Tips for Replacing a Battery in a Smartphone

Nothing lasts forever – not even the batteries of your high-end iPhone and Android smartphones. To add to the complexity, most of the latest smartphone models aren’t easily fixable. Manufacturers are really clever – they make these gadgets and expect that you’ll return to their centers for replacement or repair, even for issues as simple as a worn-out battery.

How to tell if your smartphone battery dies and needs replacing?

Smartphone batteries don’t just die at one go – as they age, their batteries degrade over time.

There are telltale signs that you may have noticed in your smartphone. Your device may be slow to respond to your every tap or swipe. Websites may take much longer to load. Texts, symbols and numbers may be slow to show up as you are typing them from the keypad. Apps may take longer to launch or respond to commands. Maybe your phone drains a lot faster now than it did then when it was fairly new. Or it charges a lot slower and never powers up to 100%. Or perhaps your phone crashes unexpectedly under normal conditions, and may or may not restart. Or maybe your phone will not run unless it is connected to an outlet or power bank.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, then the time has come.

Aside from your own judgement, there are several helpful apps that can help you determine every aspect of your battery. For iPhones and iPads, you will need some third-party programs and applications that will display your battery’s health. For instance, CoconutBattery is an app that you can install on your iMac. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your iMac, and CoconutBattery will let you show information regarding the battery status (they won’t normally show up in iOS).

Determining your Android device’s battery is much simpler. Open the dialer app and dial *#*#4636#*#*. Tap “Battery information” to check out the status of your Android device’s battery.

Replacing your smartphone battery – DIY it or take it to the pros?

If your smartphone battery is indeed on the verge of expiring, there’s no other recourse than replacing it.

Do you want to replace your own smartphone battery? Unlike the old basic phones which have removable batteries (thus making them easy to replace), most modern smartphones have embedded batteries, making simple removal deem impossible.

If you really want to remove your smartphone battery, you must understand the risks that come with it, such as additional damage to the device, as well as void warranties and insurance policies. You’ll probably need these tools:

  • A hair blower or a heating bag that’s specially designed for this purpose
  • Tweezers
  • A spudger
  • Guitar picks or opening picks
  • A suction cup
  • Screwdrivers
Where to Buy
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You can purchase each tool separately or order a phone repair kit online. Once you have safely removed the battery from your smartphone, the next step is to look for replacement batteries. For instance, you can purchase a replacement battery for iPhone X on Amazon.

Don’t forget to compare prices and find out whether these batteries are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) versions or aftermarket versions. OEM versions are more expensive, but for additional cost you’ll get quality make and performance. Cheaper aftermarket versions, on the other hand, are poorly constructed batteries that could bulge, leak or overheat quickly. They could even catch a fire or explode.

The other (and better) option is to take your phone to its manufacturer’s customer service center or bring it to online phone repair services. Expect professional services to be a lot costlier – but for the extra cost, it saves you from the trouble (and risks) of attempting to replace the battery by yourself. If you choose online services, for instance, expect to pay between $25 to $100 to have your battery replaced, depending on your phone’s model and the type of service you have chosen.