Things I {don’t} Love

Good Thursday morning lovelies!
I hope you are having a great week so far. But if not, I’m sure you have a few things to complain about, and I’d love to hear all about them. Won’t you join me for a little linky I like to call Things I {don’t}Love.
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Parents who don’t teach their kids manners. I thought teaching your kids please and thank you was just common sense, but apparently not all parents practice that. I’ve been around a few children lately who didn’t have any manners and it made me sad.

Getting tattooed. Don’t let the tattoos fool you- just because I have them doesn’t mean I enjoy getting them done. I’m a weenie. My husband tattooed me just the other night and I cried 3 separate times. Like full on cried. Yep. we had to stop because I couldn’t handle it on my shin bone anymore. Anyone who says they like the feeling of getting tattooed is a liar…or they haven’t been tattooed much, because it’s not enjoyable. It’s extremely painful!
This. Stop growing please!


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