The Essential Beach Packing List

Summer is here! It is the time of the year when you put on your sunscreen, wear barmudas, and head for the beach.

Worried about what to pack for your beach trip? Do not stress out. We can help you out. Stick to the list we have mentioned below, and you’ll list will have everything from basics to luxury without missing any much-needed items.

Keep in mind that your baggage should always be multifunctional and weightless. The goal is to freshen up, not to build on the stress. Therefore, avoid packing too much, especially for a beach vacation.

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Following is a list of essentials that your beach trip should include: 

1.Travel Medications


Would you ever want to get sick on your vacations? Nobody does – therefore, never forget to pack a First-Aid Kit to be used in case of any unwanted emergency situation. As a precautionary measure, always be prepared to take waterproof bandages, allergy pills, sanitizer, and other over-the-counter medicines.

And if you are traveling with kids, then a first aid kit is a must as kids can get hurt on a trip. Cuts and scratches from sharp rocks within the sea are very common.

2. Packing Organizers


Travel organizers will make it easy for you to pack, no matter you are traveling with just a backpack or loading up your car. We recommend getting Hero Packing Cubes or Veken Packing Cubes. They are an excellent choice for versatile packing organizers as they can turn your stress into tranquility.

3. Sunscreen


No matter how good it feels to be in the sunlight, our skin is most vulnerable to it. Sunscreens are a part of a normal skincare regime to protect your skin from UV dangers. It is one item you should never forget to pack as it protects the skin and reduces the chances of skin cancer and painful burns. 

Make sure to pack a sunblock that is at least SPF30. Keep reapplying for its full coverage. Banana Boat Family Size Sunscreen is SPF 50+ and is made with a long-lasting and hypoallergenic formula. To keep yourself protected from aquatic animals and plants, you can also use Reef-Safe Sunscreen. It is chemical-free and is waterproof.

4. A Well-Designed Beach Umbrella


Sunscreen is not enough for your skin protection; you still need a beach umbrella to enjoy the cool summer breeze without worrying about your skin. Double your safety from UV rays by buying a well-designed umbrella. One that is sturdy enough to escape the wind breeze is worth the extra money. 

If you are heading to the beach in the days when the rain is forecasted, Windproof Travel Umbrella by Hero is a recommended choice. It will keep you dry and let you enjoy the picnic even if there is a major rainstorm. Sport-Brella Beach Umbrella has UPF 50+ weather protection, and its extra side panels are there for more coverage. 

5. Beach Canopy


If you have enough space in your baggage, you can also pack a beach canopy – it is the best shelter for a whole day picnic in bright sunny weather. There are several designs available on the market with various sizes, ranging from small to family-sized canopy tents with giant umbrellas. Texsport Calypso Quick Cabana is an excellent choice, being a full-sized tent for your family.

Not only do beach canopies maximize protection against ultraviolet and scorching rays of the sun, but they also help make a great spot to rest than searching here and there on a crowded beach. These canopy tents also provide weather safety. Moreover, good quality tents provide netting windows with slide zippers to be used when needed.

6. Sun Protective Clothing


Sunscreen wears off, which means it doesn’t fully shield us against the harmful effects of UV rays. Make sure your toddlers are suited with Sun hats. You can also pack sunglasses as they add up to your swag and minimizes the danger to your eyes. 

You can also buy Hanes Men’s Long Sleeve Cool Dri T-Shirt for your beach trip in the heat as it has an ultraviolet protection factor of 50+.

7. Life Jackets

If your kids love to play on the beach, you need to have bath-time essentials, including life jackets certified by the National Transportation Safety Board. These jackets are best for kids’ safety if they want to play with waves as they are unpredictable and can be out of control.

8. Water-Resistant Phone Case


Even if you don’t have a huge budget for a waterproof camera, there’s a solution for that too. You can buy a waterproof case for your smartphone, which you can then hang around your neck. These cases allow you to capture great memories from your beach day, and as a bonus, you can take full advantage of the touch screen while keeping your phone safe from water.

9. Beach Mat 


Make sure to always keep a beach blanket as a necessity on every trip to the beach. Low-quality blankets do not stick to the ground and keep moving in the wind direction. This WildHorn Outfitters beach mat is an easy to dry, lightweight, high-quality mat for your beach trip. Also, it has pockets for your personal belongings. Moreover, this beach mat has sand weights on the corners, so it doesn’t blow away with the wind. 

10.  A Stocked Cooler


Keep your energy high and your little one’s tummy full. A day on the beach is not fun until there is a constant supply of chilled water, cold drinks, snacks, and other appetizers. A Cooler Bag keeps everything fresh and crisp due to its heavy-duty collapsible packaging. It has a super-wide vacuum lining and can carry up to 30 cans. 

On the other hand, a wheeled cooler box is best to keep your drinks and beverages cool for a longer period. If space permits, do try these types of coolers for your beach day. If you don’t want to take a family-sized cooler bag, make sure everyone has their own well-sealed insulated bottle to assure hydration. Sealing is mandatory as sand can get in anywhere, so go for a bottle that is well secured. 

Moreover, a separate insulated cooler is advised for baby milk to keep the temperature regulated.

11.  Bath Towels


After taking a dip in the sea, we all need a towel to dry off with. Cotton Craft Beach Towels, 2 Pack is an excellent option to be looked for as it is advisable to take extra towels because they get damp way faster than you think. Pro-tip is to distinguish everyone’s towel with different colors and patterns to avoid any kind of quarrel.

12.  Beach Shoes


It is essential to protect your feet from sunlight and any sharp rocks at the seaside. You never want your kids’ feet or yours to get infected from rocky surfaces or sharp shells. Mesh Slip-On Water Shoes for Women and Men are ideal for beaches. 

Easy to dry and easy to put on and off beach shoes are always in high demand. These slippers are an excellent choice for your outdoor-loving kids as they can be used while swimming, walking, and hiking. Furthermore, they do not gather sand.

13. Cover-ups and Clothes

Many swimsuit cover-ups are just not ethical, and most restaurants around the beach do not serve until you are appropriately covered. This Swimsuit Cover-Up is made of 100% cotton and lace, and the best thing about it is that it dries quickly.


Although a beach picnic is a fun experience and a sort of break from a hectic daily life routine, the stress of packing may be a hassle for most of us. If you have the habit of forgetting at the very last moment, then the list mentioned above is for you. Make Sure to add in a few more items that you think are essential, and you will be all ready to go down the beach and have a great time.