Tips for Organizing Cooking Utensils

A kitchen can be a very messy place for some. From pots bubbling on the stove, to machines buzzing and whirring, it can be quite difficult to navigate in that chaos. No matter how organized you try to be, it seems like no number of cupboards or racks is enough to hold them all. However, there are ways to organize everything you own, so that it’s both easy to find and easy to clean up after cooking. Find out more in the below-mentioned tips for organizing cooking utensils. 

Sort Your Utensils

The first step to organizing your cooking utensils is to admit you don’t need all of them. Some utensils are broken, and some you don’t use anymore. You can dispose of these. After these utensils have been removed, start separating the utensils according to how often you use them. 

The utensils you use daily should go either on the counter or in a drawer you can easily access at all times. The things you don’t use as regularly should be put inside cupboards. This way, they will not cause any obstruction and you will see items well organized. 


Tips for Organizing Cooking Utensils

Use a Dish Drying Rack

A dish drying rack is one of the easiest ways to keep your utensils organized. You can go and buy them from any market or buy online via Not only that, utensil racks are affordable too. Another very good reason to use a utensil rack is that it doesn’t need any effort to install.  Most of these racks are simply placed anywhere you want them. You don’t need to drill a hole in the wall or use strength in mounting it. All these reasons are enough to consider a utensil rack the best option for organizing your utensils. 

There are various choices for dish drying racks on the market. You can find these made of plastic, stainless steel, and painted metal. We recommend you go for the stainless steel option as it is way more durable. Moreover, it can withstand heavy weight as well. Plastic won’t be able to bear a lot of weight and will break very easily. The paint coating on the metal will start to chip, and scratch off. The paint is made of an oil base and is waterproof. This not only makes the rack look pretty but also prevents the metal from rusting. 

Once the paint starts to get scratched, the entire structure will start to rust. This will not only affect the rack’s sturdiness but will also create a mess making the utensils look unorganized. They are also a convenient place to keep the things you frequently use. Here is one option that we recommend. 

Where to Buy
Dish Drying Rack by Cambond Store
Bamboo Expandable Drawer Organizer for Utensils 
Yizhi Adhesive Wall Hooks Rack Kitchen Rail
Kitchen Knife Magnetic Holder by Greatful Home
DOWAN Kitchen Utensil Holder 
Comfify Wide Mouth Mason Jar Utensil Holder
Rubbermaid Cleverstore Clear 71 Stackable Large Storage Container

1. Dish Drying Rack by Cambond Store

Best dish drying rack for utensils and cutlery. 

Dish Drying racks are among the first tips we recommend for organizing your kitchen. These are the finest equipment which may cost you a little extra but will take care of all the unorganized kitchen. There are specific places for every type of cutlery items such as knives, spoons, plates, and other items as shown in the picture above. As we mentioned above, the stainless steel racks are considered way better than others, this one is also made out of Premium Grade Stainless Steel. 

Therefore, it will last for long as it has the ability to withstand rough usage as well. The dimensions of this rack are 16.7 inch(L) x 10 inch(W) x 15.3 inch(H). Consider the dimensions before ordering because in case you don't have sufficient space on your countertop, this rack will just become an extra burden for you. There are rubber feet on this rack which make it stable. 

Coming with 2 tiers, you can hold more items while saving space. You can hold a total of 15 plates in the first one while 18 bowls in the second one. Besides, there is a utensil holder and cutting board holder allowing you to store the spoons and knives in an easy manner. There are two color choices including Black and Silver. With a highly positive response from the users who tried it out, it is among our first recommendations too. 


Use a Drawer Organizer for Spoons

The easiest way to make sure everything stays in its place is to use a drawer organizer. This will prevent your utensils from shaking together. The drawer organizer is also perfect to separate between small, and large utensils. If you put them all together, the small spoons can be very hard to find. 

You can find wood, acrylic, and plastic organizers in any shop, and even online. The wood organizer can be made at home as well if you are into DIY projects. They are considered sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. The plastic, however, is easier to clean. You can simply remove the divider, and wash it with soap and water. 

To install a drawer organizer in your kitchen, measure your drawer. Make sure you are measuring from the bottom excluding the sides. You can get a drawer organizer in that size, or shorten the one that you find. Wood organizers are easiest to shorten. 

All you have to do is saw the extra length off. If you try to saw plastic, the friction will cause heat which will burn the plastic. If your spoons and knives are large, you can choose an organizer that is diagonal. 

