The Best Melting Cheeses

Cheese is one item which we use in a variety of dishes. No matter if you are talking about a dessert or an item like pizza, melted cheese makes the dish delicious and mouth-watering. However, getting the right melted cheese may seem like a big issue considering the fact that there are so many brands out there. Don’t worry! We have bought an amazing buying guide for melted cheese and some of the top product recommendations too. 

What is Melted Cheese?

Before we move on to things to consider when buying melted cheese, let’s first analyze what is melted cheese and how it is made. Not all types of solid cheese can be melted easily. For example, cottage cheese, ricotta, feta, and paneer would not melt easily because they have been made from plain milk protein. Cheddar, Swiss, and Gruyere are few kinds of cheese that can be melted easily as they have been processed in a major way. 

To melt the cheese, the cheese has to be heated at about 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This results in the liquifying of solid milk fat in the cheese which then rises onto the surface. The primary protein in cheese starts to melt as the temperature rises which then breaks down the cheese into a thick fluid instead of a solid form. Anytime you go out to have pizza, remember that they don’t put melted cheese on your pizza. Rather, it is the solid cheese that melts down due to the high temperature.

Melted cheese is used on pizzas. 

Things to Consider When Buying Melted Cheese

Instead of going through the hassle of buying solid cheese and then liquifying it, you can simply get melted cheese from the market. Here are a few things to consider when buying melted cheese. 


The most important aspect to consider when buying any food item would be the flavoring and taste. With the right flavors, even an unbranded item would become the perfect choice and with unsuitable tastes, even a branded cheese might put you off. Therefore, check the flavoring carefully before you buy. Certain forms of melted cheeses have a very strong aroma and flavoring while others don’t. 

It’s on your personal taste, which one you would prefer to buy. The real cheese fans tend to buy the one which is quite strong. This may be a little bitter but has the most authentic and creamy taste. Moreover, if you use a strong-flavored cheese in a lower quantity, the taste would perfectly savor the taste buds. 

Melted Cheese can have different flavors

However, there are certain people who would prefer to buy light flavored cheese. This is because their primary purpose might be to make the dish look delicious with just a pinch of cheesy flavor in it. If you are one of those, make sure you are getting a “light” or “mild” melted cheese. This type of cheese can be used on sweet dishes as well where the main flavoring is something else and cheese is just used to complement the dish. 

Last but not the least, sometimes melted cheese is also available in particular flavorings. For example, you might come across spicy melted cheese, jalapeno melted cheese, melted cheese dips, sweet melted cheese, corn melted cheese, and a vast variety of others as well. Depending upon the item you are making as well as how spicy you like it, you can pick the most appropriate one. 

Buy in Small Quantity

As mentioned above, many brands are selling a variety of cheeses and you are not sure which brand is the right one. One issue to consider when buying melted cheese is that it will always have a distinctive taste for every brand. This is because cheese is processed in numerous parts of the world and a unique recipe is followed everywhere. Even if two cheese packs have the same flavoring but have two brands, the chances of a difference in flavor are quite high. 

Therefore, it is recommended to buy in small quantities first. If you are already well aware of a particular brand and have tried out the small packaging, you would be more willing to try it out in a larger quantity as well. This thing about cheese is something you should take care of specifically. 

Melted cheese and nachos are a perfect combination. 

Consider the Food Requirements

The type of melted cheese you purchase depends on the type of dish you are preparing. Obviously, no one would buy a melted jalapeno cheese if they are preparing a sweet dish. Simultaneously, there are more chances to buy a spicy melted cheese when a person is preparing any main dish item. Many people sometimes overlook the fact that the food requirements are also very important. 

Not only the flavor but the contents of the melted cheese should also be carefully evaluated before making a purchase. You can read more about the different types of cheddar cheese here – What are the Different Types of Cheddar Cheese? 

Consider whether you want to make a sweet dish or a burger before buying melted cheese. 

Nutritional Content

Since cheese is not generally considered something entirely healthy, many expert nutritionists recommend that you don’t consume too much of it. This is because cheese has high amounts of saturated fat and salt which could potentially lead to various kinds of cholesterols and cardiovascular problems inside the human body. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the nutritional content of the cheese you are planning to buy.

In case it has an extraordinarily high amount of saturated fats, you should avoid it. On the other hand, specific types of processed cheese do have a limited fat content. In general, the following table summarizes the nutritional content of melted cheddar cheese based on 1 cup volume. 




60 grams


80 grams


3 grams


1.27 grams


0 grams


1.66 milligrams


1759 milligrams


1249 milligrams

Vitamin A

2444 IU

Vitamin D

29.28 IU

Vitamin K

6.83 mcg


256 milligrams


Cheese is something that may expire if it does not have proper packaging. Make sure that melted cheese is coming in any kind of airtight container so that it stays fresh and in its original taste for a longer time. Any kind of processed cheese should be consumed in the quickest possible time because the more you keep it, the more it loses its actual taste and content. Jars are one of the most common packaging for melted cheese. 

