The Only Things You Need For A Memorable Picnic


    Most of our time nowadays is spent indoors. From being at work to unwinding at home, everything is done within the confines of our walls. Even our commute every day to and from work, school, or college, is done inside a vehicle. It is then no wonder that thousands of people flock to parks and public areas the second the weekend starts. It is not only immensely relaxing to be outside for a while, but also extremely beneficial to our physical and mental health and a hugely important part of staying fit. People often do not engage in taxing activities when they go outside, preferring instead to simply sit down under the shade of a tree with a sandwich in their hand.

    Picnics are a wonderful way to spend a free day. Taking along friends, family, or just an engaging book can work wonders in relieving the stress you might have accumulated over the past few days. But a park is much different compared to your room back at home. If you’re planning on taking a picnic, here are some essential items that you should take along to ensure your picnic goes smoothly and you avoid any potential problems.

    A Basket

    If you plan to make your picnic a more social outing than a lonesome one, and are taking along other people, you are probably planning to take some food and other stuff along too. Talk and laughter is fun, but food and drinks really set the mood at a picnic. And if you’re going to be carrying other items, like the insect repellent mentioned above, it makes no sense for each person to take along his own personal backpack or purse. A basket will free your shoulders and hold all the items you’re taking along, making it a convenient spot to retrieve something you want from.

     A Picnic Mat

    Though it feels great to be outdoors every now and then, you don’t want to get too close to nature. Resting under a tree next to a pond feels invigorating alright, but you wouldn’t appreciate getting mud on your clothes now would you. Taking along a picnic mat can be a good decision when you get tired and just want to lie down. Even when you and your partners are sitting around talking and eating, it would be much safer to just sit on a mat than to end up with grass and mud residue on your pants.

     Paper Plates And Cups

    Of course, don’t get too carried away with excitement when you’re packing all your favorite snacks and beverages. You don’t want to end up holding everything in your hand when you’re eating. Taking along some paper plates, cups, and utensils is a good idea for a picnic if you don’t want it to end up in a mess.


    So, you’re all well fed and rested, but what do you do about your dirty hands and mouth? You don’t want to go around looking for a source of water, leaving your basket behind or taking it in turns to do so. And you might even have had difficulty eating after a few bites if you had accidently smeared a potato on your face. Luckily, a very simple solution exists; napkins. Taking along a bunch of napkins anywhere you go is never a bad idea, especially on a picnic. They’re cheap and really useful.

     Trash Bags

    If you’re going outside to connect with nature for a while, be sure to respect it as well. No one like picnickers that come around, laugh and dine, and then leave without picking up the paper plates and food wrappers they left behind. Not only is this bad etiquette, it also means more work for the park maintenance as well as ruining the look of the picnic spot. Be mindful of your impact on fellow picnickers and take some trash bags along with you so you can bring the remnants of your picnic and properly dispose of them.

     Insect Repellent

    The whole point of you going on a picnic is to relax, and that becomes nigh impossible if you have dozens of critters bumping into your face and biting your arms. Though it’s not certain, it is still very likely that whichever park you end up choosing for your picnic will be home to at least some mosquitos if nothing else. With that fact established, it is a very good idea to take some insect repellent along with you. This way you remain unbothered and can focus on the actual relaxing part of the picnic.


    And there you have it; the only things you need for a memorable picnic. As you can see, it doesn’t cost much or require much effort to go on a picnic, and the health rewards are so worth it. All that is left now is choosing the perfect place to have a picnic at. If you desire a bit more adventure on your day out, check out our article on the only things you need for a great day out on a boat. And if you want to take your connection with nature to the next step, why not read up on the only things you need for a great hiking trip.

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