The Essential Items You Need for a Prom Night

Have you ever pictured yourself attending that long-awaited prom? You’re flaunting the adorable dress you ordered online or the chic gown you’ve been eyeing in the store for weeks. Additionally, you have your charming prince charming with you as your companion. You both hear your names being called out as the Prom King and Queen as you are having the time of your lives.

Sounds like a perfect experience coming straight from a fairy tale, right? Well, these are not just reserved for your imagination because you can turn these into your reality. 

We know that proms are the much-awaited events in a high school student’s life. It symbolizes an achievement of a milestone and marks another opening of a chapter. It is also the time wherein students get to be at their best; girls get to wear their gowns and dress, and boys with their suits or tuxedos. But most importantly, it is an avenue for promoting inclusivity since everyone gets to participate and feel like they belong. 

Therefore, we are here to help you prepare for this big moment. Here is a list of the essential items you need for your perfect prom experience, which will be divided into two. The first list will enumerate the major components of your look for the night, and the second one will include the prom night essentials you’ll be keeping in your purse or bag. All that’s left to do is to screenshot this or create a checklist including these items, and you’re all set to start preparing for the prom night you’ll never forget. 

1. Gown

Finding that prom dress might be a little overwhelming. You will be going through a lot of options and seeing a lot of designs. If you’re planning to unleash the queen in you on this big night, you might want to go the extra mile to look for the perfect glamorous dress. 

Take into account that there are different types of dresses, such as ball gown dresses, a-line dresses, halter neck dresses, and many more. These dresses are made to highlight a feature of your body; for example, ball gowns accentuate a woman’s waist. Therefore, you need to invest a little time into finding one that will make you not just beautiful but also confident for the rest of the night. 

2. Shoes

What other things can make you feel like a queen while walking other than wearing the perfect shoes? Shoes are an important aspect of your prom-night look. Therefore, you must choose a pair of shoes that looks pretty and won’t stop you from enjoying the night.

Although wearing heels is quite the norm, especially when wearing a gown, we won’t be forcing you to wear one. There are different types of shoes you can wear for the prom. Aside from the usual heeled court shoes or block heels, you can opt for ballerina flats or even strappy sandals. What matters the most is not the type of shoes you’re wearing but how you carry yourself throughout the night. 

3. Jewelry

woman getting ready for prom

Some might consider choosing jewelry for prom as the least important thing to do when preparing for your prom night. However, jewelry pieces are just as important as the dress you will wear. It adds more sophistication and elegance to your overall appearance. 

It matters what jewelry you wear because choosing the wrong ones will ruin your look. When selecting your earrings, you must consider your hairstyle and dress design. Opt for smaller ones if the upper portion of your dress is already embellished. On the other hand, if you will be wearing a simple and classic dress, complement it by wearing earrings that glitter.

This goes the same in choosing a necklace; you may skip wearing one if the top is already full of embellishments to avoid having much going on at the same time.

4. Bag

Another important component of your prom look is your bag. The common types used are handbags, baguettes, wristlets, or clutches. You may want to match the color of your bag to your dress, but you can also opt for that contrast effect by choosing bags that complement your dress color or matches your shoes and jewelry. 

However, issues with color-matching are a lesser concern. We need to focus more on the functionality of the bag. It would be best if you found a bag that is small enough not to catch attention and distract your dress but also large enough to carry your prom essentials. 

What should be in Your bag?

flat lay of female fashion accessories and pink handbag on white background

After we have gone through the major components of your look for the prom, we now need to proceed with the tiny details that will for sure cover your unexpected moments during the best night of your life. Here is the list of our top five most important prom essentials you should pack in your bag.

1. Makeup

The night of your prom tends to last much longer due to the activities that your student council or teachers have planned. Certainly, there will be lots of food available for you to munch on. The dancefloor will also be expecting your presence. And we don’t want you holding back on yourself for fear of ruining your makeup. 

Therefore, first on our list of the things you need to pack in your bag is makeup, specifically compact powder, lipstick, and mascara. Bringing these three with you will keep you looking fresh and pretty all night. 

2. Phone

Since phones are the main ways of communication, you must bring yours with you. That way, you can easily contact your friends or family members in times of emergency. You can also use your phones to capture memories from the night. However, bringing your phone does not necessarily mean you can use it anytime. Focus on the event and enjoy the night. 

3. Perfume

You won’t like smelling like sweat for the rest of your prom experience, right? To maintain looking fresh and smelling good, bring a small vial of your favorite perfume to combat that sweat and odor problems. 

4. Mints

Aside from ensuring that you smell good all night long, you must also keep your breath smelling fresh. By packing mints in your bag, you won’t have to worry about talking with bad breath, especially to your date. 

5. Money

You might probably wonder why the need to bring money if everything is already provided in the venue. Just like having your phone with you, money can save you during emergencies.  

There you go! You are now ready to enter the prom scene with a complete list of essentials. We understand that preparing for your prom experience can take much time; sometimes, you might get overwhelmed with what you need to do. But please, don’t ever forget to enjoy the moment. 

Even if things do not go as planned, make sure that you’re still having a good time. Focus on the good things instead of the bad and make the most out of this experience.