowance. Check out these DOY projects for busy mothers (DIY Projects for Busy Moms) for some more ideas on delegating chores.

Say “No”

Say “No”

Saying ‘no’ is a skill that many of us seem to have lost along the way. You might find there’s no time for your own work because you keep saying ‘yes’ to everything else. You might get roped into a lot of volunteer work on the weekends, have to bake tons of goodies for your children’s bake sales, or be asked to work at something extra without proper compensation.

Remember that your time’s your own and that you’re free to refuse and even disappoint some people. It might be hard at first, but your own tasks and mental health come first.

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Read Some Books On The Subject

These tips and tricks might be fine for a starting point, but there are whole books out there that can help you develop a time-saving lifestyle. Here are some of our top pick from Amazon:

 Me, You & the Kids, Too: The Ultimate Time-Saving Cookbook with Recipe Variations for the Whole Family

This book is the perfect choice for involving every family member in the cooking aspect of housework. Here, we’ll get recipes along with time-saving tips that can help in serving meals within minutes. There are even recipe versions for feeding toddlers and infants. This way, we can prepare meals for every person at the same time.

The Power of Slow: 101 Ways to Save Time in Our 24/7 World

In the fast-paced world we live in today, it can be easy to lose track of time. With this work on hand, however, we can look up ways to avoid getting overwhelmed by our device and free ourselves of many needless tasks.

This book gives us more than a hundred ways to slow down, increase our productivity, and enhance the quality of our life in the process. These pages could even change the relationship we have with time, all with a few minor changes here and there. Just a few of the valuable lessons here include learning how to say no politely and constructively, managing our expectations, and knowing when we have our plate full.

Make-Ahead Meals: Over 100 Easy Time-Saving Recipes

Meal prepping is one of the best ways to save time, and this book can help us get the hang of it. The author here is Michael Smith, who’s a famous TV personality as well. With his charisma and excellent tips, we can learn how to get a healthy meal ready almost every day of the week.

This work gives us around a hundred recipes that make for stress-free cooking. The resulting meals and wholesome and impressive, so even the picky eaters around you might not be much trouble. With the right prepping routine, you’ll be saving hours of cooking time.

501 Time-Saving Tips Every Woman Should Know

This book by Georgia Varozza is full of wise tips, how-to skills, and several other valuable offerings. You can learn how to preserve and save your food for the long term, along with seeing how to keep the house as efficiently as possible. The title might say ‘woman’, but there should be no gender restriction on the usefulness of this work.

With the tips here, you’ll hopefully become more confident and skilled at tackling those troublesome tasks that pop up each day. There are tips on just about everything here, from how to manage the different rooms of the house to preparing for emergencies.

A Spotless Home: Change Your Life with Time-Saving Tidying Tips & Cleaning Cheats

We’d all love to have a shining, clutter-free house at all times, but it might seem impossible for some. However, this book could make this dream become a reality. There are details here about all you need to get a spotless home almost all the time. You’ll also learn how to save time and money by focusing on natural ingredients instead of commercial products.


Now that we have some valuable tips for saving time in our regular team, we might also look up some lifehacks for getting more out of each day (Life hacks for Getting More Out of Each Day). These tips and hacks will hopefully make our lives more meaningful instead of having the same old drudgery every day. Start applying these tips now; hopefully, you’d see a positive difference very soon.