Tips for Storing your Scrapbook Arts and Crafts


    Who doesn’t enjoy doing crafts, art projects, and scrapbooking? The lost art of arts and crafts is the idea of using your own creative ideas to make something truly special and meaningful. This requires a lot of passion and creativity and brings out the best qualities of our own past, present, and future. It has been quite popular to be able to make anything from an idea with our own two hands, making it the ideal activity for people of all ages and interests.

    If you enjoy hobbies, crafts, and scrapbooking, you’ve probably already recognized that you never gave the idea of storing your supplies any thought before. Most of us have used the kitchen junk drawer, but given how expensive craft items can be, there are unquestionably better solutions. We’ve already thought of everything below, whether you’re searching for storage for a few pencils, photos, and other little goods or a larger storage choice that can also be portable.

    Storing Stamps

    Scrapbook Stamps, Vintage Stamps

    If you collect stamps, your collection would be considered outstanding by any artisan. Having an inventory system in place is the number one criterion for organizing stamps. This should be your one piece of organization advice for stamps. With the aid of a dependable label maker, this is simple to complete.

    1. Plastic Storage

    This ultra-simple storage item is clear, tidy, and elegant. It is a must-have in your storage and organization strategy. A clear craft storage container is an incredibly adaptable item that can be kept on your desk, stacked in a closet, or artistically arranged on shelves. To identify the inside cases where your transparent stamps are kept, you’ll need a label machine or a steady hand with a permanent marker. Reach for the case containing the ideal stamp for your project by simply sorting your stamps by brand, kind, or subject.

    2. Storage Pockets

    Clear storage pockets can be the best option if you want a filing method for managing your clear stamps. Many crafters swear by the thin, transparent plastic storage envelopes or pockets that are available for storing stamps, dies, and other supplies. The durable and completely transparent page protector-like material used to make these pockets allows you to see your gorgeous stamps.

    This method of stamp organization works well for open-top bins that you may browse at any moment. To make it easier for you to find the stamp you need, they can be divided into tabbed sections and dividers. Additionally, it’s a fantastic way to get rid of the stamp packaging while keeping the set name and logo for creating and displaying your creations.

    3. Storage Binders

    Binders are another another fantastic tool for classifying and organizing your goods. You can have separate binders for themes, brands, or sorts of stamps that you can pull off your shelf, depending on the type and size of binder you select. With an album and page protectors, you can make your own stamp storage binder, or you can buy one already assembled from your favorite brands.

    Storing Scrapbook Papers

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    Without paper, you can’t make anything with paper! But how can you organize everything so that you may focus more on creating and less on looking for things?

    1. Plastic Envelopes

    You will adore these new XL reusable storage envelopes for single sheets, ongoing projects, or even your favorite 12 x 12 paper pads. These large, strong plastic pouches are also excellent for storing extra paper scraps, 12 × 12 sticker sheets, and ongoing crafts. Even 12 × 12 stencils can be held in these! These huge beauties have a ton of uses!

    2. Stackable Trays

    These paper trays are ideal for your craft area if vertical is not your thing. The best storage option for 12 by 12 paper sheets is stackable trays. Each tray holds 100 individual sheets of paper without the plastic bowing or warping, and you can specify an organizational structure for it. Your creative room’s papers will be immaculately arranged in no time with the help of these trays!

    Storing Photos

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    Photos are essential to memory makers, scrapbookers, and photographers. They capture heartwarming moments, happy faces, beautiful sights, and lovely memories. However, the printed versions require slightly more physical space than the digital versions, which fit on your hard drive. Where should they be housed ideally?

    1. Photo Album

    Indeed, a photo album is the ideal location for storing photos to preserve their lifetime. Their name speaks for itself! They were designed for pictures! The greatest albums are made from archival, acid-free materials, and they come with acid-free, PVC-free, and archival page protectors.

    When you have pocket page protectors to quickly tuck photos inside, it’s also quicker and simpler than you may imagine to fill an entire album with images. Your pictures won’t just be secure; they’ll also be shown to your loved ones in a lovely, convenient manner!

    Scrapbook Supply Storage Options

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    We’ve covered quite a few specialized storage solutions, some of which could serve as many storage spaces in your craft room. But what are some of the best options available when it comes to general organization?

    1. Rotating Organizer

    When you consider all the bottles, jars, ink pads, tools, containers, and more that can be placed inside this single rotating organizer, which only takes up 10″ of space on your creative table, it is truly astounding. In order to tailor individual shelf levels to exactly what you need to get everything organized, a spinning tower comes with a number of movable shelves. For writing instruments, miniature bottles, and small hand tools, it even has a fantastic tiered top rack.

    2. Rolling Cart Organizer

    A metal cart is a dream on wheels for crafters who need a quick and simple way to transport their supplies. A metal cart with three levels arrives empty and is ready to be filled with countless crafting possibilities. You’ll have so much more time to get crafty and creative if you move all the things you’ve stashed away in drawers and tote bags to this practical cart! Additionally, a variety of useful cart accessories, including dividers, labels, hanging bins, hooks, and more, are readily accessible for separate purchase.

    3. Plastic Storage Box

    This is a terrific method to get organized at home or while traveling, whether you’re keeping pictures, ink pads, pencils, markers, ephemera, dies, stamps, stickers, or almost anything else. Additionally, it’s an easy way to pack up some of your preferred materials for a workshop, crop, or day with your favorite creative ladies. A durable lockable box with a firm handle for transporting and 16 individual storage containers, this beauty is ready to help you organize and organize your storage in a huge way.


    Each artist has a designated area in which to work on their projects. Some people make space whenever they are on the go, while others have an entire room dedicated to it, while yet others just a modest table. Regardless of the type of maker you are, there is a strong possibility that you have a ton of materials, equipment, and items that require organization. What is your go-to storage and organization advise for the crafting community now that you have read some tips?


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