The Best Melted Cheese

Where to Buy
Cheez Whiz Original Plain Cheese Dip (15 oz Jar)
Fritos Mild Cheddar Cheese Dip, 9 Ounce
Old Fashioned Cheese Cheddar Squeeze Cheese, 11.5 Ounce (Packaging may vary)

1. Cheez Whiz Original Plain Cheese Dip (15 oz Jar)

The Plain Cheese Dip by Cheez Wiz is our first choice because of the exceptional taste that it has. Most people who bought this were satisfied and said that they could use it for various dishes. This cheese has a “creamish” taste with a pinch of Worcestershire sauce in it giving it a spicy touch too. No matter if you are eating raw veggies or items such as chips, this cheese dip is the perfect one to go with. 

The Cheez Whiz dip is a ready cheese that you can instantly use with other items. One of the best things about this cheese dip is that you can make other items with it as well. Make salsa, nacho cheese, spicy sauce, creamy butter, and other kinds of sauces with this one dip only. There are two packaging sizes available which include the 8-ounce pack and the 15-ounce pack. Most importantly, the packaging is in the form of resealable jars which helps in retaining the original flavor for a long time.  

In case you are looking for a cheese to go along with any sweet dish such as a strawberry cheesecake, you should consider the next option. 

2. Fritos Mild Cheddar Cheese Dip, 9 Ounce

Many people use cheddar cheese for dessert recipes while others simply love to use it for Italian cuisine items such as Pizza. Either way, if you are looking for a melted cheese dip that works for both, this one by Fritos is going to be an ideal choice. There are two reasons for that. Firstly, this melted cheese has a mild flavor which means it is perfect for every type of dish. Secondly, it is a naturally flavored melted cheese dip which means it is going to have an authentic cheesy taste without any kind of chemically processed elements in it. 

For this reason, several people have bought this cheese dip and have been happily enjoying the “Cheesilicious” delights. The packaging is in the form of a plastic mini jar that has 9 ounces of volume. You can simply carry it in a purse as well to make it a perfect dip for picnics. Keep in mind that you should refrigerate it properly so as to keep the original flavor. 

3. Old Fashioned Cheese Cheddar Squeeze Cheese, 11.5 Ounce (Packaging may vary)

In case you don't find the first two options suitable, you can consider the third one which is the Old Fashioned Cheddar Cheese. It is Made in Wisconsin and has a taste that many people would love. Surprisingly, it has been voted for best tasting as well. You can use the dip as it is or heat it up in a microwave to be used for other purposes such as a dip for nachos, or a topping for pizza, spaghetti, or any other kind of baked vegetables. 

One important thing you should keep in mind before buying this is that it is salty. Therefore, if you can't eat high levels of salt, you should avoid buying it. Besides that, there are a variety of packaging options available so you can purchase the one most convenient to you. Just like a squeezy ketchup bottle, this cheese has a similar bottle. Some people said that this cheese did not last for long. We recommend refrigerating immediately after use and not keeping it outside for long to avoid that from happening. Alternatively, buying in a small quantity would be perfect too.  

Comparative Analysis

  Cheez Whiz Original Plain Cheese Dip (15 oz Jar)Fritos Mild Cheddar Cheese Dip, 9 OunceOld Fashioned Cheese Cheddar Squeeze Cheese, 11.5 Ounce (Packaging may vary)
Nutritional Content 80 calories per 2 tablespoons40 calories per 2 tablespoons 90 calories per 2 tablespoons
Type Original CheeseCheddar Cheese Cheddar Cheese
PackagingResealable JarMini Jar Squeeze Bottle
Volume8 ounce 15 ounce9 ounce11.5-ounce minimum volume Multiple buying options are available

However, in case you are on a diet and can’t satisfy your cheese cravings due to the high number of calories, the second option would be perfect. The Fritos Mild Cheddar Cheese Dip is ideal because it contains half the amount of calories compared to other cheese dips. In fact, it’s not a bad choice either because like we said, you can consider it for making different types of sweet dishes as well. Based on the detailed information above, we believe that the Cheez Whiz Original Plain Cheese Dip is going to be the perfect choice for many. This is one product which has got many 5 star reviews which implies that most people loved its taste. Furthermore, it gives you the original cheesy touch in a creamy way. With multiple packaging options, you have the choice to buy small first and then go big as well. 

Alternatively, the third one can also be bought but you need to keep in mind that its taste is quite different from what you might buy regularly from the market. 

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Melting cheese has several possible uses. From baking a pizza to making a cheesecake, the melted cheese can be your perfect partner to satisfy all the food cravings. However, you need to make sure that you buy the right one. Moreover, don’t forget to refrigerate the melted cheese after using it because it will lose its flavor if left out in the open. Also, don’t forget to close the bottle or jar properly so that no air enters inside it.