Sandalwood Fans

Wooden hand fans originated in Asia, so it gives off that oriental feel. It’s used for décor or purchased as party favors, especially when the event is held on a summer or any sunny day. Wooden fans made of all-wood typically shows off exquisite and delicate details that make it special.

When the wooden fan is made of pure sandalwood, it’s even more special. Sandalwood gives off a relaxing and soothing aroma, which you can smell as you use the fan.

Here are some of the beautiful sandalwood fans you can purchase from Amazon:

Where to Buy
Sepwedd Sandalwood Fan
Grosun 10 Packs Chinese Sandalwood Fans
BABEYOND Sandalwood Handheld Fan Chinese Wooden Folding Fan
Sweet Scented Sandalwood Fan Wedding Favors
Aeroway Sandalwood Fan
Lee-buty Sandalwood Fan
Forsun Sandalwood Fan
Koyal Wholesale Decorative Sandalwood Fan


Sepwedd Sandalwood Fan is a set of 50 pieces of hand fans with 50 individual mesh gift bags, making it perfect as party favors for a wedding or a shower. It’s made of sandalwood and of good quality. It has a unique design, with a tassel on the end for decoration.

If you only need a small pack, get Grosun 10 Packs Chinese Sandalwood Fans. These fans come with a pleasant light aroma of sandalwood. Besides using it as a fan, it’s also great to use as decorations. It also comes with tassels but they are not yet attached. It’s 8” long when the tassels have been attached.

BABEYOND Sandalwood Handheld Fan Chinese Wooden Folding Fan has a vintage-y effect, because of the flower prints and pinkish hue. It’s a Chinese-style sandalwood fan that comes with a tassel pendant. It has an exquisite carved design that is elegant looking. This 7.9-inch hand fan will surely become a hit on your party.

If you’re looking for wooden fans in boxes, purchase JapanBargain Sweet Scented Sandalwood Fan Wedding Favors. This comes in a pack of 50, 8-inch long fans that are individually boxed. This sandalwood fan has a detailed openwork but doesn’t have a lot of holes as the other fans mentioned above, making it sturdier. It’s nicely made and perfect for gifting as a favor.

Aeroway Sandalwood Fan is a set of 48 fans with delicate woodwork. You’ll be amazed with how beautiful the detailing on each wood piece is. It features a light and pleasant aroma of sandalwood, which is not too strong even for sensitive noses. Each fan measure approximately 20 cm.

A fan with a Chinese classical style, Lee-buty Sandalwood Fan represents the elegance and femininity of a Chinese woman. It’s hand-made using top-quality, natural sandalwood. It’s lightweight and can be easily brought anywhere, with its folded size of 7.8 inches. The fan also emits a light and pleasant sandalwood aroma.

Forsun Sandalwood Fan is a pretty hand fan with adorable sunflower detailing. It’s a set of 50 pieces of fans, perfect for giving out as wedding or baby shower favors. It’s light and easy to carry, making it great for keeping you cool in the summer or in using it as a decoration. When closed, it’s 6.5 inches long.

If you prefer a colored hand fan, Koyal Wholesale Decorative Sandalwood Fan is for you. This is sold as a set of 10 fans, and you can choose from over 10 colors and styles of sandalwood fans. It measures 13” when unfolded. It looks pretty, making it perfect for use as decorations for parties, catered presentations, classic candy buffets, dessert tables and more. However, because it’s colored, it has little to no trace of sandalwood scent.

Folding sandalwood hand fans are beautiful and exquisite, but don’t expect long-term use from them, as they are typically fragile because of the wooden openwork. It’s more appropriate for use as a fan during special occasions. Handle these items with care to make it last longer. As a decoration, these sandalwood fans are great for use as a wall decoration, props, party favors or party décor.