The Only Small Appliances You Need at College


    College life is a testing time for all. The new environment and the burden to live on your own add up to the ever-existent pressure of studies. Every student tries to pack as much as possible to prepare for the new experience ahead. However, the dorms are not designed to fit each and everything you need. So, you have to improvise.

    We have created a list of some essential appliances that any student would require to make his/her dorm feel like home. These appliances won’t only help in creating a better environment, but will also assist you in your daily routine. They are as follows:

    1. Mini Maker

    If you are a fan of hot serve foods, then you must invest in a handy mini maker. This device will prove to be one of the best decisions you ever made. It is a versatile cooking vessel that can make anything from Panini to a delicious English muffin. You can also use it to reheat your leftovers and try new recipes for those late-night cravings.

    2. Mini Fridge

    The refrigerator is a bare necessity for anyone these days. Having one in your dorm will give you access to cold beverages and fresh food at any time of the day. Also, it is utterly suitable for storing your leftovers and even your meal preparations. The best part is, it is so little that you won’t even notice it in your dorm room.

    3. Coffee Maker

    College without coffee is like a beach trip without a sunset. Any student can relate to the early morning coffee needs. Instead of waiting in the cafeteria in those long queues, you should get a machine set up and ready to serve in your dorm. It will not only save you time but also enable you to enjoy a hot cup of coffee before getting on to your routine.

    4. Portable Blender

    Good health is important, especially if you are a student who has to be present-minded at all times. And what screams health better than a fresh smoothie?  Instead of wasting your money on diluted milkshakes, get a portable blender, and prepare your drinks in a matter of seconds. Not only is it healthier but convenient and tasty as well.

    5. Washing Machine

    The long waiting lines on the laundry days disrupt the entire schedule for students. Instead of piling up loads of dirty clothes, it is better that you get rid of them daily or at least twice a week.  For ease, consider getting a high-quality portable washer. It will be convenient and help you ditch the long hours of laundry.

    6. Dryer

    Nothing is worse than handling wet drippy clothes. The fear of dropping any piece and getting it dirty all over again is another horror story. Also, the mess and heavyweight are something everyone runs from.  To solve this problem, you should invest in a portable spin dryer for your dorm.

    7. Water Filter

    It is needless to say that water is an essential requirement for every human being. Staying hydrated is essential for good health, which in turn maintains good educational performance. While you should consume an adequate amount of water, it is also necessary that you have it available in a pure form.

    For that purpose, you need a water filter. Unlike those giant ones, get a small portable unit that will store enough water for you and your roommate(s). Moreover, it will also filter out all the harmful impurities, leaving fresh and safe water for you to drink.

    8. Hot Pot

    Most people don’t prefer eating cold food. And sadly, in the dorms, you either have to compromise or improvise. Thanks to the invention of the hot pot, the chances of improvisation are higher.  Whether you have food that you want to eat later or maybe some leftovers you want to reheat, this tool will get the job done efficiently.

    9. Steamer

    One struggle that every college student has to face is wrinkly outfits. Just because you can’t always get your clothes ironed, you rarely get the chance to wear decent clothes. This is why most of the students wear simple tees and jeans to avoid the hassle and save time.  But this problem isn’t that hard to solve, all you need is a portable steamer, and you can bid farewell to wrinkled clothes.

    10. Hot Plate

    While warming your food in a microwave oven is extremely convenient, having one in your dorm is a trouble that you might want to avoid. But no worries, because the world doesn’t end on a microwave.The best thing is that you can replace most of the cooking devices with a portable hot plate. Not only is it perfect to cook food, but you can also use it to reheat your leftovers. Moreover, because of its small size, you can store it away in any corner of the room.

    11. Vacuum Cleaner

    Even though cleaning is not everyone’s cup of tea, shared places tend to get messier and even germier. To avoid any mishaps that might happen due to your lack of cleanliness, it is always a good idea to be prepared beforehand.

    One step of this preparation is to have a vacuum cleaner on hand at all times. You don’t have to get a hefty one. Instead, you can opt for a compact one that is easy to store but cleans up just as good as the traditional one.

    The Bottom Line

    These were some of the essential appliances that any college student might need. These will help the young, newly independent students to get used to the chores and responsibilities. Also, these machines are a great way to get the necessary tasks done without disturbing their routine.

    If you know someone in college or if you are going to attend one soon, then you must go for the highlighted products for a better college experience.


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