Tips for Making Popcorn When Camping

Holidays or long weekends mean nothing without the excited anticipation of spending quality time with the family. While some people like to stay at home and make memories in front of the fireplace, the adventure-seeking souls hunt the outdoors for some adrenaline. The best part about hiking, going on a trail, or camping is the food. 

Popcorn is the absolute favorite of all the family members. It is almost synonymous with the idea of camping. You have a big fire lit up that keeps you cozy and lets you roast that perfect piece of stake; why not have fun and pop some corns? 

Campfire Popcorn


Yes, the bagged popcorn can be a great deal while going to the camping ground or destination for the kids to snack on, but the thrill of making popcorn on a campfire is unmatched. You can enjoy steaming hot popcorn with the greatest smell of butter and enjoy it right away with all of your loved ones around you. 

Campfire popcorn drives everyone to the fire. Be it one of your kid snuggling in the tent or another one curled up finishing a book, they all come running when the aroma of popcorn reach them. Popcorn is the best snack to have outdoors. You can try buttered or just salted popcorn when campfire, instead of all the various types of popcorn.

How to Make Campfire Popcorn


Things You Need: 

  • A bag of popcorn kernels 
  • Vegetable oil 
  • Butter 
  • Kosher salt 
  • Aluminum foil 
  • Heat-resistance gloves 
  • Sticks or tongs 


Cut the aluminum foil according to your use, place it on a flat surface, and pour the kernels in along with some vegetable oil. Seal the corners of the foil piece after folding it in half. Leave some room for the kernels to pop. 

Make several kernel pouches this way to cook a large batch of campfire popcorn one after the other. To hold your kernel foil pouch over the fire, poke a long stick in the bag without tearing it apart. Hold a little above direct heat to not burn the kernels.

When the popping starts, shake it lightly to pop all the kernels. Once the popping has a 5-10 seconds delay in between, remove the foil pouch from the heat and open up very carefully. Add salt and butter while the popcorn are still hot. 

Tips for Making Popcorn when Camping 


Now that you have correct and precise instructions on making popcorn while camping, it is time to disclose some tips regarding the process. The biggest tip is not to hurt yourself or anyone from your company.

  • Start a campfire in a clear camping space, away from the deep woods, trees, tents, or bushes. 
  • Let the fire burn for the time being and become strong before you start making the popcorn. 
  • It is best to measure and store kernels separately in Ziploc bags for one-time popcorn making. It saves you from the hassle of measuring your kernel to oil ratio while the campfire is ready. 
  • When making campfire popcorn using the aluminum foil pouch method, be wary of not including any kernels when twist sealing the edges of the pouch. It will result in the whole pouch of kernels popping open on the campfire.
  • Use vegetable oil as it is neutral in taste and does not overpower the salty or buttery taste you want at the end.
  • If using the pan method to make campfire popcorn, be sure to shake the pan regularly so that all the kernels heat up.
  • Always make sure you have a heavy-duty cooking glove on for your safety. 
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Making Campfire Popcorn using Other Ways 

Although popping your favorite on an open fire during camping is almost the same as cooking kernels at home in a pot, there are different ways to make the kernels pop.

  • Using Pie Tins

The best way to make popcorn besides using an aluminum foil pouch bag is to use pie tins. Drizzle some vegetable oil in them and pour your kernels. You have to use tongs to keep the pie tins in place over the fire. Also, do not forget to cover the tins with appropriate-sized aluminum foil paper. Twist the ends of the foil over the edges of the pie tins so that there is no popping disaster.

  • Take Your Pan Along With You

Another easiest way to make popcorn over the campfire is to pack a small skillet in your luggage. Just grab some aluminum foil and wrap it over the pan after adding oil and kernels. Look out for the popping and then remove from heat when there is a 3 to 5 seconds delay between popping. 

  • Using the Camp Cooking Pot

A great tip is that you can make campfire popcorn in any camping cooking pot or saucepan that you have on hand. However, the pot must have a lid as aluminum foil lids would not do in this situation. Prepare the pot with oil and kernels, place it on fire after covering it, and enjoy the most delicious holiday snack ever.

  • Using a Dutch Oven 

If your campfire does not have a stable surface to put your camp cooking pot, pan or aluminum foil bag pouch on, the best tip is to use your Dutch oven. Making popcorn over the campfire using Dutch ovens is different from popping kernels in a pot. Dutch ovens are more stable to use on the direct campfire. Just make sure you have the best cooking gloves on for handling a hot Dutch oven. 

  • Popcorn Popper 


If you want to enjoy camping the way it should be, get a popcorn popper when you buy essentials for your outdoor trip or tailgating party. A popcorn popper is a deep pan with a lid and long handle. It is safe and the easiest to use. If you are into camping a lot and seeking outdoor adventures is your thing, then buying a popcorn popper is the best thing.

It is the best tip for all the camping lovers out there. Using a colander to make campfire popcorn is easy and healthy. You don’t need any oil as the holes in the colander will help the heat reach throughout to the top.

However, you need to handle the hot colander cautiously and transfer the popcorn to a pan without holes before adding toppings.

Popcorn for the Whole Family 

It is most likely that the aroma of you making campfire popcorn attracts other nearby campers to visit you if you are on a camping ground. The smell of freshly popped kernels over a campfire is so refreshing and appetizing. The best part of making campfire popcorn is eating them right after topping them with anything you like, including chocolate, caramel, salt, butter, cheese, etc.