Tips for Buying Electric Blankets


    An electric bedspread or throw is a thick, durable blanket with an integrated wiring system that provides warmth and heat via coil wires. These blankets often plug into an electrical outlet and have variable heat settings. The majority of electrified linens are constructed from a blend of polyester and acrylic. This blend eliminates potential fire concerns and is sufficiently weaved to retain warmth.

    How does a heated blanket function?

    How a heated blanket function

    An electric cover consists of a series of interconnected coil wires shielded by a plastic heat-resistant coating that, when activated or plugged into an electrical outlet, offers a constant supply of heat while utilizing 120V of electricity. The wires can be heated to the desired temperature and utilized prior to or during sleep. Some individuals choose to use electric bedding solely to warm the bed, while others may like to use it throughout the night. Each brand and style of electric bedding has large connections in the end of the blanket that are used to conduct energy from the outlets to the wires within the bedding. These connectors must be physically disconnected and unplugged from the blanket prior to cleaning or washing. The most secure location for the connector during use is at the foot of the blanket or near the end of the bed. This prevents the blanket from being disconnected throughout the night or overheating as a result of sleep-related movements, such as plugging and unplugging the connectors, which can disrupt the power source.

    Newer kinds of electric bedspreads are available with thermostats and temperature gauges that measure the combination of body heat and electric heat to provide a comfortable resting environment. These models also include shutdown systems to reduce overheating and fire dangers. Once the blanket reaches a predetermined internal temperature, these devices will promptly turn it off in the event of overheating. Some versions provide the ability to pre-set the blanket’s on and off times, which increases the safety of utilizing an electric blanket.

    Newer types are heated with carbon-fiber wires to provide constant temperatures and increase safety. The majority of automobile manufacturers employ carbon-fiber wires in the building of heated seats.

    Things to Consider Before Purchasing an Electric Blanket

    Things to Consider Before Purchasing an Electric Blanket

    1. Material

    Electric blankets have gone a long way since the days of thin, scratchy fabric. These blankets are cozier than ever due to the inclusion of soft fabrics such as faux fur, micro plush, and Sherpa. These fabrics also provide additional warmth during the coldest seasons. Choose an electric blanket made of your preferred material for optimal results.

    2. Dial Style 

    When it comes to a heated blanket, the details can make all the difference. If you or your companion are light sleepers, you should look for a blanket with a digital dial, which is quieter than its traditional cousin. Typically, queen- and king-sized heated blankets include two separate controllers, which is ideal for couples who enjoy sleeping at different temperatures.

    3. Size 

    It is essential to determine where and when you will use your electric blanket. Ensure that you select the appropriate size if you intend to use it on your bed. If you simply want a blanket to cuddle with on the couch, an electric throw blanket may be the ideal option. There are even travel-sized electric blankets available for use when traveling. Regardless of where you intend to use it, it is essential to select a heated blanket of the suitable size.

    4. Care and Maintenance 

    Most modern electric blankets can be machine-washed, but the majority cannot be machine-dried. Unplug cables and clean according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. To maintain the safety and durability of your heated blanket, routinely inspect the electrical cable, connectors, and wires.

    5. Features

    Connector Location – The connector for electric blankets is typically located in the middle or a corner of the bottom edge. Depending on the location of your outlet, you may need to pay special attention to the length and orientation of the cord.

    Timers – Heated blankets have many uses besides keeping you warm. Heat can help alleviate muscular and joint discomfort caused by some medical problems. When you need to apply heat to hurting body regions for a specific amount of time, or if you don’t want to wake up sweaty in the middle of the night, a timer feature is great.

    Temperature Settings – A heated blanket with numerous temperature settings is essential for managing body temperature. Most blankets have between three and five settings, but others have as many as twenty. That may sound excessive to some, but when you find the ideal temperature, you will be glad you went the extra mile.

    6. Caution and Additional Considerations

    UL Certification – Underwriters Laboratories, an independent safety testing agency, will provide a UL Certification as their stamp of approval. This certification demonstrates that UL has evaluated and found the product safe for use. Few firms actively promote this certification, yet the majority of brand names on the market are UL-certified.

    Auto Shut Off – Electric blankets have an uncanny ability to induce sleep. Look for a heated blanket with an automatic shutoff or timer to prevent overheating and injuries.

    Customer Evaluations – Before making a purchase, it is important to evaluate the manufacturer’s listed benefits and characteristics. However, some of the most reliable and objective information may be found in user evaluations.

    7. Price

    Prices might vary and are often proportional to the fabric’s quality and the amount of functions and features. Consider the qualities that are most essential to you. Consider, though, that a quality electric blanket will last for many years, making even the most expensive ones a worthwhile purchase if it helps you sleep better and alleviates aches and pains for the next several winters.

    8. Fit

    You must be confident that an electric blanket that you drape over your mattress will stay in place and be comfortable to lie on. Some include elastic straps to keep it in place, but an elasticized skirt will typically fit the bed better and stay in place throughout the night. If you can afford it, elastic strap models are always preferred because they fit snugly over your mattress and provide a crease-free sleeping surface.

    9. Hypoallergenic

    Hypoallergenic blankets are good for allergy sufferers since the fabric is meant to be unfriendly to irritants such as bed bugs. (This looks like an excellent idea even if you don’t have allergies!)

    10. Energy Use

    Several electric blankets cost little per night to operate. If you are able to turn off the heater a bit earlier or lower the thermostat, you may save even more money. Additionally, using less energy is much better for the environment.

    Tips for ensuring the safety of your blanket

    Tips for ensuring the safety of your blanket

    To test an electric blanket, place it on the bed and turn it on for five minutes. Visually inspect and physically feel the wires to ensure they are intact and functioning properly. Listed below are additional safety precautions for using the blanket properly.

    • Turn off the power and unplug the device when it is not in use.
    • Your blanket should not be wider than the mattress.
    • Electric blankets should not be left on full night.
    • Do not turn on the blanket while it is folded or when there are items on the bed (such as books, clothing, a folded blanket, pillows or a pet). Any of the aforementioned may cause localized overheating.
    • Place the blanket flat on the mattress with the switches at the pillow end and firmly secure it.
    • Keep the power cable and switch away from the bedding.
    • Use caution with sharp or pointed things that could damage the heating element.
    • Certain versions are incompatible with futons, rubber or foam mattresses, water beds, and mattress protectors.
    • Do not use an electric blanket on a baby, an immobile person, or someone who is heat-sensitive.
    • Do not use it with a hot water bottle (which can leak) or if it is wet.
    • Have a competent specialist inspect your blanket every three years. Manufacturers recommend taking the product to one of their service agents; visit their website for a list
    • Do not wash an electric blanket unless specifically instructed to do so by the manufacturer.
    • To remove a blanket from a bed during the summer, fold it neatly but loosely, or roll it around a cylinder, and store it in a dry location.

    In conclusion

    Electric heated blankets improve the quality of your sleep by maintaining a constant heat flow around you. Therefore, the next time you are unable to sleep due to chilly weather, purchase an electric heated blanket so that you may sleep soundly even on the coldest evenings. It is a remarkable device that helps maintain adequate blood flow in the body when sleeping. It is a lifeline for locations that experience freezing temperatures. It is also particularly helpful for persons with sleep issues, since it reduces stress and induces a state of relaxation in the body.

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