Shoe Organizers for Your Home


    Few people enjoy keeping their shoes organized, but many people enjoy purchasing new shoes and wearing them. It’s advisable to keep your shoes in a dependable organizer that’s ideal for your space if you have a lot of shoes because having too many can clutter up your doorway or closet. Here are some fantastic ways to organize your favorite shoes.

    Shoe Organizers for Your Home

    Overhaul your closet

    You’ll need a tidy, well-organized closet to set up a shoe storage system that makes it simple for you to locate the shoes you need. Clean out and organize your closet to start! You should take everything out so you may look through your clothes, shoes, and accessories one by one and get rid of anything you don’t need. You’ll have additional room for shoe racks, cubbies, drawers, and other shoe storage options as a result.

    Install built-in drawers and shelves

    Is your present closet organization system broken? It’s time to think about replacing it! Your built-in shoe system can be made as big or as small as you like. To store heels and boots, think about installing shelves with different heights. For quick access to footwear, flats, and sandals, you might also install pull-out drawers.

    Try clear shoe boxes

    There isn’t enough room in your closet to store shoes. To store seasonal shoes or pairs that aren’t worn as often, get an under-the-bed organizer! To keep the dustout, use a cloth organizer with divisions and a zippered closure. Or create your own DIY wooden shoe organizer with a clear lid so you can see inside.

    A modern design of shoe boxes on a wooden stand for storage of the shoes

    Save space with a hanging shoe organizer

    Save floor space by storing your shoes on a hanging rack! To keep your closet organized and clutter-free, hang shoe organizers can be attached to a closet rod similar to a clothing hanger. This choice is not only wonderful for storing shoes, but it is also adaptable enough to be used for clothing and other accessories as well!

    Over the door shoe organizer


    Go with over-the-door storage 

    Put a shoe rack on the back of your door if you don’t have a closet to make more room for storing shoes. Your door becomes a vertical storage space when you use this over-the-door shoe organizer! Choose an organizer with transparent pockets so you can easily locate the ideal pair of shoes to finish your look.

    Use the space under your stairs

    Don’t forget to construct secret shoe storage by using the space beneath the stairs! Install DIY pullout drawers to store shoes of various kinds, including boots, tennis shoes, and heels. Keeping shoes neat and out of the way while saving space in your home is possible with the assistance of this clever storage solution.

    Modern architecture interior with luxury hallway with glossy wooden stairs in modern storey house. Custom built pullout cabinets on glides in slots under stairs

    Store shoes on the stairs

    If there isn’t enough space under the stairs, think about converting a couple of the steps into pull-out drawers. If you live in a tiny house without much storage, this home renovation concept is a terrific way to make the most of your space. Additionally, it offers a concealed location to store shoes out of the way while still giving you quick access to them should you need to grab a pair before heading out the door.

    Add a bench with storage

    One item of furniture that serves as both a seat and a place to put shoes is a storage bench. To get the most out of the bench, position it in the mudroom or foyer where you frequently put on your shoes. Pick a bench with open storage or pull-out drawers so you can easily access the shoes you wear every day.

    Consider a shoe ottoman

    Shoes fit perfectly in a storage ottoman! Some ottomans even have drawers and divisions for holding your shoes and grouping pairs. Additionally, this adaptable piece doesn’t have to be restricted to a living room; you can also put the ottoman in a sizable closet, an entryway, or at the foot of your bed to give extra seating and conceal shoe storage.

    Get cubbies for your entryway

    Want to stop tripping over shoes every time you enter your house? Including cubbies in your foyer is one of the easiest methods to keep shoes off the floor. If your home has a mudroom, this is a practical method to keep the shoes your family wears every day. Even better, you may create your DIY shoe cubby if you’re searching for a home project.

    Boot rack

    Make a place for your footwear to be stored to prevent mud and grime from getting into your hallways! Install a boot tray in your foyer to prevent puddles from spreading. Alternatively, you may create a DIY boot rack to store boots in your garage. This is a terrific way to dry your shoes and keep salt and snow outside during the winter.

    Brown leather autumn boots stand on the shelf in the hallway of the house near the white wall

    Put heels on the rod

    Looking for a special place to store your high heels? Think about using a tension rod or curtain rod! It’s as easy as hanging your heels from the rod after mounting it to a wall. You may keep your heels on as many curtain rods as you need, and they can also serve as wall decorations.

    Keep shoes on a rotating rack

    Need a place to save and show off your collection of shoes? Try a shoe rack that rotates. While the 360-degree swivel allows for quick access to all of your shoes, this sort of shoe storage gives you cubby-like partitions to keep your shoes secure and organized.

    Include a shoe cabinet

    Using a shoe cabinet will keep your shoes off the ground and hidden from view. A small cabinet with plenty of space for shoe storage is ideal for mounting on a wall in a hallway, mudroom, foyer, or bedroom. For accessibility and to keep shoes in place when opening and closing the cabinet, pick a cabinet with drop-front doors.

    Shoe cabinet

    Display shoes on a ladder

    Using a shoe ladder is another interesting option to keep your shoes! You may exhibit a variety of shoes, from sneakers to heels and more, using your shoe ladder. Lacking sufficient space for a tall shoe ladder? Create a more compact shoe ladder that can fit in any little place!


    Finding the ideal shoe storage option can be difficult if you live in a tiny, crowded apartment or home. Finding the ideal solution for your area, however, guarantees that your shoes are securely stored and that there aren’t too many shoes lying around your home. Your issue with shoe storage can be solved by using these shoe organizers.

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