The Only Toys A Baby Needs Until Age 1

Though a newborn’s life might look like revolving around the diapers, feeding bottles, or snuggly cots only, toys are also an essential part of their lives. Toys for your little ones are as important as anything else for their emotional and social development. Age-appropriate toys help develop vision and cognitive abilities while also aiding physical development.

Research suggests that in addition to the play being a critical factor in aiding the physical and cognitive development of children, it also helps the parents connect with their babies. The play highlights the ideal way through which parents and caretakers feel connected to the babies. Imagine holding a colorful rattle in front of a newborn baby – the sheer interest of the baby is the best bond one can ever have.

What Should You Look For in a Toy?

Now that we have established the importance of toys for the holistic development of children, it is important to note what these toys should be like? Should you get all the latest robotic ones that you can find in a super fancy store or get all the types of dolls that exist? Babies need toys according to their growing age and senses. For instance, initially, babies are attracted to the different types of sounds they hear coming out from the toys.

Let us review some salient features you should keep in mind when buying toys for your infant.

  • Sound

As newborns do not have fully developed vision, they love and attend to the various types of sounds around them. They also use sound in the early months of their lives to locate objects and even persons. This is the reason you must have noticed your newborn waking up to the slightest sound of a door closing.

  • High-Contrast and Bright Color Combinations

In the earliest twomonths, newborn babies cannot make out colors other than black and white. Therefore, toys with black and white or bright colored-patterns help babies in making out several shapes and patterns.

  • Movement

While their vision is still developing, babies are delighted by toys that move, rotate, or revolve. So, look for moving toys rather than stationary ones for your baby under one year of age.

  • Dangling Toys

One of the important aspects of development in infants is the hand motor coordination; they see something and try grasping it and bringing it closer to them. This is a very critical aspect of development. Baby gyms with soft toys hanging through loops are perfect for babies under 1.

  • Touch and Feel Toys

Kids learn to differentiate between the various types of surfaces by exploring. They grasp the soft toy and learn how a cloth feels like, and then they grab their cars to differentiate how a hard object feels like. Therefore, a mix and match of soft and crunchy substances help stimulate your baby’s mind.

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What You Can Get For Your 0-6 Months Old Baby

1. Fisher-Price Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas

Fisher-Price is a reliable and popular name for manufacturing toys for kids of all ages. The rattling toys suit best for babies 0-6 months old. As initially, their vision is under the process of development, rattles such as these two colorful maracas are best for young infants. Babies look up to the sound and locate the objects with the help of it.

It is an amazing set of rattles whose shape is easy for young infants to grasp and hold. You can have an intimate, playful time with your newborn with this rattle set while also knowing that the bright colors and patterns of the toys aid the gross motor skills in babies.

2. Teethers

As soon as infants learn to grasp, they love to put everything in their mouths. This the only way they know about the features of the object. So, why not give something to them that is clean and made with the softest fabric ever? This snuggle and teething toy by Bright Starts is best for infants to 1-year-old babies.

It has teething feet, and the soft body of the toy is designed to help babies feel the difference on various surfaces. It is completely safe for the babies and very easy to wash with a damp cloth.

3. Soft Cloth Colorful Books

If you have heard that you should wait to inculcate reading habits in your children until they are older, then you could not be more wrong. Introducing soft cloth books to your infants is the very first step to encourage reading. Soft toy books are ideal for infants as they stimulate their vision development with bright colors and their recognition of various surfaces, such as soft and hard.

4. Hanging Soft Toys

The set of various soft toys with rings is a blessing for all new parents out there. Whether it is the car seat or the stroller or crib, the hanging toys excite your infant as they move and rotate. Colorful hanging toys make infants want to grab them, which is essential for their gross motor development.

Moreover, these toys also work as a distraction from surrounding if you hang them down on the crib. The movement and sound of the toys help babies develop focus and sharpen their attention.

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What You Can Get For Your 7-12 Months Old Baby

1. Plastic And Wood Vehicles

At 7-12 months of age, infants have usually mastered their grasping, so they love moving things around themselves. At this age, you can get them soft plastic cars or wooden vehicles to tow around. Babies this age love it when they can move things on their own. This is how they learn the cause of the effect of their actions.

2. Soft Balls

Balls never get out of the question when you have babies at home. Be it a newborn or a toddler, balls of various sizes, shapes, and textures are always popular among babies. A development bumpy ball by Sassy Store is amazing for infants.

The shape of the ball is bumpy, which is ideal for infants to grasp and hold. The bright colors on the ball are very eye-catching and beneficial for your kids’ development of vision.

3. Soft Plastic or Wooden Blocks

As a part of loving to do things on their own, infants love to build things – and what could be better than a set of blocks. Blocks help aid the gross motor development of infants as they learn to grasp and put things together. Watching an elder sibling or parent build blocks is also very entertaining for infants.

4. Soft Things to Crawl Over or Push Around

If you have space in your home, then the soft climb and crawl activity playset is ideal for infants. It is great as an activity that keeps your infant engrossed for a very long time. The soft cushions come in various sizes and shapes with bright colors to engage infants’ attention. They are stuffed with a soft but sturdy material allowing the infants to actively climb over while also protecting their little bodies from injuries.

Final Words

Toys for babies are no more considered an accessory. They are essential for the holistic development of the child’s brain and physical growth. Age-appropriate toys are the best things you can get for your kids as they stimulate their senses and growth for the upcoming days.