Tips for Ironing in Tight Spaces

Nothing is more inconvenient than not having enough space in your house to iron your clothes. One of the most essential household duties is ironing clothes so we may have wrinkle-free attire for going to work or other functions. An excellent ironing board is required to iron garments efficiently. But having a large ironing board at home might be difficult for those who live in tiny houses or flats or have limited laundry facilities. Knowing these helpful tips for ironing in tight spaces will come in handy if you worry about where and how to iron your clothes if you lack space in your house. 

Using Flat Surfaces

You need a firm and flat surface to get good results when ironing without an ironing board. You may use a table, the counter in the kitchen or bathroom, the hardwood floor, or the tile floor. Carpeted floors or a bed can work well as a wrinkle remover if you are not looking for crisp creases. Nevertheless, if you do, a stiffer surface is required. No matter which one you choose, you need to cover the entire surface to protect it from the heat and steam produced by the iron. Never iron directly on wood, stone, carpet, or bedding; this can cause severe damage not only on the surface but on your garments too.

Using Ironing Blankets


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The standard material for ironing blankets is silicone-coated cotton, which is resistant to heat and scorching when exposed to high temperatures. Most of them come back with non-slip foam, making ironing a snap. The blankets are simple to fold and put away when not in use. You can use the top of the dryer as an ironing surface, so have an ironing blanket in the laundry room. The ironing blanket shields the surface of the dryer from abrasion, the ironing board, rests firmly on the floor, and the height is just suitable for effortless ironing.

Using Thick Cotton Towels

Suppose you do not own an ironing blanket. In that case, you may substitute a very thick towel made of cotton, ideally white in color. If your towels are not very thick, you can build a base by stacking two or three of the thinner towels. To prevent any color shift between the towel you are ironing and the clothing you are ironing, you will want to use either white or off-white towels. This is especially important if you will be using steam.

Using Your Chairs

Your home’s existing furniture can serve as an improvised ironing board if you do not own one. It may be your table, your chair, or even your bed. When ironing your garments, you can use either one or two chairs of the same size and design. Maintain a bridge-like position by balancing the iron board on both chairs. Cover the board with a cloth to prevent it from getting damaged.

Using Your Bed

If you use your bed, you should put a protective cloth or an ironing blanket over the top of the bed. You can now effortlessly iron your clothes without having to worry about causing damage to either your bed or your clothes.

Using Your Table

Man ironing clothes on table

You could also iron your clothes on a table in your room if you have one specifically designed for studying and if it is at a suitable height for you. Cover the table with a protective cloth or a blanket designed for ironing.

Using a Foldable Tabletop

Suppose you still favor the design of an ironing board over a piece of blanket. In that case, the next option is a tiny replica of a standard standing unit. You may obtain a little ironing board with short folding legs that can be tucked below the board for storage. You only need to place it on a table to utilize it. Because it is compact and the legs are short, storage is much easier to manage. It will fit inside most closets and tiny areas. You may also use it as a small table for your laptop or food, whether sitting on the floor or in bed. Due to its size, it is a multipurpose item.

Using a Garment Steamer

Woman ironing shirt with garment steamer

Invest in a portable garment steamer. There is a wide variety of steamers, including those designed for household usage, travel, and business settings. A garment can have its wrinkles removed and its smell refreshed in a matter of minutes with their service. Suppose your clothes become wrinkled while in storage or traveling. In that case, you can steam out many of the creases by having a hot shower, putting the garment in the bathroom, and allowing the steam to do the work for you.

Get Rid of Your Unworn Clothes

It is best to avoid jamming clothes into closets and dresser drawers as much as possible. The weight of the other stuff “irons” out the wrinkles in the clothing when it is jammed together closely. Get rid of garments you do not wear or seek clever storage solutions, such as under beds or on top of closets, to store extra or out-of-season things.

Straightening while Air-Drying

White blanket air-drying

Several methods are available besides using an iron or ironing board to remove creases from clothing. You can remove the clothes from the dryer immediately while they still have a trace of moisture on them. Then, quickly hang them so that they can dry in the air. The fabric of your garments can be straightened out while hanging to use gravity’s ability to pull out some of the creases. When the clothes are already dry, you should fold them immediately if it is something that needs to be done.

Using Your Dryer

This should be the last resort method if you have a dryer at home and do not want to do the abovementioned methods. After soaking a white towel made of woven cotton and wringing out any extra water, place the towel and the garment that has wrinkles in the dryer. Then, set it to tumble on medium heat for five to ten minutes. Immediately after removing the item of clothing, hang it up so the wrinkles can be removed. 

When you need to iron your clothing but do not have the luxury of space, knowing the options discussed above to save you space when ironing your clothes at home will come in handy. Nevertheless, the alternatives will not provide the same level of ease and enjoyable experience for those the best ironing board can give you. They will function, but there will be drawbacks that you will have to learn to live with for them to be helpful.