Tips for Getting Laundry Done Quicker


    Doing laundry is considered to be one of the most time-consuming chores to do at home, as most people would take hours to finish the task. The time-consuming aspect of doing laundry usually comes from the many processes that are a part of it, and these processes include sorting clothes, washing, drying, and even ironing. However, there are actually convenient methods that you can do so that you can finish doing laundry much quicker. In this guide, we are giving you tips on these methods so that you can also apply the quicker processes while you are doing laundry. Included in these tips is what you should do before, while, and after doing laundry.

    Keep Everything Organized

    To save you time from finding laundry products or other items you need while doing laundry, you would need to keep everything organized. So, you would need to keep laundry products in one cabinet or basket, store dirty clothes in one container, and place clean clothes in a neat area. Keeping everything organized inside the laundry room allows you to spend more time actually doing laundry than finding items. If you have trouble memorizing where items are, you can place sticky notes on specific areas of the room so that you won’t have to guess what’s inside a cabinet or basket.

    Sort Clothes Every Day

    Sorting dark and light clothes can often consume a lot of time, so in order for you to avoid this task, you and the other people living in the house should learn how to sort laundry fast every day. You can buy two baskets each for every person in the house, or you can just get two baskets and indicate that one is for dark clothes while the other is for light clothes. By following this tip, you can save time during laundry day since you won’t have to sort clothes anymore. Of course, if there are children in the house, you won’t be sure that they put clothes in the right basket, so you would need to double-check before washing the clothes manually or putting them in the washing machine.

    Use White Chalk to Get Rid of Greasy Stains

    There are some stains that are so stubborn that they won’t be removed with just a simple wash. So, in those cases, you would need to you an old school technique involving only one item, and that is the white chalk. For greasy stains, you should rub a little bit of white chalk on it, and that white chalk would then absorb the grease while the piece of clothing is being washed. By applying white chalk on stains, it would allow you to wash dirty clothes much easier, as you wouldn’t need to wash them for the second time just to get rid of the stains.

    Get Someone to Help You

    Doing anything with a partner or as a group will allow anyone to accomplish tasks much faster, and that also includes doing laundry. Get a “laundry buddy” in the house to help you sort clothes, set correct settings on the washing machine, fold clothes, or any other laundry task that would be time-consuming when done alone. This is also a convenient opportunity to teach your kids how to do laundry, although it is not guaranteed that the laundry time would be much quicker if you are teaching children to do basic laundry tasks. However, teaching them how to do laundry is beneficial in the long run, as they will get used to helping you, and they will also carry over their skills once they get older and live independently.

    Learn to Fold Clothes Faster

    If you are struggling with folding clothes, learning how to fold them faster is actually quite easy today, as there are many videos and articles online that will provide you a step-by-step guide on how to fold clothes much quicker. By reading these articles or watching these videos, you will be able to learn how to fold clothes faster in less than ten minutes, which is quite convenient if you are actually saving time.

    Apply Lavender Oil on Clothes to Get Rid of Wrinkles

    Another old school technique that you can apply to your clothes is by applying lavender oil and water to them after washing. By spraying lavender oil, you will be able to get rid of wrinkles much faster since the lavender actually relaxes the tiny fibers of the clothes’ fabric, and this method also enables you to not iron clothes anymore. However, make sure that you only apply a little amount of lavender oil on the clothes, as the liquid could change their smell.

    Use a Timer

    You should use a timer every time you do laundry so that you can time how much time you would need to wash the dirty clothes. The timer allows you to get used to a specific time to finish doing laundry, so if you put one and a half hours on the timer in every laundry day, there is a high chance that you can follow that time after constantly repeating the process. You won’t be able to follow the timer during the first days that you applied the device to your laundry process, but you will eventually learn to get used to it.

    Following the tips indicated above will surely hasten the process of doing laundry, although it is still up to you whether you have the will to learn the methods and if you are motivated to improve your laundry skills. By applying the tips, doing laundry certainly won’t feel like a “chore” to do, and you might actually enjoy it.


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