The Importance of Using Lubricants On Doors and Hinges

Are you tired of listening to those high-pitched squeaks from the door hinges every time you or someone else opens the doors? If the answer is yes, then it is about time for proper metal joint and hinge maintenance, and that starts with making sure they are lubricated in the right way.

No matter what quality or brand your door is, it will weaken quickly if you do not carry out sufficient upkeep. Timely lubrication of your doors will prevent them from falling off and guarantee a smooth execution of all its mechanisms.

It is a really simple procedure that does not require any technicalities and thus should never be skipped. Here’s more about how important door hinge lubrication is. Also discussed further are some of the best door lubricants, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing the right product for you.

Why is Using Lubricants on Doors and Hinges Important? 

Those who aren’t aware of what are door lubricants, they are oily substances specially designed to keep door hinges, screws, screw heads, and similar parts lubricated. Why is a door lubricant important? It prevents the door parts from corroding early and experiencing more friction.

Hinges, because of their small size, might seem trivial but are an important element of the door construction. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that hinges affix the doors firmly to the place they should be. Hinges hold the load of the door leaf and enable the slab to move handily.

Inadequate or no lubrication makes the hinges might creak, leaving the door at an angle that may damage a side leaf. Cleaning and lubrication are the primary efforts to prevent door hinges from corroding. It is essential to lubricate them with graphite or mineral grease at least once or twice each year.

Lubricating also protects against water and rust. The water-resistant element within modern lubricants will deter water from accumulating on the hinges. Even sliding glass patio doors need lubrication. Of course, they don’t need greasing done on the hinges because they don’t have one. But greasing their upper and lower rollers will prevent resistance against smooth sliding.

Things to Consider Before Buying Door Lubricants

The thickness of the Lubricant

You must be thinking of how the thickness of a lubricant relates to its efficiency. But the truth is, a lubricant’s thickness is crucial, especially when a mess-free application is everyone’s priority. If we talk about thicker vs thinner lubricating solutions, none is best from the other. Instead, both are better for different situations.

Thinner lubricants tend to drip when applied and thus account for more mess. They also dry almost instantly and thus require layers of application to ensure they last long. Though the process is messy, lighter liquids are easier to apply and also attract less dust. On the other hand, applying thicker liquids is difficult, but the quest is worth performing as heavier lubricants are more durable.

Type of Lubricant Composition 

The composition of the purchased lubricant should suit the door hinges you intend to grease, or else the results won’t be as effective as you might expect. Lubricants are mostly made using silicone, lithium, or Teflon. Checking the solution’s composition with your doors and hinges will make sure they won’t adversely affect your hinges.

The table below discusses the materials each of the five best lubricants on our list contains to help you make a better purchase.

  3-IN-ONE Multi-Purpose OilWD-40 Specialist Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose GreasePermatex White Lithium GreaseCRC White Lithium GreaseAGS DEK3 Door Ease Stick Lubricant
CompositionNon-detergent Oils, PTFECalcium Salts, Silicone White LithiumWhite LithiumPetroleum Distillates 
Best For: Metal, Plastic and Nylon, WoodHeavy Duty Metal,  Hard Plastic,  Hard RubberMetal, Plastic and Nylon,  WoodMetal, Plastic and Nylon,  WoodExposed Surfaces of Metal, Wood, Glass, Plastic,  Rubber


Refrain from selecting a lubricant that’s extremely reactive to changes in the atmosphere. Though all lubricants house strong chemicals to make up a potent greasing and rust-preventing solution, many light options react against certain conditions like marine pressure, humidity, and cold.

Moreover, it would help if you also take care of your interior and part of the door that you don’t intend to grease, but they somehow come in contact with the lubricant’s solution. Avoid buying severely harmful lubricants; otherwise, carry out the application process under strict care so that neither you nor your precious interior gets harmed.

Top 5 Best Lubricant For Doors and Hinges 

Where to Buy
3-IN-ONE Multi-Purpose Oil
WD-40 Specialist Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Grease
Permatex White Lithium Grease
CRC White Lithium Grease
AGS DEK3 Door Ease Stick Lubricant

1. 3-IN-ONE Multi-Purpose Oil

With this Multi-Purpose lubricating oil bottle, you will get an ideal 8-ounce composition your squeaking door hinges need. The 3-IN-ONE brand has been in the market for over a century now, which probably justifies why its lubricant is the number one product on our list. 

Coming to the performance of the 8 oz bottle, users can get three experiences at once: cleaning, protection against corrosion and rust, and of course, lubricating. This means that though you intend to use the bottle for greasing only, 3-IN-ONE will simultaneously clean the hinges to make your door smoother than ever before. 

Moreover, this lube will coat the hinges with a rustproof layer so that you don't have to lubricate your doors after frequent gaps. Another feature to note is, the lubricant can be consumed in versatile situations like door hinges, padlocks, locks, parts, bolts, nuts and tools, and more. 

The 8 ounces 3-IN-ONE Multipurpose bottle equips a narrow nozzle that needs to be squeezed for getting the oil out which helps in a precise application with no splatter or overspray. Furthermore, the manufacturer has added a fill indicator strip that tells you when you're running low. 


