Tips for Organizing Cooking Utensils

For some people, the kitchen can be a messy place. It can be challenging to move about in that commotion, which includes appliances humming and whirling and pots bubbling on the stove. Despite your best efforts, it seems like there are never enough cabinets or racks to accommodate everything. There are, however, ways to arrange your belongings such that they are simple to discover and simple to tidy up after cooking. Discover more in the arranging tips for cooking utensils provided below. 

Tips for Organizing Cooking Utensils

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Declutter Your Utensils

Any organization job should always begin with a thorough cleaning, especially one involving organizing kitchen utensils. Don’t allow stuff to take up room in your life or the drawers in your kitchen. Be truthful and only save items you will use today, not items you might need tomorrow or items you have used.

Keep Essential Utensils in a Drawer

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The most straightforward solution is to put all of your commonly used kitchenware in a drawer. To keep things organized in the drawer, you can easily purchase extendable drawer dividers and utensil organization trays. Utensils that are neatly stored and off the surface can help the kitchen look cleaner. To ensure you have everything available when you need it, keep necessities in a drawer close to where you need them.

Keep Non-essential Utensils in a Container

It’s time to separate and stow away the kitchenware you only infrequently use after you’ve sorted out the necessities. Plastic storage containers can be a great, cost-effective option. Specific categories of kitchen tools can be kept together using organization containers. Then, these containers can be stored in a distinct drawer, cupboard, or pantry.

Use a Kitchen Utensil Storage Container or Jug

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Although it’s usually best to keep kitchen countertops uncluttered, sometimes it just makes sense to leave tools there. Keeping them in a utensil container on the counter may make sense if you don’t have a spare drawer available. In a small kitchen, this revolving utensil holder makes sense. To store larger utensils, you can reuse a drink pitcher or a porcelain canister. This is the ideal time to put to use a jug, pitcher, or other containers that you already own but rarely use. This enables you to keep cooking tools close to the stove where they are simple to access.

Cutlery Baskets

To organize particular utensils, cutlery baskets can be hung on the wall with a nail or detachable hook. The baskets can be given elegant labels to make them both functional and charming. Utilizing that vacant wall space is a simple, cost-effective solution to keep utensils off the counters while still making sure they are accessible.

Use Wall Space

A large kitchen pegboard can be the answer if you’re seeking a more distinctive utensil storage solution. With hooks to hold the utensils, this might be hung above the stove or on an adjacent wall. Pegboard is surprisingly inexpensive, and your neighborhood hardware store will gladly cut it to the desired size for free.

This storage option also has the advantage of being used to build a feature wall. So it serves as more than just a storage place; it also gives the kitchen style.

Use a Utensil Rack

One of the simplest ways to keep your utensils organized is by using a utensil rack. Additionally, utensil racks are reasonably priced. The ease of installation of a utensil rack is yet another excellent benefit. The majority of racks can be positioned in almost any place. It may be mounted without drilling a hole in the wall or using much force. These are sufficient justifications for selecting a utensil rack as your preferred method of utensil storage.

Pick Expandable Dividers

Expandable dividers may be the solution if the drawers in your cabinets aren’t the typical size. They can be made to fit the length or width of your drawer, allowing you to divide it into several compartments for your kitchenware. 

Use a Magnetic Strip

The easiest way to store knives is on a magnetic strip, especially if you have kids who might get into the drawers. The blades will be kept out of children’s reach while being simple to locate for adults thanks to the magnetic strip. Knives, or anything that holds spoons, shouldn’t be kept in a drawer. The knife’s edge will erode due to the continual spinning and tossing. Your knife will become dull sooner than it should because of this.

Use a Crock

A clay pot is referred to as a crock. It not only enhances the kitchen’s aesthetic appeal but also serves as a fantastic storage area. Any of your crocks can be customized with your favorite recipes, names, or quotes. The fact that crocks come in a range of sizes is their best feature. They can hold utensils of different shapes and sizes. A crock weighs quite a bit because it is constructed of clay. It is virtually impossible to tip it over or readily damage it because of this.

How to Arrange Utensils in a Small Kitchen

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The best advice for setting up tools in a tiny kitchen is:

  • Purge your kitchen of anything but the items you use.
  • To make the most of keeping utensils in a drawer, utilize a drawer organizer. My favorite drawer organizer is this one made of adjustable acrylic.
  • To keep utensils organized on the counter, use a pitcher or container.
  • Hang utensils on the wall.

How to Organize Kitchen Utensils Without Drawers

Without drawers, organizing a kitchen might be a little more difficult.

  • Keep utensils in a cabinet by using a pull-out container to store them. The utensils are effectively stored in a drawer thanks to the pull-out bin.
  • To hang utensils, use available wall space and the edges of a cabinet or china hutch.
  • To keep utensils organized on the counter, use a pitcher or container.
  • To hang utensils, use the interior of cabinet doors.


Use these cooking equipment organization tips to stop struggling to keep your kitchen tools tidy. You can accumulate so many various kinds of kitchenware over time. Some of them you use every day, while others are made for extremely particular uses that you might only use once a year. Tips for organizing your cooking tools will help you prepare meals quickly and with less mess on your counter.