Here is one recommendation for a drawer organizer. 

2. Bamboo Expandable Drawer Organizer for Utensils 

Bamboo Expandable Drawer Organizer for Utensils.

One amazing drawer organizer for kitchen utensils is this one. It's truly a special one because, unlike regular wooden drawer organizers, this one has been made of bamboo. From the picture, you can see how easy and convenient it is to store the different types of utensils in it. Small items such as pieces of cutlery can be placed easily in the 8 compartments. The best part? If you feel like this is small, you can simply expand it as per your requirements.

It can be expanded from 13 inches to 19.6 inches in width with a smooth sliding mechanism. This would allow you to store a larger quantity of utensils in a much convenient manner. Over 25,000 people have purchased this off of and the majority of them were highly satisfied with their reviews. From what we have evaluated, the quality of this drawer organizer is exceptional which is why it is among our recommendations. 

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Use Wall Mounted Hooks

Your walls are the storage spaces you can utilize for the cutlery and utensils. A wall-mounted hook lets you do that precisely. It is perfect for the biggest utensils in your kitchen. Most of these utensils come with holes at the end, so they are easy to hang as well. The things you commonly use, which are too large to go in a drawer, should be hung on the hook. 

These include spatulas, whisks, large ladles, slotted spoons, and other such things. You can also hang some lightweight pans on them. Avoid the big pots though, as the hooks might come off. Once you learn how to use walls for storage, the possibilities for organizing your utensils are limitless.

You can have one hook mounted separately. Alternatively, you can have a strip of hooks to organize everything at once. These hooks can even go at the sides of the cabinet. You can also put on a hook strip on the inside of your cabinets. Another good alternative to wall-mounted hooks is to use a pegboard mounted on the wall. 

3. Yizhi Adhesive Wall Hooks Rack Kitchen Rail

Utensil Rack for organizing kitchen items. 

Although most of the utensil racks you might get from the market will require either drilling holes in the wall or just screwing them directly. However, this option is a unique one because it does not require any of that. There are strong adhesive hooks that can simply stick to the wall. 

If you are concerned that it will not be able to hold much weight, we assure you that it has been tested to hold weight up to 7 lbs which is more than sufficient for the kitchen utensils. Moreover, it is a waterproof wall hook which means you don't have to worry about water getting to it and weakening the adhesive.  

Since it comes in a pack of 2, we recommend you use one in the kitchen and the other in the washroom for hanging clothes and towels. There are 6 hooks that will allow you to easily hold up all the utensils in place. With solid metal construction that is rust-proof, this utensil rack is surely going to last for a long time. You can use it to hang spoons, spatulas, kitchen gadgets, knives, and other such items as well. 


Use a Magnetic Strip

A magnetic strip is the best storage for your knives, especially, if you have children that have access inside the drawers. The magnetic strip will keep the knives out of reach for young ones while making them easy to find for adults. 

It’s not a good idea to put your knives in the drawer, or a spoon holder anyways. The constant tossing and turning will chip away at the edge of the knife. This means your knife will go dull, earlier than it should. Here is one of the best-selling magnetic holders for knives you can buy.

4. Kitchen Knife Magnetic Holder by Greatful Home

Magnetic Holder. 

Managing knives in a kitchen is perhaps one of the most difficult things to do, especially with the children running around. Moreover, the traditional way of putting them in drawers or wooden blocks isn't very aesthetically pleasing either. For these reasons, you should get this 16 inches long magnetic strip which comes with a highly powerful magnet that can hold all your knives in one place at all times. You will like it pretty much because it can go with any kind of kitchen interior design with smooth silver color. 

According to experts, hanging your knives on a magnetic strip is much cleaner than putting the knives in a knife block. With more than 85% of the users being highly satisfied with this magnetic strip, we recommend you give it a try to save your knives from rusting out or damaging with other cutlery and utensils. For added convenience, the mounting hardware is provided with the package so you can install it easily at home. 


Use a Crock

A crock is a pot made of clay. Not only does it add the extra element of beauty in the kitchen but it also makes an amazing storage space. You can add your favorite recipes, names, or quotes on any of the crocks you own. The best thing about crocks is that they are available in a variety of sizes. You can buy a small crock for the counter and a large one for the cupboards. You can keep all sizes of utensils in them. Since a crock is made of clay, it has a considerable weight. This makes it near impossible to knock it over or get it damaged easily. 

