Space-saving Kitchen Gadgets to Keep Your Counters Clear

A kitchen should always be organized, as we know what happens when the kitchen is disorganized or messy. Things don’t get done properly, and the mess is always taking up space. The problems don’t end here; if you have an American-style kitchen but a messy one and you are having guests over, it can be very unappealing.

Keeping the counters clear is an art, and you need to learn the art of putting away the kitchen appliances in a suitable manner.

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Our Top Picks for Space-Saving Kitchen Gadgets

There are several different countertop organizers that you can use for keeping the counters clear. Here are some best kitchen gadgets to help you keep your kitchen organized.

1. RMR Home Bamboo Silverware Drawer Organizer

To save a lot of space in your kitchen, you must want to keep the silverware organized and in one place to keep the counters less messy. This expandable kitchen drawer organizer can help you with this task. The organizer is adjustable and can fit in any drawer easily. 

Moreover, the beautiful design will enhance the beauty of your kitchen. The premium bamboo used in its making ensures the durability of the organizer. The adjustable design of this organizer allows you to have around 7 to 9 slots. You can place spoons, forks, knives, and other silverware in these slots, all separately. There is an extra compartment specially designed for keeping flatware. 

Using this organizer, you can keep all your silverware off the kitchen counters and make space for other things. 

2. Refrigerator Side Storage Rack

 A perfect rack for increasing the cabinet space and organizing all the spices. Sometimes, it is difficult to find a specific spice in a messy kitchen. For this purpose, this rack can help you organize all the spice boxes in one place. 

The dimensions of the rack are 29.9 x 15.7 inches, big enough to fit in spice boxes, cleaning supplies, and pet treats. The simple and stylish design doesn’t let you compromise on the beauty of your kitchen. Moreover, it is really easy to mount; you can stick it to the side of your refrigerator or mount it on a wall. The product comes with wall mounting basic screws so that you can easily install it by yourself. 

3. Mind Reader Snackcar Supreme Snack Organizer

 Snacks always take up a lot of space that is needed for other things. But we cannot get rid of snacks either, so what to do? Give them their own space. With this snack organizer, you can organize all the snacks in one place without creating a mess. There will be more room on the counters for other things, and your snacks will be organized.

The organizer has a large capacity, and the sturdy base doesn’t let it slip off easily. You can keep small snack bags, granola bars, protein bars, and snack bars in this snack organizer. Furthermore, it has a large open bottom, while there are 12 slots in the upper portion. Most importantly, the organizer is lightweight but made out of durable material. You can place it in your kitchen and organize all the snacks, saving a lot of space. 

4. Vdomus Pot Rack 

 Tired of the pots taking all the counter space? Get yourself a Vdomus pot rack. This pot rack can hold up to 8 griddles, saucepans, pots, or frying pans, saving ample countertop space for you. It is made of high-quality cast iron and has a spray paint finishing. The solid triangular design ensures the stability and firmness of the organizer. 

The package comes with rubbery tubes that keep the rack from moving when getting pots out of it. Keeping the pans and pots in one place means that you will be saving a lot of countertop and cabinet space. 

5. Mdesign Modern Plastic Stackable Water Bottle Holder

 You can save space by placing all the water bottles in this holder. This holder can hold up to 6 reusable water bottles or containers, keeping your counters clutter-free. The bottles are placed horizontally, making them easier to grab when needed. Moreover, you can place the whole rack in the refrigerator. The design of this organizer is very stylish and compact and complements the interiors of any stylish kitchen. What can be better than a stylish storage space? 

Made from chlorine-free and BPA material, this organizer is shatterproof and can easily be cleaned with soap and water.  

Note: Do not place it in a dishwasher. 

6. Simplehouseware Organizer

This organizer can be mounted on a wall, inside a cabinet door, or over a cabinet, your choice. All the cutting boards, pans, plastic wrap, and many other things can be kept in this organizer. By keeping such stuff in it, you can get enough space free on your kitchen counters. 

Moreover, its ultra-thin EVA foam padded hooks don’t leave any scratches on cabinet doors. The organizer is made of sturdy steel, and you can keep 4 to 5 normal-sized cutting boards in it at a time. 

7. Odesign Kitchen Sink Caddy Organizer

As we are talking about organizing a kitchen, we must not forget about the sink to save more space. It is a fact that there are a lot of things around the sink. We need to keep dishwashing soap, sponges, brushes, scrubbers there. There should be something to organize all of these things so that the area is not so crowded. 

This organizer consists of a basket for brushes, separate sections for the soap dispenser, towels, and more. It will provide you with enough space to keep all the cleaning accessories assembled. The rail offers space for dish towels, while the removable pan makes it easier to keep it clean and dry. 

The organizer is made of waterproof, rustproof stainless steel that ensures durability. The stylish design looks good while staying simple. 


Keeping the kitchen counters clear is a challenging task, which needs a little effort. Organizers and racks can help a lot in this case. When things are kept in organizers and racks, they cover lesser space, and it’s easier to find the required things on time. From silverware organizers to spice box racks, anything, when selected properly, can add up a lot of elegance and beauty to a kitchen. 

Undoubtedly, simplicity and organization bring a special kind of attraction to everything. So, look for the things that you think will help save space and look good at the same time. Whichever space-saving gadget you decide to buy, make sure it is durable and fulfills your requirements.