Tips for Storing Guns in The Garage


    We all use our home garages to store tools and large appliances, but they can also be a place to safely store guns. A garage is a popular option if you have limited space inside the house or if there are kids around. But storing guns in your garage is different from how you might keep other tools because of their unique nature. Explore gun scopes at DB Firearms. Elevate your shooting experience with top-notch equipment.

    When you decide to store your guns in the garage, you must ensure they are properly secured. When deciding on a gun safe for your garage you need to consider climate control, where you will store your safe, and what type of safe will meet your security and storage needs. 

    Keep Your Guns Clean and Free from Rust

    Keeping the inside of your gun free from dust and debris will ensure that it runs smoothly and will not malfunction. Keep an eye out for rust on your gun. Rust means moisture or other contaminants have gotten inside, which can cause serious damage to the gun’s inner workings.

    Keep Ammunition Separate from Your Guns

    Ammunition is dangerous if it comes into contact with the oil in a gun barrel, which could cause the bullet to become lodged or even explode inside the barrel when fired. After using your gun for target practice or hunting, clean it well and keep the ammunition separate from the oil and grease on your hands and clothes. This will help prevent an accidental discharge caused by improper handling of ammunition.

    Keep Your Guns Together by Type

    If you have a shotgun, ensure it’s kept separately from the rifles and pistols. This will keep them from getting mixed up and accidentally fired when they’re not supposed to be—and it will also help you organize your collection so that if someone wants to borrow a gun, they can easily find it without having to search through everything.

    Keep Your Guns Unloaded

    It sounds obvious, but keeping your guns unloaded can help keep them safe from accidents or misuse by others who may come across them in your home. When your gun is not in use, keep it unloaded so that no accidents can happen with other people who may come into contact with it accidentally (or on purpose).

    Proper Temperature and Humidity Levels for Gun Storage

    Rust can cause a lot of damage to guns especially when they are stored in garages that don’t have proper temperature control. Moisture can get inside, especially if the gun safe stands against an outside wall. According to gun experts, the ideal temperature for storing firearms is 70 degrees Fahrenheit with 50% relative humidity.

    If your garage isn’t equipped with a temperature-controlled system, you can still store your guns using a dehumidifier or a gel desiccant to prevent moisture. A temperature and humidity gauge will help you maintain your gun’s ideal temperature and humidity level.

    The Best Spot in Your Garage for the Gun Safe

    Keep a gun safe in your garage, and ensure it’s not near power tools. Thieves can use them to break into the safe. Fire can also damage the safe and guns, so don’t keep gasoline, paint, paint thinners, and other volatiles nearby.

    You should place your gun safe in an area of your garage where no one can see you take the guns in. It should be placed as far from any door or window as possible.

    Things to Consider When Buying a Gun Safe

    Things to Consider When Buying a Gun Safe

    When buying a gun safe for your garage, you have options between long and smaller handgun safes. No matter what kind of gun safe you need, there are some vital considerations to keep in mind when making a purchase. Here are some of them.


    The capacity of a gun safe you buy is important. It’s best to buy a bigger model than you need to ensure you can store all your guns. But many gun safes are advertised as having greater capacity than they really do. Clever interior designs might include racks and other features that limit how closely guns can be placed inside the safe. Long-barreled and wide fore-end guns won’t fit well in those models. Think about the sizes of the different guns you have, then look for a safe with roomier interiors to accommodate them all.


    When looking for a safe gun, the size is one of the most important things to consider. The size will always be a factor if your garage has a small space. It is also an important consideration, especially when purchasing one online. You must pay attention to the advertised dimensions the manufacturers give. Check the external and internal dimensions of the gun safe you will be buying. The external size will let you know if it will fit in your garage well, and the internal size will give you an idea if it can accommodate all your firearms.


    The accessibility of the gun safe is also important, especially during emergencies. You need to choose a safe gun where you can get your gun quickly. The type of locking mechanism depends on your preference for a key lock, multiple locks, wheel and pin combination, electronic lock, or biometric lock.


    It’s important to think about the weight of a gun safe because the heavier it is, the harder it will be for potential thieves to move. Also, when gun safes are heavier, it usually means that they’re made from better-quality steel.

    The Best Gun Safe Options for Your Garage

    The Best Gun Safe Options for Your Garage

    Having a gun safe in your garage can help protect your firearms from theft, destruction from environmental conditions, and unauthorized use. Gun safes come in various types, and before investing in one, you should first know the types of gun safes for garages. This will help you choose the best one that will suit your needs.

    • Key Lock Gun Safe: This type of lock uses a conventional key and lock system. It is reliable, but if you lose the key, it becomes vulnerable to unauthorized access.
    • Multiple Lock Gun Safe: This type of gun safe uses two locking systems. For example, the safe can be equipped with a biometric and key lock. You can use only one or both systems, depending on your security needs.
    • Wheel and Pin Combination Safe: This is the traditional type of gun safe where you use a wheel pack to manually enter a combination.
    • Electronic Lock Gun Safe: This type of gun safe has a small screen and can be opened by entering a code using a keypad.
    • Biometric Gun Safe: This is the most secure gun safe among the options. This type of gun safe reads your fingerprint and only opens to the authorized user.

    When you’re deciding on a gun safe for your garage, it’s a good idea to go with fireproof and waterproof models. This ensures that your guns will be safe if there’s a fire or flood in your home.

    Take Away

    You need to be smart about storing guns at home, especially if you have children in the home or are concerned about people breaking in. The good news is that with these tips, you’ll be able to safely store your guns in your garage.


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