Retro Garage Décor Ideas

Today, there are still a lot of people who are into retro style. They apply this style to their hair, clothing, beauty products, and even home appliances. Another great part of the home to decorate with retro-styled accents is the garage. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have a classic car to display in it, retro garage decorations and neon signs can make a garage look great.

When it comes to retro-decorating your garage, there are a lot of cool products you can find in stores and online. If you’re into retro-styling things and you also want your garage to look vintage, here are some decoration ideas that you may like.

Where to Buy
Route 66 LED Lighted Sign
Neon Wall Clock
Electric Desk Fan
English Red Gas Pump Mantle Clock
Retro Vintage Key Rack Holder
Electrohome Winston 3 in 1 Vinyl Record Player
American Craft Car License Plate Metal Painting Retro Garage Wall Decor
Retro Classic Portable AM FM Radio with Aux Input


1. Route 66 LED Lighted Sign

This retro historic Route 66 LED Neon sign will definitely give your garage look a boost. It is a Route 66 collectors item that will add more pizzazz to your room. It has a LED rope technology that gives the look that it is a neon sign. When the LED lights are turned on, it will illuminate the whole sign. This sign can be powered through batteries but this sign also comes with a Micro-USB to USB cable port that allows you to connect the sign through an electricity socket.  It is also ready to hang and install, you just have to find the right spot in your garage to hang this baby up.

2. Coca Cola 15″ Neon Wall Clock

This retro designed Coca-Cola neon clock has a chrome case with an on and off pull chain switch. It has a glass face that is easy to clean and a green colored neon tube inside. This clock has an adapter which plugs into any 110-volt outlet to lit up the neon tube, and the clock requires a single AA battery to get it up and running. This clock is the perfect addition on your retro garage wall because of its old school Coca-Cola design and the neon lights that will give a more retro feel.

3. Electric Desk Fan

This compact yet stylish retro inspired electric fan is the perfect buddy to let you cool off while you’re working on a project on your garage work area. It is lightweight and it doesn’t take too much space on your desk. It is made of high quality metals and has a 25-watt motor. This fan’s full pivot head design allows it to swivel and tilt to adjust the angle and direction of the airflow. Its retro design will give your garage a sleek and clean look.

4. English Red Gas Pump Mantle Clock

This retro gas pump designed clock is a perfect addition to your retro garage décor. It has a red aluminum body that looks like its rusted, it is styled to look old to give the impression that it is vintage. It uses one AA battery. Just like any vintage item, it doesn’t need any wires, outlets and chargers needed.

 5. Retro Vintage Key Rack Holder

What is a retro garage without this retro key rack holder that looks like it is made from a recycled wrench? This heavy duty, wall mounted key rack can hold three keys. It can also be wall hook for your tools, hats, coats and more. It is not only the perfect décor and key holder for your retro inspired garage, you can also give this as a gift to your dad, brother or best friend.

6. Electrohome Winston 3 in 1 Vinyl Record Player

Adding this vinyl record player on your desk can add a touch of vintage in your retro garage. Don’t be fooled by this vinyl player’s look because aside from playing vinyl records, it can also play CD’s and have an AM and FM radio. You can also connect your phone using the 3.5 auxiliary jack, allowing you to listen to your favorite songs on Spotify. It has built-in stereo speakers that fills the room with hi-fi sound, this is all encased in all wood acoustic cabinet that helps give an optimal audio performance.

7. American Craft Car License Plate Metal Painting Retro Garage Wall Decor

This is a beautiful metal decor that you can place on your garage’s wall. It measures 7.8 inches by 11.8 inches. It has pre-drilled holes so that you can easily hang it on the wall. It is a wonderful piece that you can add to your retro-looking garage. You can also find more retro garage signs here to add to your garage wall.

8. Studebaker Turquoise and Gold Retro Classic Portable AM/FM Radio with Aux Input

A vintage-looking radio is another thing that can add the retro feels to your garage. This radio looks like it came straight from a 1950’s movie. It has a turquoise and gold combination color and a vintage looking analog knob that lets you adjust to your favorite station. You can listen to your favorite new song because it has an auxiliary input jack that enables you to connect your iPod, phone or tablet. It is compact, lightweight and it is battery operated so you can take it with you in your room when you’re done with your project in your garage.

These are some of the products that you can add to your retro garage décor.  We hope that this list will give you some ideas in setting up your perfect retro themed garage.