5. DOWAN Kitchen Utensil Holder 

Crock utensil holder. 

If you want something that does not go through excessive wear and tear even with rough usage, this crock utensil holder would be a pretty good option. Coming in an extra-large size of 7.2 inches, it can hold anything from small spoons to large bottles. You can buy multiple of these to organize the utensils efficiently. For example, one crock could be used for just having bakery items while the other could be used for kitchen cutlery. The third one can be miscellaneous and so on. 

The main reason why this is among our recommendations is that it has a heavy and sturdy construction. Some people complain that the items in their kitchen do not last long. They should consider this. Moreover, it has a non-slip texture along with an anti-scratch design which allows you to maintain the original look of this crock for a long time. Don't worry! It will not topple over other items. 

Besides, it can be a great gift option too. There are three color choices including Gray, Off-White, and Turquoise. It even has a slightly smaller version of about 6.2 inches but we still recommend the 7.2 inches variant as it will provide you with extra space that you may require at a certain point. 


Use a Mason Jar

Mason jars are amazing if you have small spoons, knives, and forks to store in a cupboard. You can paint the jars to make them look fancy. They are amazing at giving any kitchen a beautiful feel, all the while organizing your utensils. However, because the height of the jars is small, they will be unable to hold large utensils, like ladles, and spatulas. You can slide these jars into any cupboards to clear up space from your counter. Still, they are a cute way to organize cooking utensils. Here is one of our favorite options of Mason Jars.

6. Comfify Wide Mouth Mason Jar Utensil Holder

Decorated Mason Jar for holding utensils.  

If you are a fan of DIY projects, getting this mason jar would be ideal for you. Although there are 5 colors available, we recommend that you get the white one and decorate, paint, and style it as per your liking. Weighing only 1 pound, it will be easy to carry. If you have some spoons held inside it, you can simply carry the mason jar to the dining table rather than taking all the spoons out and then carrying them. It is an Amazon’s Choice product which is a great way to tell that this mason jar has an exceptional quality. 

Coming with a wide mouth design, it can store about 8 to 10 kitchen utensils although the number varies precisely with the size of items you are planning to add to it. According to the technical specifications, it has a 4-inch diameter which increases by an inch as you go down. The total height of this mason jar is about 7 inches which is sufficient for medium to large spoons, spatulas, mixers, and other such items as well. You can even gift this mason jar to someone special by decorating it especially with their name and assorted items. 


Use Utensil Storage Tubs

Large plastic tubs are perfect for storing seasonal utensils. This tip is especially for the kind of utensils you use months apart. However, storage tubs aren't limited to those. You can keep utensils that are too large to be kept anywhere else. Things like cooling racks, tongs, baking trays, and others. 

Keep the tubs in a cool and dry place. Storage tubs are also the perfect way to store cutlery. Dinner sets you use on special occasions, or extra spoons you keep for family gatherings. 

7. Rubbermaid Cleverstore Clear 71 Stackable Large Storage Container

Storage containers for large cutlery items.

After you are done organizing all the day-to-day items, it is now time to arrange the bigger items of the kitchen to the right places. For this purpose, a storage rub would be perfect as it has the capacity to hold some of the biggest dishes, plates, and other pieces of cutlery that you might not be using elsewhere. For this reason, we recommend the one offered by Rubbermaid Cleverstore. This is because it has a higher holding capacity than many other storage tubs in the market. 

It has been made from Polypropylene which is quite long-lasting. This is further validated by more than 8000 users who tried it out and were satisfied with the quality of the storage tub. The best part is that you are getting it as a 4-pack package. This means you can use it for the kitchen as well as for other places as well such as room storage, toys storage, and others, etc. In case you are worried whether the containers are securely lockable or not, don't worry because they come with a strong latching lid. 

What's more? These containers can be the perfect choice for moving large items from one place to another without causing any damage. They help you in utilizing the limited space in the most efficient manner. Moreover, it has been an Amazon’s Choice product as well which further assures you of its premium quality. The inside dimensions of the storage tub are  17.75 inches. L x 15 inches W x 11. 625 inches H. 

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The kitchen tends to get messy. However, it is very easy to clean it up too. The trick is to have a designated space for everything. A lot of times, the kitchen doesn’t look tidy, even after you’ve put everything away. This is because it isn’t organized, and there’s too much stuff in too little space. Use the above-mentioned tricks to keep your kitchen orderly. A clean kitchen will be a more productive space.