Safes for a Home Office

Investing in a safe may not seem worthwhile on a usual day where everything is perfect, but when bad times come around, and your possessions are at risk of theft, you’d certainly pat yourself on the back. In fact, if keeping a safe in your home office prevented you from losing your most important documents, you’d thank your lucky charms that you’d gone out of your comfort zone.

Safes come in a range of sizes with features that give them a distinct character. If you have decided that getting a safe is something that is necessary to attain a peace of mind, you shouldn’t dive straight in and buy the first one you come across on the internet. Instead, make a calculated decision based on your personal needs, and don’t be afraid to spend a little extra to acquire something that will keep those valuables secure from typical home burglars.

Below is a compiled list of the top safes for home offices, for all different needs which we will detail shortly.

Home Office Safes That Are Worth Buying

Where to Buy
Sentry Safe CHW20221
Liberty Smart Vault HDX-250
Verifi Smart Safe S4000
Barska AX11620
First Alert 2092DF


1. Sentry Safe CHW20221

If you are on a budget and still want a quality safe with basic safety features, then Sentry Safe is the best option for you. Despite its small size the safe provides excellent protection with UL classification and is ETL verified. The safe is waterproof and is fireproof as well, withstanding temperatures up to 1150 degree Fahrenheit. Its strength and durability make it an excellent choice for small businesses.

The safe uses a tubular locking mechanism that provides added security and is unbreakable. It utilizes a manual key locking system with top access. With a capacity of 0.28 cubic feet, 12.8-inch width x 8.5-inch depth x 4.4-inch height, it is big enough to store your daily cash and important documents that might include passports, documents and USBs. The product comes with minimum packaging and with all the manuals that you might need to get the best out of it.    

What makes it stand out?

The tubular locking system, water proofing, fire proofing and its portable size are some of the key features that would grasp anyone’s attention.

2. Liberty Smart Vault HDX-250

Liberty safe is a known name in the safe industry and has been producing a diverse product range to meet the requirements of different consumers. HDX-250 is one such offering that can easily match your home office needs. It is a basic minimalist safe that will fulfill your security purposes without weighing down on your pocket. The safe has a basic yet sturdy design with steel built and front access. The safe has been designed to mitigate tampering and is pick and pry tested.

Regarding security, the safe comes with a fingerprint scanner instead of a manual lock.  The scanner is FBI certified and is one of the fastest in the market with average unlock time of 1.63 seconds. The Scanner can store up to 15 fingerprints and is powered through an AC adapter meaning that you won’t have to worry about batteries running low and being locked out of your safe. Manual key unlocking is provided in if required.

The safe has a capacity of 0.3 cubic feet, but still, the design is compact, so it can easily fulfil your day to day security requirements when it comes to storing cash or other valuables. This safe is mountable which can increase its safety in case you are not too worried about portability.

What makes it stand out?

The safe comes with a lighted interior, which should come in handy especially when you have to operate it at night or under low light conditions. It also comes with a five-year warranty which is an added benefit.

3. Verifi Smart Safe S4000

If you are looking for a more high-tech option with a focus on safety features, Verifi Smart Safe S4000 would be the best option for you. The safe comes with a state of the art finger sensor that provides reliable security and fast access. The finger sensor is FBI certified and relies on 3D imaging for better security, unlike its cheap counterparts. With in-built memory, you can store as much as 40 different fingerprints and have an access log which lets you know when and who opened the safe.

The safe has an industrial design that comes with solid steel construction that can provide the best protection and look aesthetically good at the same time. The LCD display and the timed auto lock feature provide additional security in case you forget to lock the safe. This safe comes with temper alerts that sound as soon as the lock is being tampered with or someone tries to open it with force. The safe runs on AA batteries that can operate for years without the need to replace.

With a capacity of 0.28 cubic feet, 14.4-inch width x 10.8-inch depth x 5.8-inch height, this safe adds portability to security. The capacity is enough to store daily cash and important documents that you might not want to leave on the desk. The product comes with only necessary packaging with detailed manual inside that clearly shows the user how the security features of the safe can be used.      

What makes it stand out?

The safe comes in two options, front opening and top opening giving the consumer the ability to choose the option that best fits their needs. The versatile design means that it can be easily placed anywhere in the office.

4. Barska AX11620

If you are looking for a more tech-savvy option, Barska AX11620 is your best bet. This safe combines innovative security, good built and value. The safe comes DOJ approved and has as solid steel built been tested against drop, lock pick, pry and saw and was able to sustain all these tests. Additionally, the safe has been constructed to be arm resistant as well.

The safe combines sturdy built with a compact design. With a storage capacity of 0.28 cubic feet, 11.75-inch length x 5.94-inch depth x 7.62-inch width, the safe weighs a meager 13.3 pounds meaning it is easy to carry and hence it portable. However, there is the option to mount the safe in case you want to have it at a specific location all the time. The capacity is enough to manage your daily cash storing needs and essential documents.

Combine all these features with an advanced biometric locking mechanism, and you have one of the best office safes that your money can offer. The biometric system is one of the fastest on offer in the market with an average unlocking time of 2.5 seconds. The system can store up to 30 fingerprints and has the option of manual override through the key in case you get locked out because of low batteries. The system has also been designed to deter tampering.

What makes it stand out?

The safe has two bolt locking system that makes it more secure compared to other options available in the market and utilizes minimum power which means it can operate on batteries for at least one year before the need to replace.

5. First Alert 2092DF

If you are looking for a home office safe with better storage capacity and portability is not an issue for you then 2092DF should be the ideal buy. The safe has solid steel built which provides waterproofing and resistant against fires. It can stand temperatures as high as 1700 degree Fahrenheit for up to an hour. The safe is also tested against pick and arms, meaning it can provide you with better security.

The safe also features a state-of-the-art four bolt lock that makes it harder for anyone to break into it and is UL classified. This lock is secured through a backlit digital keypad that can only be accessed through a pin code. You can program a 3 digit to 8 digit pin. There is the possibility of manual override through a key in case you forget the pin and get locked out.

The safe has a whopping 1.31 cubic feet capacity with exterior dimensions of 18-inch height x 17.5-inch width x 19.6-inch height. The size is more than enough to store your daily cash, valuables and documents. There are critical holders inside the safe for hanging keys that you don’t want others to use.  The safe comes with detailed instruction that allows a user to make the most out of it.

What makes it stand out?

The large capacity and adjustable shelves increase the utility of this safe for home offices. The concealed hinges ensure that it is impossible for anyone to break into it.


Among the list Verifi Smartsafe S4000 & Barska AX11620 are the best options for home offices because of their compact designs, advanced security features and FBI/DOJ certifications. Other options can also fulfill the basic safekeeping requirements of home offices with lesser security features. However, if large capacity is your main consideration than it makes sense to invest in First Alert 2092DF.