The Only Things You Need to Throw a Mind-Blowing Party at Home

Throwing a party is the best way to celebrate any occasion in your life, but it can be pretty daunting no matter how you look at it. Some might be able to afford a party planner and a venue outside of their home, but most of us would like to save as much as possible while still entertaining our friends and family.

Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to throw an amazing party right in your own living space. If you don’t do some planning beforehand, though, even the simplest party could end up fraying your nerves and ruining the precious time you have with your loved ones.

There’s no one secret or trick to throwing a wonderful party in your home, but there are a few tips to keep in mind. You don’t have to blow your whole budget, though there’s no need to drive yourself crazy by making everything from scratch either. Instead, it’s best to focus on the most essential items required for an awesome time. Here are just a few to get you started:

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1. Have a Theme

If you’re just having a casual get together, it’s not really essential to have a theme of any sort. However, we’re talking about a party here, so there’s probably an occasion to plan for. Having at least a general theme in mind will help you decorate, cook, and plan accordingly.

It might get expensive to buy everything for a too-specific theme, so keep things as simple as possible. A birthday party is a theme in itself, which allows you to focus on getting colorful, blingy, or sparkly items for a cheerful environment. These gold foil napkins are just one example:

R&H Party Cocktail Napkins

These rose gold napkins will be perfect for a number of occasions, saving you the cost and hassle of cloth napkins. They make for great photos, while their practical use is also undeniable. You can choose the words “Happy Birthday”, “Mr.  & Mrs.” or something else according to the occasion.

The set of 100 should be enough to around at most parties, while the triple-ply structure makes sure that guests can get a lot of use out of each napkin. They’re durable, highly absorbent, and printed with food-grade ink for a safe experience.

2. Staging a Party Atmosphere

Your guests are going to come in with certain expectations, so make sure they’re well-fed and entertained. This doesn’t mean that you have to slave away in the kitchen all day; nor does it mean that you splurge on expensive items. There’s always a middle way, such as focusing on the party snacks, cooking what’s easy for you, and buying the rest.

For instance, you could have storebought snacks such as cheese, crackers, and olives on one table. Contribute your own efforts by slicing up some fruit and making a varied platter for your guests. Dips are usually easy to make, but you can always buy the cheap kind for your convenience. Have the drinks ready on another table, with glasses and straws if needed.

There are some cheese platters and cutting boards that can help you with your pretensions. Here’s one of the best options available right now:

Picnic at Ascot Bamboo Cheese Board/Charcuterie Platter

A food platter

This bamboo cheese platter is just what you need for a lovely serving experience for your guests. While you’d still have to buy the components for it, the markers and bowls will give you an idea of what goes where. These also a groove around its edge to collect the juices, saving your table and other surfaces from stains.

The materials here are food-safe and organic, with ceramic for the bowls and bamboo for the spoons and board. However, make sure that the size is enough for your parties, as the smaller version is mostly appropriate for small, intimate gatherings.

3. Labor-Saving Devices

Don’t be afraid of investing in a few items that will save you the labor of party planning as well as the cleanup afterward. This could be something like a high-end vacuum cleaner, a powerful blender, or even a dishwasher if the parties are quite frequent. All these items do cost a fair bit, but they’re necessary if you want to throw a party without worrying too much about the hassle.

Along with planning these conveniences for yourself, keep in mind that it’s all right to cut a few corners when you have a lot of people coming over. At the end of the night, you don’t have to make the place spick and span before turning in. A great birthday party or housewarming party will most likely mess up your home, so don’t stress out too much and get some sleep before tackling the craziness left behind.

There are also some party-specific devices that could help you with the décor and planning. Check out this little gadget that can help you blow up a record number of balloons:

Control Balloon Products Tota Hand-Held 2-Way Dual Action Balloon Pump for Balloons


Even if you’re used to simple apartment living, there are times when you simply need a big bunch of balloons for a successful party. Blowing all of them up with your moth is exhausting and unhealthy, so it might be a good idea to invest in the balloon pump for the long term.

This pump will be great for blowing up all manner of balloons for decoration, while you can also use it during the party to make balloon animals for any young guests. Even kids as young as 8 or 9 can use this quite easily, though adult supervision is always advised. Many reviewers have reported that this pump is easy to use and can save the day when you want to make a balloon sculpture or a fancy balloon tower.

4. Some Festive Décor

Some might think it’s a waste of time and money to put up decorations for a grown-up party. However, there’s nothing like a few well-chosen party décor items to completely transform your living space and get everyone into a partying mood. Take some time, blow up those balloons, and hang up a banner to make things seem as festive as possible. This will also help you see the potential of your home as a party space, increasing your confidence for future plans.

Party décor doesn’t have to anything fancy or permanent; all you’d need are some props to brighten the place up. These will also make for great photo ops, making your party Instagram-worthy as well as fun I real life. Check out these gorgeous balloons for a versatile option:

Dandy Décor 60 Pack Dandy Decor Rose Gold Balloons

This 60-pack of balloons contains confetti balloons with ribbons, rose-gold balloons, and gold confetti balloons. These will do nicely for several occasions, such as an engagement, a birthday, a baby shower, or bridal shower. If you think 60 is too much for just one party, you can always keep the rest for more special occasions in the future.

The balloons themselves are long-lasting and durable, so you can be sure that they’d last for the whole event. They’re easy to blow up, sturdy, and have a beautiful appearance with the confetti swirling around inside. While they’re not expensive, the effect is enough to give a chic appearance to any room of your house or apartment.

5. Easy Cutlery

Fancy dinnerware is all very well when you’re having elegant parties all the time. However, more casual events will probably call for something less valuable. If you want the minimum amount of stress and cleanup, getting some disposable plates could be the best idea. This might not be the most environmentally-friendly choice, but you can always recycle the paper and plastic.

The usual choice for a college party are the red solo cups, but some gold-rimmed ones would probably be better for a more adult party at home. These tumblers will give you a safe experience while also lending an air of elegance to the table:

Munfix 100 Gold Plastic Cups


Munfix 100 Gold Plastic Cups

These cups are fancy yet disposable options that can give you just what’s needed for your next party. Place a stack of these next to the punchbowl or set them out on the dining table. While they’re technically plastic, the gold rim will be fancy enough for most parties.

Afterward, you can simply throw away these cups or recycle them. This will minimize cleanup and save your fancy glasses as well. The plastic is BPA-free as well, so you can drink teas in these as well as soda, juices, etc.


When you’re used to the idea of throwing a party at home, things are only going to get easier from here on out. Once you’re comfortable with the usual party themes, try branching out into more unique ideas. Having a memorable picnic right in your backyard might be a good place to start.