  • Greases your door hinge to provide smooth squeak-free operation.
  • Composition includes a cleaning agent.
  • Prevents lubricated areas from corroding 


  • Composition tends to solidify in cold weather zones

2. WD-40 Specialist Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Grease

WD-40 is another best-selling lubricant for doors and hinges that is more famous for its brand name than the solution. The WD-40 hails from the best-known and best acclaimed lubricating oil-producing companies.

Due to its specialized composition, WD-40 Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Grease has kept the manufacturer's name. The product comes in a conveniently sized spray bottle, a huge bounty for people for whom storage is a serious issue. 

The composition itself is silicone-based and works to grease and cover targeted surfaces with a water-resistant lube. Moreover, the solution settles in just a few seconds, ensuring instant lubricating action without you having to wait around for it to settle. 

Perhaps, the biggest reason for the WD-40's Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Grease fame is not only its lubrication power but also its versatility. Besides metal, WD-40 can perform on vinyl, plastic, and even rubber. 

Last but not least, WD-40 is praised for its safety, which is essential. The spray is safe for keeping in all types of atmospheric conditions as long as it is used with precautions in mind, which means that this spray bottle holds little raw power like some other options in our list feature. 


  • Allows precise spraying via the nozzle styled spray 
  • Greases and protects all metal faces
  • Instantly dries up to spread evenly across the area and start functioning


  • The solution tends to stick on the spray nozzle if not cleaned after use

3. Permatex White Lithium Grease

Those who require just enough lube for a spot in a door part will not necessarily need a huge bottle full of grease. The 1.5-ounce Permatex White Lithium Grease tube will work just fine for such cases. You can grease a small area and then conveniently store the remaining solution without worrying about its size.

However, a limited amount has its drawbacks. Do not go with this option if you have more than just a few squeaking doors in your house because the Permatex won't last this far. Coming to its composition, the lubricant is made from lithium grease, which functions great on metal and metal plus plastic contact joints. 

Thanks to Lithium compounds' water-repelling and friction-eliminating powers, the 1.5-ounce tube is best in protecting the targeted areas from corrosion and rust.  You can use Permatex White Lithium Grease for just about anything that needs a sprucing up.  

What makes Permatex White Lithium Grease a top choice for most people is its convenient size that easily fits in toolkits and small bags, making it handy enough to be taken anywhere it is required. 


  • Convenient 1.5 oz tube 
  • Lubricates door hinges well, along with other surfaces
  • Non-odor composition
  • Prevents surfaces from rusting and corroding


  • 1.5 oz tube might fall short if you have a large task at hand

4. CRC White Lithium Grease

You might have heard the saying, "Big things come in small packages," the CRC White Lithium Grease is a true picture of that. Though the bottle is very compact, it compromises not even a thread of the lubricating power the inside white lithium-based composition has got. 

Despite the smaller size that makes it seem perfect for smaller-scale projects, the CRC White Lithium Grease is a lesser-in-quantity but more-in-power lube for huger materials like giant metal joint doors, continuous functioning motors, hardcore engines, and machine bolts. 

If you search for a simple greasing oil to dab on your house door hinges, the CRC container may house a little more punch than you expected. However, it's a perfect option for garage doors or an extensively squeaky door.  

CRC White Lithium's formula is also pretty long-lasting and will serve you for at least a year as specified by the manufacturer.  Because it comes in a simple bottle instead of a convenient spray or tube style container, applying CRC can result in some mess, but that's worth the greasing and rust prevention standard you get. 


  • Small size yet mightier white lithium grease formula
  • Best for 


  • Conventional bottle design accounts for messy application

5. AGS DEK3 Door Ease Stick Lubricant

The biggest plus you should know before knowing about the AGS DEK3 Door Ease Stick Lubricant is it's extremely long-lasting. It will last for more than just a few years before you feel the need to buy a new door lubricant. However, to support its longevity, make sure you keep it protected, especially from heat, or the stick will reduce from melting. 

Because the product doesn't come in any container, tube, or spray, you need to be very careful with its application. If you think using a greasy stick will be a lot messier, you may have to look for other options. Talking about AGS DEK3's Door Ease Stick Lubricant performance, there should be no complaint about it. 

The AGS stick will make sure your doors become free from irrational squeaks. The stick can be used for lubricating door hinges and gates, drawers, and cupboard doors.


  • Long-lasting 
  • Affordable
  • Will not stain clothing or upholstery 


  • Stick design is difficult to apply and store


This was all about lubricating your doors and hinges and their importance. So far, we hope you are convinced of the only remedy that can prevent the doors of your place from making that constant irritating squeaking sound.

Make sure that the targeted door hinges are not entirely damaged before deciding to lubricate because if that’s the case, then you’ll probably have to replace them all altogether. If not, then you must try one of the best lubricants mentioned before.

We recommend going with the Permatex White Lithium Grease as it is the best choice for fixing a couple of noisy doors without costing you a fortune. If your house needs a bigger task, look no further than the 3-IN-ONE Multi-Purpose Oil as it is an ideal option for lengthy lubricating tasks and is pretty inexpensive.