The Essential Items You Need for a Prom Night

Every high school goer knows that prom night is kind of a big deal. The event is an opportunity for everyone to dress up, and for seniors to celebrate with their schoolmates before the final year exams start rolling in. From styling your neck to planning your outfit, make your prom experience special by investing in the following essentials.

Prom dress

Besides your wedding day, prom is one of the most crucial events you’ll need to dress up for. If you have a dress style that you like to flaunt on casual meetups, maybe stick with that theme in your prom outfit. Also, being aware of your face shape will help you select a neckline that complements your overall appearance. Triangle faces, for instance, work best with sweetheart necklines, while oval ones well with empire and v-necks.

With that said, the following three prom dresses should work well for the night:

Where to Buy
BerryGo Women's Sexy V Neck Bodycon Sequin Gown Evening Dress with Slit
Ever Girl Women's Sweep Lace Appliques Scoop Collar Tulle A-Line Prom Dresses
Beauty Kai Women's Long Formal Sequin Chiffon Evening Prom Dress



When it comes to the prom bag, one of the best options is to go with a formal style which is typically a clutch. You can choose an envelope or a box style, or go with another type. We recommend choosing a clutch with a shoulder strap that tucks inside and easily detaches. This should make it convenient to carry the bag and remove it once the night is over. Even bags featuring wrist straps are better than no strap models. Of course, check to see if your makeup, wallet, and phone fit in before you make a purchase.

Some good options for prom bags are:

Where to Buy
Desy & Feeci Womens Glitter Clutch-Bling Envelope Evening Bag Purse Handbag with Chain for Wedding Prom Cocktail Party
Gabrine Womens Evening Bag Handbag Clutch Purse Rhinestone-Studded Flap for Wedding Party Prom
GESU Womens Shining Envelope Clutch Purses Evening Bag Handbags For Wedding and Party



Updoing your hair for the prom night doesn’t mean you need to wear an enormously large crown. A compact, elegant tiara can turn heads and is a better option for prom events. You’ll also need to consider your face type before ordering a tiara to wear on prom night. Go for a style that is opposite to your face shape; a rounded one if you have a long face and a pointy one if you have a round structure. The hair length doesn’t matter much as most tiaras work with both short and long hair types.

Some cool tiaras for prom night include:

Where to Buy
Makone Crystal Crowns and Tiaras with Comb Headband for Girl or Women Birthday Party Wedding Prom Bridal Valentine
Crystal Tiara Crown For Women - Encci Gorgeous Pretty Crystal Tiara Crown Headband Princess Elegant Crown with Combs for Women Girls Bridal Wedding Prom Birthday Party (Fashion)
DcZeRong Tiara Crown Queen Crowns Prom Tiara Wedding Tiaras Prom Crowns Women Tiaras Bridal Tiaras



Besides making sure that the shoes complement your outfit, you’ll want to ensure you feel comfortable in them. That’s because you’ll be spending the majority of your time on your feet. Buy something that’s easy to walk and dance in. Also, make sure the heel height is at a level that you can easily tolerate. You can go with something that has just a single strap around your angle, or a shoe that really pops and attracts attention. This shoe can be super shiny and strappy, or maybe a fully dazzled pump.

If you’re looking for options, here are some cool choices:

Where to Buy
DREAM PAIRS Women's Low-Chunk Low Heel Pump Sandals with Ankle Strap
Enzo Romeo Kinmi25N Womens Open Toe Mid Heel Wedding Rhinestone Gladiator Sandal Shoes
DREAM PAIRS Women's Hi-Lo High Heel Platform Pump Sandals



Whether your dress is off-the-shoulder or strapless, long or short, make sure to support it with an elegant necklace. For a plunging or V-neck prom dress, opt for something longer. A lariat style, on the other hand, should work well with a backless outfit. Another thing to take into consideration is the fabric of your dress; if it’s draped with gold or silver threat, you may want to choose a gold or silver necklace of a similar tone. If the majority of it is ornate, you may want to use bracelets and earrings while skipping the necklace altogether. That said, necklaces are suitable for most types of prom outfits.

Here are some options to consider for the necklace:

Where to Buy
Miraculous Garden Silver Infinity Rhinestone Crystal Choker Necklace Jewelry Gift for Women Girls,Womens Bride Wedding Prom Birthday Party Fashion Necklace Jewelry
EVER FAITH Marquise CZ Simulated Pearl Bridal Flower Leaf Filigree Necklace Earrings Bracelet Set
Holylove Gorgeous Costume Necklace fit for Hollywood Film Star Feel Showgirl Wedding Statement Jewelry


By getting these essentials upfront, you should be well prepared to have the time of your life. However, don’t forget to follow these do’s and don’ts to smooth sail throughout the event.

Do: Carry a pair of flip flops or slip-ons with you 

Trust us, it can be difficult for you to deal with the dance floor demands until the sun rises in your feels. You’ll want to take them off at some point (unless you’re accustomed to wearing them for long periods), and that’s where slip-ons are going to come useful.

Don’t: Hesitate to eat in front of him 

If your stomach feels empty on from night, eat until it is satisfied. Enjoy those scrumptious sweets to the fullest, without hesitation of what your date may think of you. It’s better to do everything that makes you feel comfortable rather than faint because you didn’t eat right before the event.

Do: Take as many photos as you desire

During and before the event, capture as many types of pictures as you desire. You can even go for those weird selfies where everyone is holding props without hesitation. Make sure everyone you know is there in your album. The pictures will serve as a reminder of a special time you spent with your buddies in your tenure at school.

Don’t: Go to the prom on an empty stomach

Make sure you’re well-hydrated and you’ve eaten something before making your way to the event. We say this because prom food doesn’t have a good rep. Students sometimes get gastritis and things could turn uncomfortable. Moreover, H2o is necessary to prevent dehydration. All the energy you’ll be consuming while tapping your feet on the dance floor, drinking lots of water is utmost essential.

Prom nights are special, so take these steps to ensure you’re well-dressed and ready to enjoy.